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Morning Ride

  • 74.7mi
  • 5,128ft
  • 5:16:08
    Moving Time
  • 3,740
  • 165
    Suffer Score


  1. Stephen M.
    stephen morgan

    Cheers Tom appreciate it

  2. Stephen Foley (.
    Stephen Foley ( Middleton CC )

    Looked like a top outing! ☺

  3. Stephen M.
    stephen morgan

    Was Steve good idea of what to expect in the real thing I'm doing the 100km 2017 route on Sunday with Gordon

  4. David W.
    David Walsh (Middleton CC)

    Well done Steve. Great rude out today 👏👏👏

  5. Gordon O.
    Gordon Omand (Middleton CC)

    I'll see you Sunday morning to do it all again Ste... Grrrr😬😬😬

  6. Stephen M.
    stephen morgan


  7. Wayne H.
    Wayne H.

    Well done mate great ride today. Good look for Sunday have a good ride

  8. Stephen M.
    stephen morgan

    Cheers wayne

  9. Dave C.
    Dave Charlesworth (Middleton CC)

    Great ride Steve, perfect weather for it too

  10. Stephen M.
    stephen morgan

    Exactly Dave the weather was A+ a great ride out with a great bunch of lads what else can you ask for