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And so it begins......

  • 3.9mi
  • 39:48
    Moving Time
  • 10:02/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 539


  1. Brandon S.
    Brandon S.

    How'd it feel?

  2. Ryan M.
    Ryan Maher

    And you're back!!

  3. James B.
    James Baca

    Brandon Swearengin, It felt great! Toe didnt bother me during the run and is fine the morning after! 😁 Ryan Maher, just in time to sneak in a few weeks of WS training! 😂😂

  4. Johnnie S.
    Johnnie S.

    Welcome back!

  5. James B.
    James Baca

    Thanks Johnnie Stevens! Its good to be back, finally! 😉 We're running salt lick sunday at 8 if you can make it!

  6. Beth S.
    Beth S.

    Good to see an activity James Baca. Was getting worried 😩 sending good luck your way!!!

  7. Adam G.
    Adam G.

    So happy to see this bro! Made my day for real.

  8. James B.
    James Baca

    Thanks Beth Swearengin, I'm afraid I'm gonna need it! 😜 Adam Gardner , Western States or bust!! You know how we do!! 😎