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Chris Baddick

Chris Baddick

Boulder, Colorado
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Born and raised on Exmoor in the Southwest of England - the best place to ride in the world! I now live in Boulder, Colorado chasing the dream of racing my bike all across the world. I am a tea connoisseur. MTB endurance Coach with Pedaler - Boulder Cycle Sport MTB team

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 130
  • 260
  • 390
  • 520
  • 650
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 26.1mi
  • 1h 55m
  • 1,138ft

Recent Achievements

  • KOM on Benchmark turnoff to top
  • KOM on 2009 La Sportiva Vail Half Marathon mile 2
  • KOM on Forest Rd Climb
  • KOM on Outlier Race Starting Climb


Distance 3,554.2mi
Time 285h 8m
Elevation Gain 370,974ft
Rides 153


Total Distance 19,312.9mi
Total Time 1509h 17m
Total Elev Gain 1,929,226ft
Total Rides 837

Recent Photos

  • So much power.
  • It makes it much more interesting when the really fast guys turn up to the local races. I wasn't particularly smooth, but glad to squeeze on the end of the podium.
  • New turns in Boulder county are a rare experience.
  • Warm milky December sunlight
  • Watching the flurries start to fly over the flatirons, then watching as the clouds engulf the hills completely. And then we're left with silence.
  • Everyone knows that matchy clothes make you faster. @bouldercyclesport #ridewithbcs
  • A 39 minute road ride in the pouring rain. It was awesome. #ridewithbcs
  • A great race course in the Springs for the ProXCT. So much for the haters to hate about, but when it comes down to it, it's really going to test the field. Looking forward to it.
  • I went to a new chunk of Colorado for a few days to hang around with the entirety of the Ghent family. This 1874 built ranch was amazing, with a huge view of the Sangre de Cristo mountains to the west. @skibikeglitter's family is absolutely crazy. I love it.
  • What a day to ride the trestles. A proper Colorado August day!
  • Bikes > Breakfast
  • Much better weather for the return journey from Winter Park to Boulder today. I rode from the continental divide at 11,600 to my door at 5,300 feet on trails almost the whole way, only losing 600 feet on road. Boulder county has it all.
  • I'm marrying a really tough woman.
  • Totally unedited photo of the sunset happening above Boulder. Those pesky forest fires in Oregon making things all hazy over here.
  • Mmmmmm short track #ridewithbcs
  • Good ol' cloudy lunch ride with a sampling of dirt and a little bit of rain. Not bad.
  • So many people turned up to cyclocross practice with @bouldercyclesport that i couldn't even get everyone in one video. So much fun to coach and ride with this group. #ridewithbcs
  • Above it all. Looking up at the Indian Peaks.
  • Either @bryanalders has a really small face, or those glasses are really big. | Weaving through the wildflowers on Sherwood. #ridewithbcs
  • There's lots of grass in Wisconsin. The course for the ProXCT is great: Grady climbs and tight turny downhills. Lots of rocks, plenty to think about. #ridewithbcs
  • New bike days are the best
  • The wildflowers arrived in style this year!
  • It's looking a little moody up over the hills
  • Fourth place at the boston ProXCT!
  • I've had a lot of support from a lot of people this year, many of whom don't understand my desire to race UCi sanctioned races, but are there for me anyway. Thank you. I celebrated my first ever UCI points with an awesome ride on Boulder's finest trails today.  @bouldercyclesport @yogaglo and @carborocket have been awesome.
  • Graphic summary of the Missoula ProXCT. 17th. I have work to do. #ridewithbcs
  • Great fun exploring some new tree line trails in Boulder County. I'm so glad @stephensondenzel nailed that bridge hop or I would have got very wet! #ridewithbcs
  • This is not a cross country bike. #scott2luvit
  • Yeah Winter Park. Pretty cool.
  • Up into the Aspens, out of the heat. It's nice up there | @michaelfriedberg enjoying the greenery #ridewithbcs
  • Wednesdays should be used for wheelies. #ridewithbcs
  • The best thing about winning short track is you actually do get a chicken dinner!! Thanks @yellowbellychicken for supporting midweek bike battles among friends. #ridewithbcs #scott2luvit
  • The Monday meeting. Also, the first Ned ride this year.
  • Beautiful evening for a super walker loop. I was lucky enough to run into @michael_hlarsen on the way back to Boulder, and descended down Chapman drive behind him. Lycra went really fast. #ridewithbcs @yeticycles
  • Pre-riding the GoPro games MTB course. It sucks. Don't bother coming. (That was a joke...)
