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Post-Cold Recovery Run (Z pack)

  • 13.5mi
  • 1,037ft
  • 1:56:37
    Moving Time
  • 8:38/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,889


  1. Shari ..
    Shari ..

    Wow. Nice milage on a Friday morning.

  2. Shalini K.
    Shalini Kovach

    Ha! I'm on the Zpack too....freaking A

  3. Jason C.
    Jason Crites

    @Shari, Thanks. @Shalini. Wow, is that the same cold you had during your race? Mine was so bad I lost my voice for 2 days. Damn kids and their germs!

  4. Shalini K.
    Shalini Kovach

    Yep same freaking sinus infection was on over the counter meds that didn't do Jack so the doc called in the z pack and prescription Sudafed Mon.....I'm so drugged, feel like a zombie.

  5. Jason C.
    Jason Crites

    Yep. Hadn't slept all week because I have been so miserable. 1 day on steroids and feel better. I don't know how u did that race in that condition

  6. Shalini K.
    Shalini Kovach

    I don't how I did that race either. First 30mi of suck then last 30 miles on drugs. Yeehaw!!

  7. Jason C.
    Jason Crites

    If I was signed up for Berryman tomorrow I would be STRESSED. Thank god I am not.