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Greenbelt Training "C" Race - 6th Place

  • 12.9mi
  • 692ft
  • 34:01
    Moving Time
  • 766
  • 55
    Suffer Score


  1. Robert J.
    Robert J.

    Nice job D! That was a good sized field for the C race, well done.

  2. Brookey G.
    Brookey Givens

    My Man!!!!

  3. Demetris T.
    Demetris T.

    Thanks Rob

  4. Pastor Darin P.
    Pastor Darin Poullard

    Great race!

  5. Demetris T.
    Demetris T.

    Thank you Pastor.

  6. John M.
    John Moore

    Good race bro! Let's keep pushing each other!

  7. Demetris T.
    Demetris T.

    Thanks John! Excellent race for you yesterday, well played! Sounds good, let's keep the pressure on.

  8. Alex H.
    Alex Harisiadis

    Hahaha, I'll come take a flyer with you next time.

  9. Pastor Darin P.
    Pastor Darin Poullard

    You are welcome my Brother! You brothers are doing a great job out there!

  10. Demetris T.
    Demetris T.

    Alex harisiadis, alright next week we fly! Hahaha

  11. Alex H.
    Alex Harisiadis

    Can't make it next week, but definitely the following!