  • Short track raging essentials loaded. @katieoblock and @bryanalders have graciously agreed* to host an after party at their house this evening. Bring beer! #ridewithbcs *this might actually be the first they know about it....
  • Uhhhhh THIRD!!!! @bouldercyclesport is awesome: couldn't have achieved this result without the community that surrounds the shop. Thanks @jhuseby for keeping me hydrated on a very hot day in the desert. @epicrides #gjor #ridewithbcs
  • These kids shred harder than most people will ever hope to. Great fun coaching the juniors at Valmont, and seeing a couple of them step up to ride features they didn't imagine they could at the beginning of the year. ???? @skibikeglitter  #ridewithbcs #boulderjuniorcycling
  • Arrived in Grand Junction. Riders meeting done, now finding food before a quick spin. Going to be a lovely weekend. Oh, and I made the paper! #ridewithbcs
  • Great evening in Grand Junction. The @epicrides crew have stepped it up so far from last year. Huge crowds down town for the crit with lots of smiling people walking around. @bryanalders also took fourth which is a bonus! Buy your @yeticycles at @bouldercyclesport #ridewithbcs
  • I've always wondered whether people of the ginger persuasion would melt first, or simply spontaneously catch fire when put in the desert. @donnywarbritton showed no signs of melting today, so I'm going with the fire route for now. Stay tuned for updates. #ridewithbcs #gjor
  • Course preride this morning for the Iron Horse MTB Race going off at 2:45 in downtown Durango. Look out for me and my @bouldercyclesport teammates @themamacass and @stephensondenzel. #ridewithbcs
  • First experience of Phil's world. Glad I finally made it to this corner of Colorado. Yeah bikes! @bouldercyclesport @yeticycles @trainingpeaks #ridewithbcs
  • With the Firebird cancelled, we hot-footed it to Grand Junction to ride in the sunshine. It was worth it. Racing the GJ offroad on these trails in a couple weeks. #ridewithbcs @bouldercyclesport @bikeonscott @epicrides
  • #firebird40 course summary: steep climbing made harder by hero dirt with Velcro-like properties. Same dirt makes every single one of those 8000 feet gained on the way up really amazing on the way down. It's going to be an adventure. @bouldercyclesport #ridewithbcs  @eagleoutside
  • Praying to the God of course marking that the Firebird will be a smooth race on Sunday. The trails are unparalleled, but super hard to navigate for a newcomer.
  • Indulging my own nostalgia by taking the juniors to the research park. Remembering good @cu_cycling_team short track battles with @bkappius @betyoumitchme @bryanalders @tippyodonnell and many others.
  • It turns out that twelve year olds are waterproof. That's good to know. Plus side: Boulder is exceptionally green this year. #ridewithbcs
  • East magnolia trails are dry! A few patches of snow in the shadows, and plenty of downed trees though.
  • Nearly a perfect race at the whiskey 50. Got over the first climb on the back of the lead group, but then flatted early on the descent. The fastest flat change of my life had me going again a minute later, but I'd lost that group and the chase group. I got a little impatient and went too hard too early. I finished strong though and gained 5-6 places on skull valley to get 18th. Really happy with pulling it all back together! Thanks @bouldercyclesport for all your support this season. #whiskey50 #whiskeyoffroad
  • Thank you @epicrides for ordering up some hero dirt for our stay in Prescott. Rode new trails this morning, now eating cookie dough. #whiskeyoffroad #whiskey50
  • Truely perfect evening coaching the Boulder Junior shedders at Valmont. So much fun watching the progression every session. #ridewithbcs @bouldercyclesport
  • A super moody pre ride of the Whiskey course. This is from the top of the skull valley climb. We had on and off rain the whole time. The crit this evening may be terrifying | @bouldercyclesport #ridewithbcs #whiskey50 #whiskeyoffroad
  • I told @bryanalders his teals didn't match. This is the face he made.
  • Hazy humidity hanging in the air. It made for a great morning ride, with a proper chill in the air. #bikes #natureandstuff #ridewithbcs
  • First day of the season for Boulder Junior Cycling. Best quote of the day: "stop being so Enduro" from one twelve year old to another. It's going to be a fun season.
  • When everything just clicks and you find yourself effortlessly hauling down the trail in complete control, then giggling like a small child at the bottom. That was today. @bouldercyclesport #ridewithbcs #scott2luvit
  • Easter: a good day to explore the rebirth of singletrack in the hills. Each year it comes back a little different than before.
