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Nooner: Last till the Fall

  • 69.7km
  • 422m
  • 2:18:39
    Moving Time
  • 1,112
  • 62
    Suffer Score


  1. Don Fabiano

    Spotted you today just before you turned left onto Arastradero.

  2. rebecca wise

    Good to see you!

  3. Brian Hennessey

    It was you Don? I thought it was Ryan Gosling (on a bad day).

  4. Brian Hennessey

    Bex! How many star-crossed rides do we need to know that you need to come to Verona (where the phrase comes from!)

  5. Doug Junkins

    Bummer. I tried to make it to the noon ride today, but flatted on my way there by the Stanford Golf Course. Enjoy Italy!

  6. Brian Hennessey

    Doug, I'm so due for a cluster of flats, been a long time. consider yourself inoculated. you're welcome to come with us to trentino

  7. Jeff Ronne

    @Brian enjoy Italy, take care with your recovery and stay safe, you will be close to some amazing sights and peaks (Lake Como is stunning) with the Italian, Swiss and Austrian alps nearby

  8. Rob W.
    Rob W.

    Have a great time Brian!

  9. Brian Hennessey

    yeah jeff gonna enjoy, mainly my friends there. been going for 1/4 century . . . and we aint getting younger

  10. Brian Hennessey

    thanks rob. c u when i get back

  11. Don Fabiano

    Brian, I'll take that as a compliment?

  12. Brian Hennessey

    yeah Don, compliment to gosling!

  13. James P.
    James P.

    Have a great time in Italy!

  14. Brian Hennessey

    thanks james, been a while since i saw you. if u get a chance to come to italy plz dome (there's a WW group going).