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One last stroll around BC (up the frozen river). Tomorrow summit push begins!

  • 2.8mi
  • 1:03:32
    Moving Time
  • 34:07/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 458


  1. Rick van Putten

    Best of luck!!!

  2. Omar Issadeen

    All the best. Let's do this 👍

  3. Hans S.

    Go go go!!! Top athlete!!

  4. Jan C.

    Good luck! Stay safe and enjoy the top!

  5. Russell J.

    Good luck. Be safe.

  6. Alap Desai

    Onwards and upwards mate!!

  7. Kai Uwe M.

    Good Luck! Stay save!

  8. Adam Mckevitt

    good luck !

  9. Mark A.

    Go get it Adrian!!!

  10. lee collins

    good luck

  11. Sean Massina

    Up and at them!

  12. Sean Janssen

    Awesome. You've got this!

  13. Glenn Jacobs

    Good luck. Massive kudos!

  14. Gareth Hind

    Go get it dude. 👌🤘👌🤘

  15. Philipp Schilcher

    Good luck!! I'm doing my climbing at 100m elevation.


    Good luck ! We are so lucky to have an insight into this very special challenge !! Thank you!

  17. Jemma K.

    Good luck!!

  18. Dan R.

    Stay safe !!!best of luck !!!

  19. Jim Power

    Good luck. Climb safe. 👍👍

  20. Sue M.


  21. Sandro Nunes

    Good luck mate !

  22. Gustav T.

    Send it!

  23. Daniel Majors

    Good luck!

  24. Kalina Miller

    Good luck!! Be smart and stay safe!! Thinking of you!

  25. Tom Kiely

    Good luck!

  26. Gary R.

    massive undertaking n I wish u safe patth to tha summit.🐼

  27. Gary R.

    massive undertaking n I wish u safe patth to tha summit.🐼

  28. Zac W.

    So stoked for you guys!! Crush it!

  29. Kayleen Climbaholic

    Good luck!

  30. Jim Thress

    Go for it!!!

  31. Chris Jensen

    Get some! Good luck!

  32. 🔰 Miles Zeorlin 🔰

    Yeew! Get it!

  33. Darren Milburn

    Wishing you all a safe and successful climb!

  34. Rodney Garrard

    Kia kaha! Go strong

  35. Mike Edelenbos

    Good luck!👍🏼

  36. François Luneau - ABC Cycles

    All the best for your next attempt! And good weather..

  37. Bjørn-Ivar Sigbjørnsen

    Good luck! So interesting following you 😊

  38. Jamie Smithson

    Good luck!

  39. Nigel F.

    Good luck and get back safe ,

  40. Tom R.

    Awesome! Good luck!

  41. Matthias Ranft

    Good luck

  42. Jessica Thompson

    Good luck!! Stay safe

  43. Jeffrey Neal

    Rooting for the team. Good vibes all week 🤙🏽

  44. Tom China

    Bistari bistari, stay safe and enjoy!

  45. Katrina Dobo

    Incredible!!! Be safe and enjoy the views!

  46. Aviv Stern

    Good luck. Hope you will touch the summit!