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West District Cross County

  • 10.3km
  • 40:59
    Moving Time
  • 3:59/km
    Avg Pace
  • 939


  1. Neil P.
    Neil Pendrich

    Haha :-)

    Your entire run was run at a pace 1 second faster than my fastest ever single mile. We are not all made equal :-)

  2. Steven H.
    Steven Hill

    Great run Chris, my pace chart looks very similar but a bit slower. ;-)

  3. Colin F.
    Colin Feechan

    Great run Chris, tried to pull you back on the last lap but you were too strong.

  4. Rocky (.
    Rocky (.

    well done mate that amazing pace :)

  5. Chris U.
    Chris Upson

    That was a really tough mud-fest! Thanks Colin for pushing me all the way on that final lap. And well done for giving Paul a run for his money on the opening lap.

  6. Graeme F.
    Graeme Fletcher

    Great run Chris. Mudfest right enough looking at the photos. Our East District counterpart was a nicely manicured park . Home with clean spikes !