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Adam Leibovitz

Adam Leibovitz

Indianapolis, IN
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Life giver, life take awayer

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 150
  • 300
  • 450
  • 600
  • 750
Sep 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 59.1mi
  • 3h 11m
  • 1,480ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on 59th st. Sprint
  • 2nd fastest time on Wheel suckas
  • 2nd fastest time on Grandview Dr (Michigan Rd to Kessler Blvd)
  • 2nd fastest time on Knollton Rd (44th St to 51st St)


Distance 1,029.7mi
Time 55h 12m
Elevation Gain 52,362ft
Rides 15


Total Distance 22,285.9mi
Total Time 1189h 45m
Total Elev Gain 848,048ft
Total Rides 553

Recent Photos

  • Whaaaaat?!?! Defended my title belt at Indy Criterium again FOR THE THIRD YEAR!!! Such a blast racing with the Bissell-ABG-Giant men! The entire team rode like an army of rampage driven hitmen. It's so amazing to have the support of the entire city of Indianapolis on my side! Still feeling the good vibes. #ATTAAAACK #Rampage  #StokeLevelisHigh
  • Squad
  • I guess the tapeworm isn't working :(
  • Happy birthday to that Spooky Jew Ghost! ????????
  • Changing out bottles and base layers. ATTAAAACK!!!!
  • Testing out a new aero mountain bike.
  • Lazy dog
  • Gad derm bike pedalers
  • Hilly lunch
  • Post Hilly Party
  • Mr. Doppio here is keeping me alive. #LifeSource
  • Sun's out guns out. October what?
  • And just like that, it's fall.
  • What a lovely door.
  • Best part of the ride today.
  • This strava hunting sesh is presented by @Zipp_USA
  • Nice finish to a good weekend.
  • Sniffer trying to cheer me up after my nasty, freezing ride.
  • #bikes
  • This was my ride today. Before (bottom left), during (bottom right), after (top). #Cracked
  • Rode bikes today.
  • Hope the roads are doing better than the driveway.
  • The backwoods are looking pretty good though.
  • Someone's gonna have a square inch of chilly #booty by the end of this ride.
  • Nippy. Worth the stop. Then my road disappeared.
  • Hey ladies.
  • My dad swung by the office to say hi, saw the mystery machine and did some thinking. Fun little ride today.
  • Canal riding.
  • Sickkkk whaaaat
  • #Crunk
  • #selfiesunday
  • So this is European soccer?
  • 'Murica
  • Ah yeah bike riding yeah
  • Jumbo-tron lovin'
  • New favorite pair of sunnies!
  • This is the ish that I love.
  • Couldn't keep myself away from Louisville. Love this place.
  • Sugaring the day away.
  • Game night
  • Am I aero?! @joshuaraspberry @dannysummerhill
  • Eternal.
  • Road tripping from yesty. My hair is perfect. Always.
  • So many questions.
  • She's perdy.
  • WHY
  • Sun's kinda out, guns kinda out.
  • Bring it.
  • Snake Alley Champ, you guys! Colton and I did the classic shake and bake and came out w/1-2 for Road House!
  • Happy Father's Day to the man that taught me most everything I know!
  • A furry (thrilled) @speedydanclarke fan sighting! #Pitbull #Cutie
  • Triple Clown!
  • Look at these two love-birds drilling each other out! @cburdzil @jakerytlewski
  • Ben Sharp in his natural habitat.
  • So much greatness in one room. New* futon, cover, sheets, pillows and Peyton blanket! *Bought from a dead person
  • Win. Winning. Won
  • These colors don't bleed. #Patriot
  • #Hero
  • #Marian
  • New toy!☕☕☕????????????????????????????????
  • YOLO
  • Back at it. #ImOnFire
  • Twilight crit training
  • Made a friend on the ride today! Her name is Agnis. #KittyChat
  • There aren't a lot of things better than coming home from a long ride to be with my little one. ????❤️????
  • Didn't quite shoot the gap...
  • Uhh wut #yeah #HouseOfCards #wut #uhh
  • Just preriding crybaby hill. I think it's gotten easier!
  • Taken about 10 mins after the race at #DanaPoint last week. Hi @GQ #GetInTheVan
  • Another good pedal stomp session today. #Gassed #Suffer @csnotubes @champsys @Stansnotubes
  • My view for the majority or the day! So much fun! Thanks to my dad for wasting his entire Sunday for me! #Suffer
  • New Wilbur store policy? @cburdzil
  • We met Rocky today. He's 30 years old and he likes going on bike rides with his owner.
  • Do you even pre race selfie, bro?
  • Had a pretty great day! Took the repeat win at today's IndyCrit! Even had a tailwind on the ride home! #CritLife
  • Just like Utah. Right @joshuaraspberry @robthesquire?
  • Only casualty was a broken chain! No skin was lost this time.
  • Daddy is #Thirsty
  • Rawr! ????
  • KOM killing today #HideYoKids #HideYoWife #StravaDeez
  • ????Ok ????