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Craig Lewis

Craig Lewis

Boulder, Colorado
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2010 - 8th Prologue Volta Catalunya 2010 - 8th Stage 13 Giro d'Italia 2010 - 10th USPro Championships 2009 - 4th Stage #3 Tour of Ireland 2009 - 7th Overall Tour of Ireland 2008 - 9th USPRO Road Race Championships 2008 - 11th Tour of Lombardy 2007 - 6th Overall Tour of Ireland 2007 - 7th Overall Tour de l'Avenir 2007 - Member U.S. U-23 World Championship Road Team 2007 - U23 Road Race & Criterium National Champion

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 170
  • 340
  • 510
  • 680
  • 850
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 209.5km
  • 12h 17m
  • 4,243m



Distance 4,110.6km
Time 177h 51m
Elevation Gain 72,552m
Rides 91


Total Distance 80,816.3km
Total Time 2768h 48m
Total Elev Gain 1,046,322m
Total Rides 1020

Recent Photos

  • Feels good to sweat out the week. #veuveclicquot
  • Kudos to @lachlanmp for winning most courageous award here @blackberryfarm. Chef, I think you're finally starting to understand professional cycling...
  • Took the team up Super James. They'll thank me later. #Scarpetta @ridecannondale
  • Thank Ramin for dragging me out for a hard lunch run to kick off Labor Day weekend! #Eldo
  • Out with Stelvio Aspen @schaetz - he's no slouch on the bike!
  • Sometimes it's a good thing to be in the weeds.
  • We're ready. #CopperTriangle #TeamScarpetta @ridecannondale
  • At 67 years old, it's Bill's first #CopperTriangle - 74 miles & 6,000 elevation all in 4.5 hours. And what does he say when we finish? "Let's keep riding back to the house in Frisco." #impressed #pro
  • Long day up high with @bobbystuckeyms!
  • Love this guy.
  • Perfect road biking conditions out there this morning. @ridecannondale #Synapse #Boulder #singletrack
  • Great running into @timmydugganusa and his @Rapha crew. Gorgeous day in Boulder.
  • Hands down the strangest thing I've see all week.
  • It's rare to get out on the bike with @courtlee83! @localeboulder outing.
  • So @timjohnsoncx phoned me this morning saying the 90's want their Aliante saddle back. That begs the question, what else do I need to get back on trend?? #notgivinguptheseat
  • Summer whip #onfleek @ridecannondale
  • Waiting to start my first group run. #Res #NYCMarathon #NewBalance
  • So nice to be out here. #HallRanch #LongsPeak #Giro #StelvioLifestyle
  • One minute I'm watching the Giro and telling myself how glad I am I don't have to ride in bad weather anymore. The next minute my wife decides to have 8 of her girlfriends over to the house for mani/pedi's.  Think I'll deal with the weather.
  • Morning jog in Girona
  • Cobble carnage
  • Look it's @iamtedking providing neutral maple support! @untappedmaple @veloveneto #Girona @ridecannondale
  • Love how the locals look out for us cyclists. #Catalunya
  • Fun to catch up with the group this morning. And thanks @timmydugganusa for the single track route back.
  • Prades is for the birds.
  • Last day, guess some legs were tired ????. One week, but a lifetime of memories. @veloveneto -> see you in #Friuli -
  • Priorat. Day 5. @veloveneto
  • If you ride a bike, bring it here. #Priorat @ridecannondale
  • Vertical #Girona @ridecannondale
  • Costa Brava with Bill @ridecannondale
  • Rhone Rider. #StJoe @ridecannondale
  • Rhone run
  • Lot of pink out there today. #scarpetta @carltonmccoy @coveges @lachlanmp - First time in @Rapha kit, do love it.
  • Out with Simone making sure he's warmed up for his wine dinners this week, welcome to Aspen! #Betulle #Stelvio #Aspen #Frasca
  • Eventually, you stop taking no for an answer. Some of the best rides are beyond these signs.
  • The moment I realized that I was out with no spares. @ridecannondale
  • A lot of people out enjoying this glorious day AND getting in the way of my PR's! #BoulderProblems #HappyEaster
  • Loving the deer to human ratio out here today. #HitTheSpokes
  • Heil Ranch #mtb
  • Reading up on the Tower of Power w/ @timmydugganusa
  • It's nice when an hour spin can get you to places like this.
  • Slushy
  • Day 2 of my 3-day training block attempt. My ass hurts.
  • @bobbystuckeyms took me out for a run, did not end well for me.
  • SF morning run
  • A good sign
  • Took Tebbetts up into the high country today.
  • Maybe too high.
  • Snowmass
  • Rolling out of St. Louis #rideonchicago
  • Into Illinois. Getting closer! #rideonchicago
  • #rideonchicago  People for Bikes help with funding for this.
  • #rideonchicago
  • Chasing wild turkey. #synapse
  • The roll out this AM.
  • The end. What week on the Synapse with @ridecannondale #DreamRide
  • Just lovely.
  • Rolling
  • @ Maker's Mark w/@ridecannondale
  • Wind, how have we angered you?
  • B-day with the @bldrwinemrchant crew!
  • Putting a Penguin together...
  • Dirt biking!
  • We're not in Malays.i.a anymore. #Steamboat #cycling
  • The Kanaal. Not much has changed in nine years.
  • Somewhere in the Flemish countryside.
  • Cologne
  • The Ronde might be too good for riding it, but I'm not.
  • Good morning for Riva del Garda!
  • Brugge. Same place, same time. Everything else is different.
  • The square.
  • Strawberries. #rosé
  • Here we go again...
  • Going to be a good day.
  • Badwater
  • Zabriskie Point
  • Good morning from Furnace Creek.
  • Waking up
  • Distilling
  • Hop Garden
  • Surround by 5,000 of these.
  • @timjohnsoncx on the Kentucky gravel w/ @ridecannondale