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Soundgarden vigil/Recovery spin

  • 23.7mi
  • 456ft
  • 1:23:18
    Moving Time
  • 873


  1. Greg F.
    Greg Fales

    Sad day, bro

  2. Rome M.
    Rome M.

    Greg Fales man you and a few others I've shared great Cornell memories with have been on my mind all day. It was more than just a shock for me as I was just planning to go to his next show. Running out of hero's the older we get it seems. Hope you are good and still far away from here. Live up my man!

  3. Greg F.
    Greg Fales

    He has made a real impression in both my early years as well as of late when I saw you at his acoustic tour a couple of years ago. That show is easily in my top three best of all time. Christine and I just landed on our way home when we heard the news. It hit us both pretty hard. Enjoy life, Pal

  4. Rome M.
    Rome M.

    You too. We are already overdue for a get-together. Let's sadly find another concert venue, not that one could ever replace what we had, but the "Fixx" is coming to town. Later gator.