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Mallorca GR221 FKT - hot, hilly and totally brutal. No where near my target time but I finished. Now time for 🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻📷: James Carnegie

  • 142.9km
  • 6,455m
  • 20:40:32
    Moving Time
  • 8:41/km
    Avg Pace
  • 13,757


  1. Fe Zo

    well done! If I wouldn't be leaving today we could go for a beer 😉

  2. Hannah J.

    Superb JP! Extra beers for you on Wednesday

  3. Jason Foster

    Amazing achievement.

  4. Sam R.


  5. Marek S.


  6. Emma D.

    :o wow

  7. Monte "Roadkill" Riding

    Wow - incredible!

  8. Emily H.

    Anazing JP, well done. Hope those beers are chilled 🍻

  9. Kevin T.

    Outstanding work James! Beers very much deserved.

  10. Christian Erlandson

    Congrats on the FKT!! Enjoy the 🍻 🍻 🍻

  11. Richard Pigott

    Superb - simple kudos doesn't do that justice!

  12. Tom Wake

    Well done James. That's brilliant. Enjoy the beers 🍺

  13. Craig Ellis

    James Poole congratulations 👏🏻👏🏻excellent job. Great pics too, time for a well earned rest now tho I bet with a beer or 6 👍🏻

  14. Nicolas Wuethrich

    Epic James! I can only say epic! Very inspirational!

  15. Gabi M.

    Big up fella x

  16. neil fraser

    Arrived a day too late - would have been fun to join you on some of this. Did 50km on the GR221 today, great trails but tough technically. Much respect - enjoy the beers!

  17. matthew hanson

    Really amazing James. Again! A bit surprised you didn't round it up to 143 though...!

  18. Tim Shieff Ⓥ

    Alex Pilcher

  19. Björn Wendel

    This is unbelievable, congrats

  20. Cajsa H.

    You are such an inspiration JP! All the Spanish watery beers now! 👊

  21. Fi S.

    Wow. I only followed you on Strava s suggestion for showing off some new features, but I'm glad I did! What a great run. One to add to the bucket list for an unidentified time in the future 😊

  22. Simon Klima

    Phenomenal James. Congratulations. You are a machine...

  23. Kieren Drane

    Congratulation, great run is what looks like fabulous scenery.

  24. James Poole

    Fe Zo sorry I missed you dude. How was this IM? I did it in 2014, such a great course.

  25. James Poole

    Hannah Jordan definitely 🍻

  26. James Poole

    Jason Foster - thank you 👌🏻

  27. James Poole

    Sam Rohde thanks man. See you later this week?

  28. James Poole

    Emma Dodds Monte "Roadkill" Riding thanks both 🙏🏻

  29. James Poole

    Emily Hallett icy 🍻

  30. Sam R.

    James Poole I was thinking #tracktuesday if it's on?

  31. James Poole

    Kevin Thornton Christian Erlandson thanks guys. Definitely had a few 🍺

  32. James Poole

    Richard Pigott thanks man 🍻

  33. James Poole

    Tom Wake as always thanks for the kind words!

  34. James Poole

    Nicolas Wuethrich thanks Nic! How was your race? - I'm still playing catch up?

  35. James Poole

    Gabi Mostert thank you 🙏🏻

  36. James Poole

    neil fraser damn. Would have been good to have some company. The section you ran is super nice! 👌🏻

  37. James Poole

    matthew hanson haha. It was so damn hot I couldn't have run another 100m. Thanks as always for the kind words. 👌🏻

  38. James Poole

    Björn Wendel thank you! 🍻

  39. James Poole

    Cajsa Holgersson - you'd love the trails. You should head out there some time!

  40. James Poole

    Fi Silk thanks for following me and taking time to comment. Glad you like the new features. They're rolling out to everyone later this year 👌🏻

  41. James Poole

    Simon Klima thanks Simon. And thanks to @strava for all the support!

  42. James Poole

    Chris Sabourin 👹😂

  43. James Poole

    kieren drane the scenery is one of the main reasons for running the route. If you get a chance to head out there do it!

  44. James Poole

    Sam Rohde always! 💪🏻

  45. Fran Moreno

    Hi James, great effort I hope you enjoyed running in Majorca, Serra de Tramuntana is a great place for trail running.
    However, I don’t understand why you claimed that was the GR221 FKT. Are you able to assure that you followed the GR221 route? Because I’m not, there are too many variants.
    Why did you go through the Pla des Pouet after Valldemossa? Why did you choose the Pas Llis variant instead of going through the Coll des Coloms? Why stopping at Puerto Pollença instead of Formentor?
    Did you get advice from locals for this? As a local, I'd have chosen a different one.
    From my point of view, you took a route/variant than no one (that I’m aware of) has run before and claimed that was the GR221 FKT. Just to add some perspective, Tofol Castanyer ran the 80% of that (107km) in less than 11 hours (former Ultra Serra de Tramuntana). Beating that time/variant would make more sense if you were looking for a FKT, at least it’s more measurable.
    But yeah, you were probably the first and fastest running that specific route.


  46. David Watson

    Incredible achievement

  47. Jake Morris

    Looks incredible!

  48. James Poole

    Fran Moreno thanks for taking time to comment. The whole FKT concept is a bit of a minefield (just take a look at the Trans America footrace) and you are correct to question my route. TBH I simply couldn't find a verified route from one side of the island to the other. They may well exist but I do have one on SPOT and GPX. I'd agree the route was at times not the most direct and a disputed area and a few wrong turns saw me cover more distance than was planned. I'm honesty this wasn't a project about setting an unbeatable time, it was more an exercise in running along technical trails on an island I love. Could I have done a better faster route? Sure.

  49. James Poole

    Fran Moreno btw. I see we have some mutual friends. I'd be happy to share my learnings if you fancy running it yourself 👌🏻