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12/12/2013 Nashville, TN attempt to ride home - so close but so far ... rescued by kristine with 50 miles to go ...

  • 209.9mi
  • 12,530ft
  • 13:03:20
    Moving Time
  • 7,818
  • 433
    Suffer Score


  1. Brian Toone

    I reset the garmin in huntsville b/c it tends to crap out on rides this long. Then I used o'keefe's tool for merging two gpx files together and managed to lose 4000 feet of climbing. Oh well, I'd rather have it as one file then two separate files with all the climbing still in tact. Here's the temperature graph for the first ride - from nashville to huntsville - http://toonecycling.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/tempgraph-part1.gif

  2. Craig M

    jeez, you have an awesome wife Brian. Most guys couldnt get away with half the stuff you do

  3. Rocky Forer

    Amazing! I follow you from So CA.. This blew me away. Great job, you are truly an inspiration!

  4. Brian Toone

    Thanks Rocky. @Craig - agreed, couldn't do any of this stuff without her support!

  5. Rodney Ford

    Dang, du! Truly epic, as your suffer score indicates.

  6. Patrick  W.
    Patrick W.

    Wow Brain....Wow! congrats on a mind boggling effort. Also, Sweet icicles :-0

  7. John Sullivan

    Ah, nvm, Brian...I just viewed the pics. Amazing ride! That is really tough to ride that distance in the cold. Chapeau!!

  8. Jeff Fuller

    Insane bro! Kudos!

  9. Juro S.
    Juro S.


  10. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    Awesome ride Brian! Would be even under ideal conditions...

  11. Andy Scarano


  12. Bob Lewis

    Can't figure out whether you are an inspiration or whether someone needs to get you an appointment with a shrink. Keep up the amazing work.

  13. Mark Fisher

    Went out of your way for Hawks Ridge in Huntsville on a 200+ mile point to point ride...classic...

  14. Brian Toone

    Mark, I was definitely tempted to skip it. I did end up skipping one of the neighborhood climbs near mountain gap rd that I was planning on doing. I wanted to try to get across the 231 bridge before traffic got too bad. It was still bad, though, and there are random stretches with no shoulder. I tried to time those between packs of cars. Had to pull off a couple times to wait for next break.

  15. Chris Shelton

    Great effort on a freezing to cold day Brian. No matter you defeated old man winter on this ride. Proud of you...HOS on the calendar?

  16. Axel D.
    Axel D.

    Well done Brian. No shame on getting scooped up before the finish. That is a massive ride in brutal conditions.

  17. Don W.
    Don W.

    Wow Brian That's truly a manly ride. Lovin the ice cycles, you're the example to rule #9.

  18. Brent Ohsolaidback Snodgrass

    Holy crap! Nice ride

  19. Kyle Taylor

    Always an inspiration TOOOOONE!

  20. Kyle Taylor

    Brian, Just a thought. You should look into 24 hour MTB racing. I would consider it an honor to race you in one. I know you dont think your singletrack skills are great but they are! Plus, none of that matters in 24s! Your endurance is ridiculous and guys like us that thrive on riding for all day long... well we are rare!

  21. Brian Toone

    Thanks Kyle - I am definitely thinking about trying it at some point. The 12 hour tannehill race I did this past spring is being converted to a 24 hour race on March 29th, 2014. Might be a good one for me to try since it is so close to home, but it's the week before a 500 mile road race also in Birmingham. Who'd have thunk that Birmingham would have two endurance events on back to back weekends?!

  22. Brian Toone


  23. Brian Toone

    Just wrote up about this ride here: http://toonecycling.wordpress.com/2013/12/15/a-little-bit-of-arctic-adventure-in-the-deep-south/

  24. Mark Fisher

    True what you said about 231, I've ridden it once and never again. That's right by my Huntsville house, but prevents me from ever riding "over the river" towards the state RR. It's because there isn't an interstate in that area despite the relatively high population. Interstates draw longer distance travelers and 18 wheelers from highways like i20 does for 78 or i65 or 31 etc. Also with 231 being the only way over the river in the area it bottlenecks traffic. I've thought about it alot haha.. Wasn't able to make Peavine last week, but I'll do the next two! Congrats again on your ride and year stats.