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(Injured) 50 Miler 'test run' RESULTS: Not Good

  • 3.5mi
  • 46:33
    Moving Time
  • 13:10/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 570


  1. Stacey H.
    Stacey H.

    Dislike. :(

  2. Stacey H.
    Stacey H.

    Be smart. You've got bigger goals than Berryman this year.

  3. Rich M.
    Rich M

    Trust your instincts, I pushed my last 50 just getting over injury. Didn't think I should buy pushed ahead anyway. It wasn't my best decision

  4. Chad M.
    Chad Michler

    Sorry brother:( take it easy play it smart:)

  5. Shari ..
    Shari ..

    Oh man. That sucks. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

  6. Len B.
  7. Timmy T.
    timmy treon

    Thanks everyone - I'll take it step by step, use my skills and learn from the experience. This will be a test of everything I've learned, thus far.

  8. Brian S.
    Brian Scheidt

    Sorry to read about this. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

  9. Nicholas H.
    Nicholas Hermann

    Hope you're recovery is quick and nothing is to serious.

  10. Appalachian R.
    Appalachian Runner

    Sorry to hear that Timmy! Use your best judgment. They'll be more races in the future if Berryman doesn't work out. Hoping you have a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself!! πŸ‘πŸ»

  11. J.T. H.
    J.T. Hardy

    The effects of the LX3 asphalt for 12 hours? I feel your pain. Let me know if I will see you at Berryman....I hope to.

  12. Jeff M.
    Jeff M

    Be safe Timmy!

  13. Timmy T.
    timmy treon

    Thanks, again, Everyone! Very much appreciated. Currently, I'm registered for 50, though fortunately the race offers the runners ability to drop down to the 26.2, if needed; as it is a 25 mile loop. *Just gonna take it one step at a time - and, consider the race just 'a rather long hike in the woods', if I can not RUN. (I have a specific recovery plan, to begin immediately after the event.)

  14. Ollie O.
    Ollie O.

    How's the injury today timmy treon

  15. Timmy T.
    timmy treon

    Thanks, Ollie. The injury is in good shape for the shape its in. As good as its gonna get, I'd say. All meds have been ingested. Got an early rise to Race in the morning. I'd say I'm at 75%, maybe more to 80%. As stated earlier, this might just be a very long walk in the woods.