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Afternoon Ride

  • 93.6km
  • 901m
  • 3:16:48
    Moving Time
  • 2,174


  1. Jay C.
    Jay C.

    nice miles Levi!! Looks like things are getting better.

  2. Big L.
    Big Lava

    Truly Inspiring Levi!! Keep on Rocking it!! Peace!!

  3. Levi L.
    Levi Leipheimer

    Thanks guys. It's getting better but I got to tell ya, this is the hardest thing I've ever been through. So much pain! Today was way better than yesterday though.

  4. Christopher H.
    Christopher Henley

    In awe...

  5. Scott L.
    Scott L.

    Inspiring, to say the least.

  6. Clinton G.
    Clinton Grusd

    Great job Levi Leipheimer! Keep it up!

  7. Cristin S.
    Cristin Sohm (Pinkie)

    It's so exciting to see you doing so well Levi!

  8. Micah D.
    Micah D.

    when a pro cyclist says "the hardest thing I've been through" us mere mortals would be crippled by 1/100th of said struggles. keep up man! clearly we are all cheering you on, like we have for years!

  9. Richard W.
    Richard Williams

    Impressive recovery.

  10. Lynn B.
    Lynn Barlow

    I rode from Santa Rosa to Occidental and thought of you kicking butt in this area. You have always been a great inspiration.

  11. Jody M.
    Jody McComas

    "Pain is weakness leaving the body". Quoted from one of my clients during a session in his rehab. Great work!!

  12. Willy S.
    Willy Spaulding

    if you're here in Bellingham again happy to give you a tour (30+ years of cycling here)