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Run 6x800 w/3 min R and I forgot my Garmin

Sarah Carvill May 17, 2017, 6:00:00 PM

  • 6.4km
  • 38:40
    Moving Time
  • 6:00/km
    Avg Speed


So, already late, I went out to the car without my keys. Went back into the house and grabbed Jae's keys, which— funny— don't unlock my car. So, super late, I get there and realize I FORGOT MY GARMIN. AND MY SPLIT WATCH. Coach loaned me his Timex, and I barely did a few of my glute exercises and then went straight into my first 800. 3 minute recoveries was like jogging a 400 and then waiting ten seconds— plus however long it took to avoid cutting people off. So I didn't actually run the whole 38:40. But it was pretty close, I guess. I took a bit off my mileage total because I was cutting one of the turns in my recoveries to avoid some track materials that were piled up there.

SPLITS: (1) 3:53.35 (2) 3:52.14 (3) 3:51.54 (4) 3:51.29 (5) 3:50.46 (6) 3:51.53