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Face Full of Bugs

  • 50.1mi
  • 968ft
  • 3:07:57
    Moving Time
  • 1,496


  1. Ross W.
    Ross W.

    I feel you on the bugs. What's up with the bike photos?

  2. E. Ralph Sanon-Jules🇭🇹

    I got a flat on the 195 overpass on Old York Rd. I was coming out of Allentown. Flats are the story of my riding life.

  3. Ross W.
    Ross W.

    Given your mileage, your flat to mileage ratio is still quite low.

  4. E. Ralph Sanon-Jules🇭🇹

    Agreed. But the frustration still is high.

  5. Getöff M.
    Getöff M.

    They were giant clouds of gnats all throughout the south county in North County trails. Nasty stuff!

  6. E. Ralph Sanon-Jules🇭🇹

    Have to keep your mouth closed and keep glasses on. Thanks goodness I have night lenses.

  7. Daniel I.
    Daniel I.

    I know what you mean with the bugs yesterday. I put sunblock on and wore my sleeveless jersey and when I got home my arms were covered in lots of "black specs"

  8. Charlie Caligiuri

    Ralph, did you use your special technique to rix that flat?

  9. E. Ralph Sanon-Jules🇭🇹

    I did!!! You remember that!! I was back on the road in 5 minutes.

  10. E. Ralph Sanon-Jules🇭🇹

    Daniel Iachetta & Sue Wiedorn I sweat a lot so my forehead was and face was covered in gnats and creepy crawly things. I kept my mouth shut but my nose was infiltrated!!

  11. E. Ralph Sanon-Jules🇭🇹


  12. Charlie Caligiuri

    You taught me a veteran cyclist is never too old to learn a few more tricks!

  13. E. Ralph Sanon-Jules🇭🇹

    Let me know how it goes if you ever try it Charlie Caligiuri

  14. Tru T.
    Tru T.

    What special technique is this for fixing flat? Inquiring minds want to know. :)

  15. E. Ralph Sanon-Jules🇭🇹

    Tru Tran I will explain next time I see you.

  16. Tru T.
    Tru T.

    Ha...I hope I don't have a flat before that. Will I see you at the 300K brevet next Saturday?

  17. Charlie Caligiuri

    Quickly Ralphs flat fix secret...Leave glass or thorn in tire, pry only section of tire off of rim where debris is, directly under debri pull small section of tube out, apply patch, pull debris out of tire, tuck back in and pump up!