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GOGO San Diego Century PR

  • 67.2mi
  • 3,975ft
  • 4:36:48
    Moving Time


  1. Mac McKechnie

    I hope you got a cooky for your effort!!!

  2. Eric Korevaar

    I ate a bunch of cookies at the SAG stops, along with some yummy tamales at the first one. I was pretty proud of my time, I got to 30 miles at just under 2 hours elapsed time. (Bragging, I know).

  3. Mac McKechnie

    You deserve to brag with a 14.6 MPH average with almost 4,000 feet of climb and 67 miles!!!

  4. Jane LeGOre - ElliptiGO

    Amazing ride Eric!! You absolutely killed it!!! I'm so glad I got to see you at the start because I knew I'd never see you again after that! AWESOME SPEED!!!

  5. Jane LeGOre - ElliptiGO

    OMG, I just looked at your elapsed time in comparison to your ride time & not only did you ride fast, you also ate fast!! You had time for cookies & tamales and stopped at all 3 SAG stops in 13 minutes?? Crazy! I was pleased when I got in & out of the 2nd SAG stop in 9 min.

  6. Eric Korevaar

    Hi Jane, thanks for all the nice comments. I stopped and ate at all 3 SAGs, but I am sure it was much less than 13 minutes. There were a lot of long stoplights, though.