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So That's What Happen's When You Don't Charge Your Derailleur Battery

  • 34.2mi
  • 718ft
  • 2:10:53
    Moving Time
  • 937
  • 55
    Suffer Score


  1. Vernon Hammond

    No crash, just half my gears unavailable.

  2. Vernon Hammond

    Turned the bike into an 11 speed instead of 22.

  3. Thomas Makoriwa

    At least it was just that.

  4. Charlie Caligiuri

    Vern, 11 speeds are 10 more than what you've been riding all winter! BTW i got a bigger SS front chain ring coming in the mail for my fixie.

  5. Yasir Eltayeb

    Is it bad to ride it like that? Is this a disadvantage for getting etap? and what is the backup plan in this case?

  6. Vernon Hammond

    Yasir, Batteries can be switched between derailleurs, so the worst case scenario is one where you only have use of the rear derailleur.

  7. Mark Manczak

    Just builds character Vernon! Won't make that mistake again..lol

  8. Vernon Hammond

    Indeed Mark! We're rolling on Sunday at 9:30. Come out if you can.

  9. Mark Manczak

    Unfortunately I have to pass 8:00 cycle class. Thanks for the invite timing is everything we'll get it together. Have a great weekend!

  10. Vernon Hammond

    Thanks Mark! Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.