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Everesting the Rholben road! On an elliptigo!

  • 197.4km
  • 9,410m
  • 15:41:53
    Moving Time
  • 10,611


  1. Jim Cremer


  2. Bill P.

    An amazing achievement Tim! This is awesome. Well done. Get some sleep!

  3. Robert Travers Ⓥ

    Tim you're going to run out of tops to top! Well done! I hope you're not beat up too badly.

  4. Lyn Huston

    BIG congratulations!! Just amazing!

  5. Jordan Trump

    You are phenomenal Tim! Nice job!

  6. Clint Greenbaum

    From now on we should call you Sir Timillary.

  7. Andy Nuttall

    Well done Tim! Another record!

  8. "EGO-Maniac" Idai Makaya

    Great work Tim Woodier 🙄

  9. Argo (Gateway Cycles)

    Well done mate!

  10. Billy G.

    Excellent, well done Tim.

  11. Richard Farrington (.

    awesome Timmy. how many times was it?.

  12. Tim Woodier

    I lost count. I think 59.5.

  13. Stuart Blofeld

    Oh my..... Epic climbing there mate. What was harder... The climb itself or the repetition!? Congrats!!!

  14. Fab Stand Up B.

    You're a monster! Where are you from? Which planet? Another unknown solar system?
    Congrats Tim 👍👍👍

  15. Mark Payne

    Brilliant Tim!! first to do it as well and I do hope Hells 500 recognise your Everesting, especially as it's such a hard thing to do anyway let alone on an ElliptiGO.

  16. "EGO-Maniac" Idai Makaya

    Mark Payne we discussed ElliptiGO verification with Hells 500 a few months ago and they are very supportive, so they confirmed they will verify any ElliptiGO rides that are successful.

  17. Michael Cope

    Unbelievable Jeff..👍

  18. Carol Galgano - ElliptiGO & ARC

    Amazing, Tim, plus you put in a GREAT amount of running, riding, elevation and distance leading up to this!!!! Time for a holiday, perhaps?!!!! Congratulations! Truly unfathomable. You've "topped" it!!!!!!

  19. Tim Woodier

    Thanks all. That holiday will have to be delayed Carol. 400km ride Saturday then 70 mile run two weeks after 8-}.

  20. Ben W.

    Awesome Tim.... another amazing achievement. That's a really inspiring effort mate 👊

  21. Gordon Bolles

    Amazing ride, more impressive that you decided to do this the day before

  22. Mike Dykes

    Well done mate!! Top effort!!!

  23. Chris Zito -.

    Great effort, Tim! I looked at the road you climbed on Google Street View .... looks extremely narrow with low visibility around curves. Did you have to continually ride the brakes to reduce the risk of a dangerous encounter with a car? How did your brakes and rims hold up? When I did the Fargo Street hill climb (34% grade climbing and descending, 60 repeats totaling 10000 feet), my rims became insanely hot.

  24. Tim Woodier

    I originally planned on a steeper hill over 25% in places and had a running parachute to slow descent this had 19% bits but I found it manageable. I tried not to constantly ride the brakes and instead brake hard at certain points. I've uploaded a video of a descent somewhere. It's also very bumpy in places, had to learn the best line. I guess because the ascent is longer, three times the ascent per repeat, the rims had a chance to cool although I never felt them anyway.

  25. Tim Woodier

    A chute would definitely help on the fargo St descent.

  26. Tim Woodier

    That is a steep Street Chris Zito, would love to try it out one day, did you go straight up or side to side,

  27. Chris Zito -.

    Lots of switch-backs. I went up straight the first time, but that takes a crazy amount of torque and I decided I need to save my energy for the long haul. https://www.strava.com/activities/272606650

  28. Jeanne Wilson

    Did I read that correctly? 52.3 mph!!!!

  29. Tim Woodier

    I very much doubt that's accurate Jeanne, Top speeds rarely are.

  30. Andy van Bergen :: HELLS 500

    Cracking effort Tim! Yep, I reckon you're right that this is the first on an EliptiGO - double congrats! Most importantly, this ride is now sitting in the www.everesting.cc hall of fame!

  31. Mark Payne

    Welcome to the club Tim.