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Chris Shue

McLean, VA
  • 405
    Activities in 2018
  • 9,253.0
    miles Ridden in 2018
  • 441

Whole C&O Unsupported

Ride May 19, 2017
  • 184.5mi
  • 719ft
  • 11:05:54
    Moving Time
  • 7,938
  • 190
    Relative Effort
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  1. Cyndi Janetzko
    Cyndi Janetzko


  2. Charles Cates
  3. Rob Ochsendorf
    Rob Ochsendorf

    Congrats! Wow.

  4. Robert Cox
    Robert Cox


  5. Norris C.
    Norris C.

    I can't quite imagine it. Amazing. Way to go!

  6. Robert Cox
    Robert Cox

    The guy who just ran 50 miles in one shot can't imagine riding a bike 180 miles...

  7. Jamie Wiedhahn⚛️
    Jamie Wiedhahn⚛️

    Get down Subby solid effort!

  8. Shawn D.
    Shawn D.

    Max speed 73.1. Seems legit.

  9. Anthony T. Nigrelli
    Anthony T. Nigrelli


  10. Christine F.
    Christine F.

    Congratulations- amazing!

  11. Ryan Heitz
    Ryan Heitz

    When you blew past us around 5:00pm you were out of the saddle and going over 20 mph. Nice job smashing that record too!

  12. Matt H.
    Matt H.


  13. Bryan Hernandez
    Bryan Hernandez

    Asa Rogers

  14. Bill T.
    Bill T.

    Well done Chris!

  15. David Pomeroy
    David Pomeroy


  16. Erik R.
    Erik R.


  17. mark stahl
    mark stahl

    Nice. If you were bibs, you'll be supported

  18. mark stahl
    mark stahl

    I swear I typed wear. Not were

  19. Komorebi L.
    Komorebi L.


  20. Jake J.
    Jake J.

    You guys are nuts.

  21. Peter Kong
    Peter Kong

    Badass! How many bugs did you eat?

  22. Lyds R.
    Lyds R.

    Awesome job Chris! You guys best the record?

  23. Chris Shue
    Chris Shue

    mark stahl thanks man - I am sponsored by Twin Six - they just don't know it yet. ☠️😎

  24. Chris Shue
    Chris Shue

    Ryan Heitz it was so great to see you guys. When I realized it was you I got all elated and my body randomly created some EPO. That's what it felt like, anyway!

  25. Paula Caro
    Paula Caro

    It was incredible to see you fly by!!! I thought of you guys all day!!! I was in C&O for less than a minute and there you were like a flash after 180 miles of gravel!!! So awesome!!! Congratulations Chris!!!

  26. Shawn Gallagher
  27. Chris Shue
    Chris Shue

    Peter Kong a lot but they mixed well with all the clif bars!

  28. Chris Shue
    Chris Shue

    Lyds Rod I think so! It's very unofficial so I think we just get to know and that's it!

  29. Jonathan L.
    Jonathan L.

    Hahahahaha you're insane! Way to go!

  30. Andy Reiman
  31. Steve Claeys
    Steve Claeys

    Fucking awesome!

  32. Gina Cicotello ☕️
    Gina Cicotello ☕️

    Excellent well done Subby!

  33. Pete B.
    Pete B.

    Nice riding with you for the first few minutes of your ride. :D

    Fucking awesome job, sir!

  34. Seth Pollack
    Seth Pollack


  35. Kathy L.
    Kathy L.

    Wow, Chris! Amazing speed!

  36. Rod Smith
    Rod Smith

    Amazing! Why isn't this a a Strava segment and why don't you make it one?

  37. Polish Rocket
    Polish Rocket

    Brilliant ride! Killer story!! 🚴💥🚀👊


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