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Transvulcania Ultra 2017

  • 73.2km
  • 4,320m
  • 12:00:29
    Moving Time
  • 10:14/km
    Avg Pace
  • 7,649


  1. Jon C.

    awesome run Steve a nice, close on 2 hr PB, got to be pleased with that, epic run buddy

  2. H Matthew Howarth

    Congrats - awesome race!

  3. Maurice Horan

    Brilliant. Looking forward to the YouTube clip 👍👍

  4. Michael Jones

    👍well done m8

  5. Tim A.

    Well done!

  6. Lee Jenner

    Simply awesome!...well done

  7. Jen P.

    Amazing stuff! Well done!

  8. Paul Downes

    Never cease to amaze me, well done on yet another epic outting. 👍

  9. Chris B.

    Brilliant Stuff Steve! Amazing run!

  10. FCRC Paul Coates

    Always inspiring. Superb effort

  11. Victoria Cousins

    A good day at the office! Well done, we're super proud of you. X

  12. Jez Lucas

    Incredible running, no idea how anyone can run this far

  13. Zoe N.

    Your amazzzzzzing!!.... have inspired me to take it up a notch next time! 😁

  14. Gary Witton

    Great running. Well done. 👍😀

  15. Darren L.

    Awesome stuff, although Richard Shlovogtbeat you, you got more kudos so I call that a draw!

  16. Richard Shlovogt

    A gentle jog up and down a hill

  17. Craig H.

    Awesome work

  18. Massimo Saracino

    Fantastico !

  19. Ryan Lindsay

    Awesome work!!! Tip my hat 🎩 to anyone continuing for that far after I stopped!!!! Was it u lot shouting me on the hill before?? My eyes are not the best lol!

  20. Stephen Cousins filmmyrun.com

    Yea we passed you in the car as you were running down

  21. Thane Hall

    Well done Steve! Good to see you in the start pen and bump into you in Tazacorte two days after with Antony. Your finish and talk to camera is in the Transvulcania 2017 Retransmision Parte 3 @ 1:56:00 now on YouTube