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Hottest Day so Far - Haitian Flag Day

  • 30.1mi
  • 682ft
  • 1:35:18
    Moving Time
  • 1,294


  1. Stephen Ferst

    Where'd you go? I drifted back, you never caught me... I rode on home.

  2. Jimmy Pongracz

    So mad at myself for missing this one..

  3. E. Ralph Sanon-Jules🇭🇹

    That lead group was fast. I kept it at a steady pace to not overheat Stephen Ferst

  4. E. Ralph Sanon-Jules🇭🇹

    Just heal.up and catch the next one Jimmy Pongracz

  5. Stephen Ferst

    Too fast for what little fuel I had in the tank tonight!

  6. Joey Mags

    ebony and ivory

  7. E. Ralph Sanon-Jules🇭🇹

    Living together in perfect harmony

  8. Hiranka D.
    Hiranka D.

    Dang it was a decision between Climb or burn asphalt... chose..climb today....next time Venge bro! Good ride!!

  9. E. Ralph Sanon-Jules🇭🇹

    Thanks Hiranka. It was fun. Big group.

  10. Unmalin 3

    Nice ride! Love the jersey...

  11. E. Ralph Sanon-Jules🇭🇹

    Thanks Unmalin 3

  12. E. Ralph Sanon-Jules🇭🇹


  13. Kildare Charles

    Where can I get the Haiti Jersey?