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yellow jack

Farnborough, England, United Kingdom
  • 55
    Activities in 2018
  • 1,234.7
    miles Ridden in 2018
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14/05/2017- Dick Wittington's cat (♫Puss'n Boots♫)

Ride May 14, 2017
  • 102.1mi
  • 5,272ft
  • 6:55:55
    Moving Time
  • 3,333
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  1. yellow jack
    yellow jack

    Blimey Yossy - in there quick with two comments before I'd finished uploading it!

  2. yellow jack
    yellow jack

    Cheers buddy! I'm sad though - I killed a fox cub tonight. It just ran out into the road right under my wheels. Copped it with both wheels, no chance for me to avoid really. It moved right, I was already moving right as it had come from my right, heading left. I was lucky to stay upright too. Stomach churning really, not something I thought would ever happen to me on a bike... :¬{(

  3. Kℹns Cheu🆖️
    Kℹns Cheu🆖️

    Well done 👍👍👍

  4. Worst. Stuntman. Ever...
    Worst. Stuntman. Ever...

    Nice work! I feel your pain, I feel like shit when I run over a millipede or get a bug in my eye that I can't get out alive...

  5. lily walker
    lily walker

    Yayy! Well done 👍🏻

  6. Nikki Sunley
    Nikki Sunley

    OMG you said elevation just bring it and conquered it 🚵👏🙌

  7. yellow jack
    yellow jack

    Thanks Mr Krisbo - Same here, I'll ride around beetles and snails and all sorts if I spot them (and I usually do). I stopped just the other night to fish a toad out of a cattle grid. And despite the fact that foxes are regarded as vermin out in the countryside, it still makes me grumpy that I moved the wrong way. If only I'd steered left it would have escaped with it's life. But it's that time of year - fox cubs are plentiful, and so lots of them are lying dead on the roads. ◙ On the plus side, though, I saw a heck of a lot of wildlife that was very much alive and kicking. Highlights included a Barn Owl that dropped out of a tree right in front of me and flew alongside me in a field for a while, a Stoat/Weasel/Polecat/Mink* (delete as appropriate, it sprinted across the road in the dark so I didn't get the best look at it), a grumpy looking Badger, and a whole load of tiny Deer.

  8. yellow jack
    yellow jack

    Nikki Sunley - it didn't feel like that much elevation while I was riding. But then I was probably distracted by the scenery and the wildlife. It was absolutely beautiful in places. To be fair, none of it was unpleasant, but the bits where I skirted the edge of the North Wessex Downs AONB were simply stunning. Chalk downlands and high ridges, wonderfully green and devoid of houses or other traces of human interference. I need to plan a more direct route out that way, and to ride the bulk of my loop in the very nicest bits. It's fabulous, and well worth the aches and pains of the following day. Probably silly of me to throw Heath Lane into the mix so late into the ride though. It's tough going on a 30 miler, leave alone with more than 85 miles in my legs. I could have avoided it too, as there's an almost completely flat 'back way' around through Crondall and looping up through Crookham Village and Fleet... ;¬{D

  9. Sean H.
    Sean H.

    3333 calories! That'll give you the right to eat what you want the rest of the week

  10. Nikki Sunley
    Nikki Sunley

    You know for next time ... sounds a lovely place . Great description .. loving the feedback pal

  11. yellow jack
    yellow jack

    Hello Sean!! Take that number with a pinch of salt, as I think it's actually lower because Strava overestimates energy use. Also, because this ride was fueled by pizza, it was more "using up the excess calories you already put in, fatboy!" Realistically, though, I think I was running a deficit because I hadn't planned on staying out so long, nor riding so far, so I had only three cereal bars and two bottles of squash with me. It was also my best ratio of moving time to elapsed time ever on such a long ride. I was stopped for only 2min 11sec the whole time, and most of that was accounted for by one set of traffic lights that stubbornly refused to change until I pushed the Pelican crossing button in Little Sandhurst early on. It was a lovely ride - although it would possibly have been even more enjoyable if I'd completed it in daylight instead of heading out so late! ◙ So, errrm... ...when can we expect to hear confirmation that you've bought a road bike then...? ;¬{D

  12. Jeremy OneLung
    Jeremy OneLung

    Something fishy about this route ;)

  13. yellow jack
    yellow jack

    "Relive" this ride here... ◙ https://www.relive.cc/view/986775000 ◙ ...which is pretty cool. But it also shows me just how much 'going back on myself' I did out there in the dark!

  14. yellow jack
    yellow jack

    Jeremy - I had to giggle at the "fishy"comment. It's a little abstract, but yes, my first thought was "fish!"... :¬{D

  15. Sean H.
    Sean H.

    I'm not as averse to a road bike as I used to be - but I feel I need more convincing yet. And a bigger garage... And a more sympathetic financial director

  16. yellow jack
    yellow jack

    Not sure if I mentioned this already, but I suspect that this was my fastest century ever. I felt wrecked (as per usual) after about 75 miles, and thought I was done for at around 80 miles in. I had one cereal bar and half a bottle left at that point and rewarded myself with half a bar at 80 miles. I promised myself the other half as a 'pick-me-up' at 90 miles, but I ate it early on account of Heath Lane coming up at 88 miles. But the bizarre thing was that I got a massively welcome "second wind" coming down Beacon Hill. I've not experienced this phenomenon on a long ride before, but I just felt so strong on the last 8 or 9 miles. Even managed a PR on "West through Cove" which was almost right at the end. Curious as to why, but I did nothing noticeably different before or during the ride...?

  17. Matt Perryman
    Matt Perryman

    Tailwind ;)

  18. yellow jack
    yellow jack

    Definitely NOT a tailwind!!! Wind was South Westerly, moving to South South Westerly. Can't be more than 20% of the route that would have had the wind lending me a hand. That last PR I was heading generally westward, so if anything it was more of a cross headwind. But by that point the wind had quietened down a lot anyway. I'll accept that there was assistance in the form of a diagonal tailwind on "MileStone Stretch", but again, any assistance from a 6mph wind in town would be of limited use. I was pretty pleased with the "Sequoia Climb" PR early on, and with smashing my PR and grabbing the KOM on what is really a MTB segment (CX at best), with plenty of sandy fire road and even some single-track in it. Plus I had to slow down for families and dog walkers.

  19. yellow jack
    yellow jack

    Oh, and Matt Perryman? Yes, I did get the ◙ ;) ◙ you put in there... ;¬{D

  20. yellow jack
    yellow jack

    One of these days I'm going to have to actually plan a century properly. Minimal elevation, plenty of food, extra fluid, etc. See if poor fuelling is one of the issues that is limiting my performance. I can't say I'm a fan of proprietary 'sports nutrition' but it'd be nice one day to not be having to ration myself just when I need fluids and energy the most...

  21. Nicole Robin 🇨🇦
    Nicole Robin 🇨🇦

    Impressive ride!

  22. Martin Riches
    Martin Riches

    Cool ride topped with a Kom. Kudos deserved.


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