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Bear Brook with Fort Mtn bonus climb

  • 31.3mi
  • 4,091ft
  • 3:28:45
    Moving Time
  • 1,467


  1. Mark S.
    Mark Suprenant

    The Droid phone is closer to you with distance although Strava changed my distance by a tiny bit., The Droid phone is way off with elevation.

  2. Shawn S.
    Shawn Smith

    Fort is a beastly climb. I took a group out there a couple years ago. Beast, but the view is well worth it.

  3. Stephen H.
    Stephen H.

    Was the black ice on Beaver Pond on a rock?

  4. Doug J.
    Doug Jansen

    You found that too? Yes!! I knew the off-camber rock was coming, I thought to myself, that is sometimes wet, better watch out for ice. Then I saw other tracks head across rock and didn't see any ice. But an invisible layer took be down in a heartbeat just as I was rolling off the rock. Fortunately I landed on soft moss. Bike landed pretty hard though.

  5. Stephen H.
    Stephen H.

    Yup, Jason Record and two others cleared it, and I noticed a slight slippage from the rider in front if me, but I thought it was a slick root over the rock. I went down in a split second, one little vein of ice takes it.

  6. Louis F.
    Louis Frechette

    Is this the rocky section past the little ravine bridge, just after you come back to the pond? I think you pass a bench on the right? I ate it hard there the other day, same situation.

  7. Doug J.
    Doug Jansen

    Sounds about right. Need to put up caution sign that says "Granite ices before singletrack"