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1:26 AM on Sunday, September 18, 2022

Who Provides These Betting Tips?

Sports betting can be straight forward, but bettors should be wary of just diving straight in without research. A good sports betting tips app can assist with information that can help to inform a bet, together with many strategies and betting approaches that need to be considered.

The Betting Gods are currently made up of 20 tipsters who have all undergone extensive proofing lasting at least 6 months. Hundreds of tipsters apply to become part of the Betting Gods but only a small percentage make the cut.

It's this exclusive bunch who provide our free betting tips each and every morning, Monday to Saturday. We select 2 free betting tips from these professional services to share with you, each morning. All you have to do is register today!

Our betting tips aren't just plucked out of the air. They're not random. They're not guesses. Instead, unlike most other free betting tips, they're hand picked by expert tipsters with a proven track record.

The Betting Gods tipsters and the daily free betting tips cover a vast range of sports. You can expect to receive free betting tips covering horse racing, football, tennis, golf, NHL, NBA, greyhound racing and more!

At betting expert, we believe in the strength of our community and nourishing true tipster talent. Our Tips tier is reserved only for the absolute best tipsters on our tips hub. We regularly revise the list of Tips to ensure that our community and visitors can always rely on us to deliver cutting-edge betting advice and analysis and numbers that back them up.

For a tipster to qualify for the Tip tier, their predictions must demonstrate long-term profitability and high yield. Staying profitable and providing great value is of utmost importance, and tipsters who fail to meet these criteria will quickly lose the Tips status.

While profitability is vital, it is not the only measuring stick we use in the selection process. We want to make sure that our Tips are model members of the betting expert community that put a lot of time and effort into their predictions, provide quality analysis and continuously work on improving their craft. We also value tipsters that specialise in a particular sport or league that can give insight and value bets on their today’s predictions.