  • That smile tells you pretty much everything you need to know about today // Christa on the upper porcupine singletrack.
  • First run down through captain ahab today. It's definitely worth the hype. Much fun. Much "let's give that another go"
  • Is there a place like it? Arches National Park with the La Sal mtns in the background. #moab
  • Tagged along with @iamjakewells for the burns loop: 100 miles of changing high mountain views and amazing roads. What a way to welcome spring.
  • Those are the flat Tops. And this is the Colorado river road. And that is Jake Wells.
  • Terrible traffic, potholes everywhere. Hate road riding.
  • Betasso is riding fast right now. It's in the best shape of the year. Go get it while it's good. #ridewithbcs #couldbecanada #realdirt
  • A beautiful hazy spring evening at Heil Ranch. #ridewithbcs
  • Devil's Backbone is an awesome trail. It's one of the first to dry out in the spring, so it gets busy. But as soon as you're more than a mile from the trailhead, the crowds disappear, the rocks get bigger and the challenges harder. Mountain biking is awesome. |@bryanalders @trainingpeaks @bouldercyclesport
  • First proper ride on the new whip. Took a trip to devil's backbone in Loveland to remember how to mountain bike. When you're reasonably fast at going up hill, it's hard to notice a difference in equipment going up hill. Let's just say this bike goes uphill fast. #ridewithbcs #mylegshurt #coloRADo | @bouldercyclesport @yogoglo @carborocket
  • First foray through Ward and on to Peak to Peak. Lots of riders out there wearing huge grins today! #ridewithbcs #coloRADo #bikes #outsideisfree | @bouldercyclesport @carborocket @yogaglo
  • No filters, or other funny business.
  • Made the mistake of baiting @bryanalders on flagstaff. He made me suffer for it at the top.
  • I won't be fooled into thinking that spring has begun. I know winter is hiding behind a rock somewhere waiting to snow on our hopes and dreams.
  • Old Man Winter race about to start in Lyons. Has there ever been a race with tdf pros, MTB world cup racers, cx national champs and everything in between all in attendance?
  • What a beautiful day! #ridewithbcs
  • Lunch tasted so good.
  • Sun on bare arms | @skibikeglitter
  • Pre-ride of the old man winter bike course today. I chose a road bike (don't have a cross bike at the moment) with 28c @clementcycling  tyres at 65psi. The dirt road sections are in great condition, and a road bike is the weapon of choice for 95% of the course.... BUT Rowena is completely unrideable on a road bike. I lost about 10 minutes to @bryanalders who was on medium tread cross tyres. Mountain bike would be overkill for the course | @bouldercyclesport @oskarblues #oldmanwinterrally #omwbikerally #oldmanwinter #roadbikesaredumb
  • North 55th street. One of the good ones.
  • An antidote for all the mountain biking this weekend | #ridewithbcs @bouldercyclesport
  • Someone's excited to be riding bikes. #ridewithbcs
  • The secret of what @eehuck keeps in her camelback will remain a secret for at least one more group ride. #ridewithbcs
  • The top of sunshine canyon was a wind tunnel today. 30-40 mph gusts blowing off the Indian peaks and hitting us in the face. Kind of amazed we rode for three hours and only hit the wind here though.
  • Long shadows in Gold Hill normally lead to a cold ride back to Boulder.
  • Went 'splorin the other side of Colorado: east to the oil fields of Weld County. Rolling roads, sparse traffic, curious horses and lonely trees.
  • Most of my @bouldercyclesport team mates are in Austin winning themselves stripey jerseys. I'm in Boulder riding empty dirt roads. #ridewithbcs
  • About 300 feet above town, the roads are a sloppy mess. But after that, they're amazing. @eehuck climbs sunshine after a couple side road detours.
  • Getting out of town through the slushy snow was the worst part. It's actually a lovely day in the countryside.
  • I overdressed for the lunch ride. That Colorado sun is doing its best to prevent any cyclocross weather this season.
  • There's a stationary wave cloud sitting right on top of Boulder and it's creating beautiful diffuse light across the hills. It's also causing Boulder to be 10 degrees colder than higher up.
  • The bowl of death lived up to it's name today - I think at one point my lungs tried to crawl out my mouth and hide in the bushes. It paid off though! First time on top step with Mr Krughoff in the race.
  • Frooootahhhh is in prime condition. And empty. And did I mention sunny?
  • Did you know that mountain biking is actually the best thing ever?! cc: @carborocket @bouldercyclesport #turnerbikes
