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Conversational pace… Of course any pace with Baron is conversational

  • 21.1mi
  • 702ft
  • 1:15:55
    Moving Time
  • 706


  1. Tanya Conover

    Sounds like my kind of ride :)

  2. Derick McGee Ⓥ

    Well done lads! So are the ritzy new shorts worth the price Bob?

  3. Derick McGee Ⓥ

    I'm curious because I'm in the market for a new bib again... wondering how much of the "pad technology" is marketing hype, or if it's actually worth investing in for a notable increase in comfort? I've based previous purchases mostly on the number of panels in the short for a better fit so far...

  4. Bob B.

    This is my first pair of "high end" shorts in many years..I wanted to see if there was a difference even between them and Pearl izumi and they did feel great on this short hot ride and the pad was better...I think there is a difference...I'll let you know when I have more miles on them Derick!

  5. Bob B.

    You are always welcome Tonya!

  6. Graham B

    Pics are awesome as usual

  7. Bob B.

    Thanks Graham!