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Evening Run - youth chips - taking it easy

  • 1.0mi
  • 10:07
    Moving Time
  • 9:51/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 144


  1. Tommy ..
    Tommy ..

    You sure this isn't all out race pace?

  2. Justin M.
    Justin Mitchell

    Ha ha ... this ends my training week and I'm beat, so this just might have been the fastest mile I could pull off 😉. I can't wait to take tomorrow off!!

  3. Tommy ..
    Tommy ..

    You deserve it! You've been putting in some crazy training. Also, I got news that there is still over 3 feet of snow on the trt course. And as my main focus over these next 3 years is to run a sub 2:19 marathon to qualify for the 2020 trials, I downgraded to the 55k. Hopefully that snow melts a bit

  4. Justin M.
    Justin Mitchell

    That's a smart move if you're serious about getting your road marathon time down. It sounds like your already planning out your CIM training.

  5. Tommy ..
    Tommy ..

    Yes I LOVE speed work with a passion. So I'm doing 3 days of speed work per week Ideally Monday Wednesday and Friday and then the Saturday long run. And I'd like to keep upping my mileage until I reach some kind of crazy number like 145 per week. That seems to be the number that Shalane Flanagan and Galen Rupp both run in marathon training. And then of course strength and core, recovery, and nutrition play a huge role as well. Yup I'm excited to fully commit to training for the next 6 and a half months before CIM