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IM Lanzarote - Hanging on for dear life, and 3rd place. Started great, faded to deep deep darkness, completely out of gas, stop, walk, eat, drink, 10 min later I'm back! Absolutely nutso run.

  • 25.8mi
  • 2:55:25
    Moving Time
  • 6:47/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 4,108


  1. Davide Giardini|EnduranceProGuides.com|

    How'd you come back to life? Red Bull? Asking for a friend! 😄 congrats, looks brutal!

  2. Neil Griffiths

    Brilliant in that heat. And after that bike!

  3. Tri4dream 0.

    Eres muy grande. Ha sido un honor poder correr a tu lado 10m.. Grande Jesse!!

  4. Adam Bruss

    Great description!

  5. Andrew S.

    Well done fella! Tough day at the office

  6. Michael R.

    Way to hang tough.

  7. Jesse Thomas

    Davide Giardini Stop, walk, Red Bull, bloks, shit ton of water. Stomach was jacked! Crazy though, 10 min later it was like a light switch, just bam, energy back. Must have been completely out of fuel.

  8. Jim F.

    Way to keep going. Sounds all too familiar to how my run go. Just add an hour. Lol

  9. Michael M.

    For us mortals any podium position is on the far side of heroic. Bravo

  10. Allison Ciosek K.

    Congrats! Way to stay the course and poop out the demons. 😉

  11. Guillaume B.

    WOWWW such a big final effort!! You're a monster to come back at your race pace after this slow fall to darkness!

  12. Olivier C.

    after reading your race report..i can only conclude the answer is... REDBULL :-D