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Run Gone Wrong at mile 2.5 on Barefoot RSD 870: One swollen lip, one painful knee, one hurt pride : (

  • 5.0mi
  • 59:04
    Moving Time
  • 11:47/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 598


  1. Kristian Barefoot Sørlie

    Hope it's not serious. Get well soon

  2. Barefoot Bill E.
    Barefoot Bill E.

    Oh no! Hope you are ok?

  3. Appalachian Runner

    So sorry to hear that! A quick way to mess up a run. I've been there many times. I'm using on a trail or mountain road so I don't usually have an audience. I hope you're okay and heal quickly. Enjoy your weekend Barefoot Teresa!! 😊

  4. Stephanie H.
    Stephanie H.

    Oh no! Yes, that adds insult to injury when you have an audience. Hope your knee is ok

  5. Rolando B.
    Rolando B.

    You are the inspiration I need for motivation🌈👣

  6. Kim Frick

    That's nice they helped. Hope it's nothing serious, take care Teresa! Maybe time to hit that Taco bar?

  7. Timothy Mungania

    Oh Nooooo. R u ok?

  8. Sandra Chaplin

    You ok????? Thinking of you

  9. Laura R.
    Laura R.

    OH, No, Teresa! I'm sorry that happened! Hope the pain subsides quickly and you are back on track!

  10. Ivonne Davis

    That's terrible :(
    Hope you're healed Quick

  11. T.J. Clifton

    Hope you recover well. Sorry to hear that. Ouch.

  12. Rolando B.
    Rolando B.

    Get well soon...

  13. Terence Murphy

    Ouch! Glad to hear you were able to make it back

  14. Geri L.
    Geri L.

    Barefoot Teresa A ceremony can derail our focus for sure. I'm so sorry you fell and hope nothing badly bruised and injured. Glad you had some help.

  15. Ben Flores

    Teresa, hope you are ok. Wow like Stephanie said no fun when there's an audience. Hope the pride and the knee heal quickly!!

  16. Barefoot Teresa

    Than you, everyone, for taking the time to offer support and well wishes! Part of my lip is still swollen, and I don't even know how it was injured in the fall, and my right knee has gotten more painful as the day has passed : ( I'm sure it'll heal soon, though. Nothing seems torn or fractured. The worse injury is to my pride! SO many people around to see my decided lack of grace while running - but also I postponed date night because I prefer hide out more or less until my lip looks more like my lip and less like Donald Duck's. Thank you, everyone, for your concern!

  17. Rolando B.
    Rolando B.

    Good to hear you in good spirits my friend. Stay safe and get it done! Boca

  18. Paco Gorina

    Get better