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...and the mind

  • 1.0mi
  • 7:44
    Moving Time
  • 7:42/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 134


  1. Bob A.
    Bob Alexander

    Are you injured?

  2. Gary S.
    Gary Swearingen

    Well, the IT that hampered my race was one issue but the main reason I haven't run in 5+ weeks was my hip. The one that has the tear was in really bad shape and still is not 100%. Been seeing an awesome Chiro that has been working to fix all of my issues so I'm on my way back.

  3. Bob A.
    Bob Alexander

    Oh man, I didn't realize you had a tear in your hip. should you be running at all? But I'm glad to hear you're on your way back....poor Gary. I didn't know you've been sidelined for 5 damn weeks. :(

  4. Gary S.
    Gary Swearingen

    I wrestled with that question often but UN told it's not an issue of I'm healthy and running with proper technique.

  5. Bob A.
    Bob Alexander

    Well, you're a smart man, so take it slow and rest some more if you need it.