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OMG! Is that stoner really passing me!!? Oh thank god...he's on an electric bike. Whew! lol

  • 26.6mi
  • 203ft
  • 1:43:07
    Moving Time
  • 787


  1. Jesse R.
    Jesse Ramsey

    Hey, now! us stoners can still hammer :)

  2. Charles H.
    Charles Hailey

    Us e-bikers can still stone!

  3. Ryan W.
    Ryan W.


  4. Ryan W.
    Ryan W.

    Got to love e-bikes making you question your whole training

  5. George M.
    George Marutz


  6. Sally  G.
    Sally Green

    OH wow I bet that was a scare LOL

  7. Susan A.
    Susan A.

    All good. I thought it was funny. I was like, "What the...!?" :D

  8. Susan A.
    Susan A.

    Jesse and Charles, trust me, I don't underestimate anyone!

  9. Julie M.
    Julie M.

    Omg that's hilarious!😂😂😂

  10. Charles H.
    Charles Hailey

    I have had bikers chase me when I'm on an ebike, but chasing cars is more fun. Ebikes can be fun to draft off of though

  11. Susan A.
    Susan A.

    I'm with you on the car chasing Charles! That's a blast!

  12. Majlinda B.
    Majlinda BurimI


  13. Charles H.
    Charles Hailey

    I saw the dude yesterday, he was cruising!!!