  • The freeze let up enough that I could ski with sensory feedback from most of my appendages.
  • Wonderland lake
  • No gloves November
  • Still plenty of leaves to drop in Boulder
  • Reality is slowly catching up with Colorado. Part of me is happy to be riding trails in the sunshine, the other part knows we need snow soon.
  • Dear Cyclocross god(s): I offer up this wind vest as a sacrifice to you, in return for a darkening of the skies, the howling of wind, and a plummeting of the mercury into the single digits. It's time now for the weather to arrive. #weneedrain #nomoredirtcrits #dothecrossdance
  • The Saturday was strong on the trails today.
  • Worth it.
  • I love night riding on familiar trails: everything becomes brand new
  • I looked at the wrong camera. @spino_powerlegs was pumped he didn't crash me out...
  • You're alright, Boulder.
  • It's really starting to feel like winter on the trails
  • The sun wasn't doing much warming this morning.
  • Early. Weekday morning. Cold sunshine. Empty dirt roads.
  • This coming second thing is getting old fast. Racing under the lights on a proper muddy cross course was amazing though. The Cross of The North promoters have done an excellent job here, and I'm happy I could come up and experience it. Well done @betyoumitchme for out mudding me.
  • That's more like it!
  • Another day on the almost-awesome step. This time Spencer got me by a impossible to call bike throw on the line. Adding fuel to the fire!
  • Riding on a carpet of Golden awesome. @skibikeglitter
  • The Eagle valley won this weekend. I'm sorry if you weren't here.
  • There are definite advantages to not being in bed at 6:30. Foremost, getting in a two hour ride between first and second breakfast, and secondly watching 'epic' sunrises. #boulder #sunshine #cycling #cyclocross #blessed
  • It rained. The barely attached golden leaves started tumbling to the bed of the trail, and then kicked up as we rode through. It smelled like autumn | Gordon Gulch trail, Boulder, CO.
  • Must. Not. Touch. Saturation. Slider. A straight from the camera aspen leaf special.
  • It's a Boulder Junior Cycling kind of evening.
  • We met a friend on the trail.
  • The dot trails are so good right now that I had to go back and ride them again today. Never get tired of the outside.
  • Christa finding her way through the foliage on the dot trails above Boulder.
  • The air is tasting fresh in the morning these days.
  • Not Vegas.
  • I assembled a bunch of people who looked out the window this morning and decided sleeping was better than Wednesday worlds. We will from now on call this Almost Thursday Worlds.
  • I like colourful things.
  • I hope your Saturday is going as well as mine
  • Colour
  • September just happened
  • Horsing around on cross bikes this morning
  • A good weekend!
  • Andy's loop. Featuring @deidreyork and the Colorado National Monument
  • So much moonscape
  • Never seen so much green in the desert. The trails show how much it's rained: washed out in places and rough all round!
  • Mountain bikers pretending to be roadies in Grand Junction this evening. Fat tyre crits at the #gjor
  • I love Colorado. Lots.
  • Summer evenings are precious. Use them wisely.
  • Pro challenge leaving Boulder this morning
  • Getting acquainted on the gravel. Enjoying the English weather in Boulder today. It felt right, considering the ride.
  • Magic hour: good season for the Wildflowers
  • Much single. So trail.
  • My favourite race of the year is the Steamboat Stinger. Lining up this morning I had plenty of self-doubt about my five weeks at sea level, jetlag, and dislocated finger. I kind of made it more difficult on myself than it needed to be. I was hurting the whole way round, and pretty sure a few times that I wouldn't make it to the finish. In the end, my demons must have been stronger than most of the field, cause I came home third, only a couple minutes slower than last year! So happy to get to race in the mountains with my friends, and very happy to pull off a good result too!
  • Steamboat Stinger results.
  • I didn't win. But I did win.
  • The Doone valley is renowned for the literature it has inspired over generations. I think it will soon be known for the hidden roads barely used by cars that make the perfect cycling holiday.
  • I can think of worse places to fix a puncture
  • It was about time I had a proper soggy ride in the mud.
  • Mondays....
  • It's getting to the time of year on Exmoor when the Heather and Gorse really start to put on a show.
  • Exmoor ponies!
  • Looking across the Bristol channel from Minehead
  • This is the village where my Grandfather grew up. It hasn't changed much.
