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12/12/2013 Boulder, CO

  • 93.9mi
  • 8,576ft
  • 5:21:28
    Moving Time
  • 4,212


  1. matt olson

    Yaweee he's been liberated from the storage unit!!

  2. Jon Moro

    What the road to estes like?

  3. Matt Cooke

    It was really nice to get out. I think I made the most of it. Jon the road was totally fine. Canyon is not fun to go down though.

  4. shawn rucks

    That's impressive, even on a day like today. Is this your day job or something?

  5. Matt Cooke

    Shawn, Thanks, It is my job. I'm ride for the pro team Jamis Hagen-Berman. Are you the new owner of Pro Peloton?

  6. shawn rucks

    Matt, it was a joke. I know well who you are! KOM of the Pro Challenge, killer of all the hardest rides around. I hear one of the friendliest riders on the road. Yes, I am the new owner. Stop by some time. I would love to meet and hear your story.