  • And this is the village where I grew up. It hasn't changed much either, and I doubt it will.
  • Fiery sunset over the Clark Fork river. Missoula, Montana
  • Christa and I enjoyed a ride up four mile canyon. Now I'm jumping on a plane to England.
  • Trevor and Sarah for married in rural Hampshire. We celebrated with a tour of the countryside in the sunshine, followed by beer in the garden.
  • This summer is exceeding all expectations.
  • What a day on top of the moor!
  • This is Rob. Rob is the most masochistic person I know, and that's saying something. He's won the "rapha rising" challenge on Strava a couple times, but this year he decided to give it a miss so he could climb the height of Everest in one day. He rode a local climb 47 times to gain the 29k feet required. He knows Exmoor inside out, he's a great riding partner.
  • Looking down the Doone Valley on the middle of Exmoor.
  • Towards the top of Dunkery Beacon. 1600 feet straight up from Sea Level
  • 25% grade for 25 minutes. Welcome to Exmoor.
  • Hardly saw anyone walking today - maybe everyone was making the most of the 30 degree weather by sitting on the beach
  • Castle rock in the Valley of Rocks. Kinda wishing I was on my mountain bike instead of in running shoes!
  • The Exmoor coast. A beautiful day for a 14 mile hike!
  • 16th at my first British national championships. I'm coming back faster next year!
  • This is what 4200 hard miles on a set of @clementcycling strada 28's looks like. I'll be replacing them with the same again.
  • Ready for a photodump...
  • Looking towards Hunters Inn from Trentishoe Down.
  • Riding along the coast path back towards Combe Martin from Hunters Inn, looking at the highest sea cliffs in England.
  • The only way out of this valley is by a 1000 foot climb onto the top of the moor.
  • And every bike ride should finish with a dip in the sea!
  • Oh Exmoor, you please me so
  • So good to be back home in Devon. Went for a quick spin along the coast.
  • Beautiful sunny day in the Midlands. Found some canals to spice up the very, very flat roads around Loughborough.
  • An evening spin on my favourite.
  • Escaping the heat by riding 2500m above sea level. And it was still hot up here.
  • This is @sammorrison010 doing his #nogloves #enduro impression. #endurolyfe
  • I've now experienced the feeling of my own skin melting. Riding in the furnace that was Colorado Springs. I raced really sensibly, and ended up with a sensible result. Can't be disappointed with that.
  • Race weekends can be really frustrating. We drove twelve hours from Boulder to a really cool place, but there's very little exploring we can do. Instead we've got to save energy, sit around looking at the hills and dreaming of the trails they may hold. I rode for an hour this morning, and saw singletrack darting off in every direction. It took a lot of will power to stay on the road.
  • Croissant
  • The course here in Missoula is SO. MUCH. FUN. Real dirt. Real turns.
  • I found a @larissaconnors out on course! Yes, it is that green here.
  • Not Canada, but not far away.
  • Sight seeing around Missoula with @keithomundson and @bryansaltypants. Racing the local town series tonight on the same course as the pro xct this weekend
  • All the gluten filled goodness.
  • In Boulder for one day only. Glad to get a ride in with @bryanalders before heading north. Next stop Missoula, MT
  • Some rides make you feel really 'out there'. This one down to State Bridge qualifies. I'm intrigued by the endless ranch roads that branch off into the hills. It would fulfill a lifetime of exploring.
  • I'm really glad you don't know where this is. (Not sorry at all)
  • Aspen glades on Meadow Mountain, with the Gore Range to the north east
  • Mountain biking rule #31: always trust single plank bridges without testing them first.
  • Spring in the high meadows above Eagle, Colorado.
  • Took a very solid top 10 at #goproMTNgames today. Very close to 7th, but happy with 9th. I pedaled through sanity on the last lap. Ouchy.
  • Vail is rather beautiful in the evening light
  • Thursday
  • Looks like our fun on Chapman drive is over. It's being "repaired"
  • Super happy to take the win at the Gowdy Grinder. Even better to be on the podium with @bryanalders and @sammorrison010
  • Finally found a trail in Boulder county that wasn't destroyed by the flood! Gordon Gulch is one of my favourites, made all the better by the work it takes to get to it.
  • End of the long weekend in Durango. After constant rain yesterday we ended up with a beautiful day for an out n' back on the Colorado Trail.
  • Colorado Trail, junction creek segment. The kind of day where you want to just keep riding till the sun goes down.