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Fatty Loves Candy

Fatty Loves Candy

Homeless, USA
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Its best not to try too hard.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 140
  • 280
  • 420
  • 560
  • 700
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 61.3mi
  • 8h 15m
  • 4,534ft

Recent Achievements

  • CR on South Creek - Fort to Nat Green
  • CR on Sunset to Nathanael Greene
  • 5th overall on South Creek Strong Finish
  • 7th overall on Mind the Rocks


Distance 2,395.5mi
Time 220h 25m
Elevation Gain 226,253ft
Rides 129


Total Distance 8,392.8mi
Total Time 694h 3m
Total Elev Gain 836,562ft
Total Rides 420

Recent Photos

  • Shredding with @seppokal.
  • Can't win them all. #CrestedButteismosthorrible
  • Aspen trees for days. #justanotherdayintheofficebutnotreally
  • Great to be back in #Idahoisterribledontgothere. Went for a Baldy summit, but @sunvalley hasn't brought out the snow blowers yet. Regardless, trails are #PRIMO, so why not @visitsunvalley!!! ????????
  • It was a great morning for a Tam summit. 6am is an atrocious time to meet for a torturous run, but it proved worth it.
  • Shredding so hard with the cuz. #Marinisterriblefortheridingofbikesbutthistrailisjustokay.
  • Really no need to #SeekSunValley at all because #IdahoisTERRIBLEdontgothere
  • A pretty phenomenal morning hike with the lady, @seppokal. Pretty unexpected adventure, but it happened! The #Yosemite Valley is pretty grossly overpopulated, but it's sure nice to look down on it from here.
  • Nice little lunch spot with @seppokal, @gusthebus53 and @bowlernicole on top of Sugar Bowl.
  • Snowing, so crosstraining here in Kirkwood. #WeregettingSNOWinKIRKWOOD #rightnow #eventhough #TAHBRO #doesntusuallygetsnowbut #Kirkwood #sometimes #doeshavea #typicalTahoestorminMay #snowseasonisover #butmaybenotreally #visitTahoe #inMaywhentheresnobodyhereand #everythingsclosed in #Tahoe
  • That dome though. #Yosemiteisterribledontgothere #butifyoudothenbesurenottogointhebackcountry
  • Camp is set up with a view of Mt. Bachelor, just opened a bottle of Chianti with @seppokal, preparing an elaborate dinner, and the sun is now setting. Life is good, but why the cell service?
  • Not so bad, La Grande.
  • Today was another great day on bikes with budding shredder, @seppokal, on dry Missoula trails from Sawmill Gulch. The #breakuptour continues as we head West through ID to WA. #MontanaisterribleandIthinkthatiswhyIlikeitsomuch
  • Exploring unfamiliar terrain with an accomplice who claims to be unfamiliar with mountain biking. @seppokal is going to be a shredder yet! Great to see this part of the country on such a splendid day. Montana ain't so bad, still.
  • This place is awful. I want my money back. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Great company, great ride.
  • There's nothing like a couple inches of snow to freshen things up around here at @galenalodge. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Since moving to Idaho, I've gained a tremendous respect for moments of silence like this.
  • Blue Bird.
  • Oh, hey buddy! I just drove you yesterday... #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Getting up to mischief in the piles of pow we just cleared from the roof. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Just another dull day. #idahoisterribledontgothere #amomentontheliftsalifetimeonthehips #baldyuphilltraffic
  • All day up here. Stoked. #idahoisterribledontgothere #amomentontheliftsalifetimeonthehips
  • My new favorite ski resort. Showed up for half day to find freshies! #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Let it snow. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • ...and this is from when the visibility was decent! #idahoisterribledontgothere #amomentontheliftsalifetimeonthehips
  • #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Ugh. Do I have to live here? #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Nothing like a little spring riding in BOISE!! #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Out for a long spin to Stanley. Tubeless tires are great--even if they are bald. Stan's has fixed three punctures so far this ride. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • A rare moment of blue sky on today's 'headwind the whole blipping time' run. #itssummeriswear #eventhoughitssnowinguphere
  • Breaking up a fourteen hour day with another average run on the other most average day of the year. Spring equinox, eh? #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Playing around in my back yard on the nordic trails. It's still winter up here! #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Look up.
  • What an amazing day. Huge thank you to #mtnapproach for the set up and my bosses at Galena Lodge for taking me out. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Enjoying the mindless straight pavement in Stanley Basin for a change of running scenery.  #idahoisterribledontgothere #escape5B for the #sawtooths #custercounty #7C
  • Just out for a hike. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • It's spring here and that's the spring melt!
  • A gravel and dirt road ride with this lovely lady makes for a morning well spent.
  • Spring skiing... Not quite what I signed up for. Nevada.
  • Oregon muck. #oregonistereiblebutimvisitingpaul
  • Some dumb walk at Silver Falls. Meh.  #oregonisterriblebutimvisitingpaul
  • Yum.
  • Another dreary day in Portland.
  • Washington
  • This terrain!
  • Hello Seattle! #freecarwash
  • Thanks for dragging me out, @rpalkovsky!  #bcisterribledontgothere
  • Wet. #bcisterribledontgothere
  • The softest ferns known to man.
  • Alpine Trail, Willamette National Forest.
  • More Oregreen.
  • Different scene today... #sanfranciscoisgreat #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • 5AM fixed gear to allergy/flu meds.
  • Tuesday nights with the PITC crew.
  • What does that sign say? #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Post long run soak in the glacial waters of snowcapped Mt. Tamalpais. 54*F ain't no thang--quite delightful really!
  • Mid ride photo opp w/ some local studs.
  • The turnaround, past Marshall.
  • After 25mi w/o fuel or H2O, this is how I'll get over the hill.
  • I could get used to empty trails in such a densely populated area. I guess everybody works a 9-5?
  • Chasing studs on a Tuesday night Pelican Inn Track Club gathering.
  • Evening workout w/ McManus!
  • The less frequented road route from Novato to SF.
  • A lovely night for a river dip in the Boise River--colder than the Pacific! Long day, long drive. #idahoisterribledontgothere #idahoismeltingdontgothere #imcoveredinpoisonoak #dipsea2014
  • So so so happy to be home, looking at the Boulders. #idahoisterribledontgothere %hashtag
  • It's summer.
  • %bikeride
  • %bikeride
  • Capitol City evening run.
  • Post run, standing in a river. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • and then it got nice
  • Riding into the sunset with @jemersonfuller
  • Just the most amazing day with @jemersonfuller riding Fisher Creek. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Heavy traffic on a run w/ @ben4stout
  • It has been a good morning so far.  #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Get some.
  • Most versatile bike ever?!?! What an incredible setup. #fatbike Thanks so so so very much to @borealisbikes & @lewndawg for an incredible experience.
  • Evening EPIC, inspired by @smithoptics #smithoptics. What would you do for a sweet new pair of Smith sunglasses? #idahoisterribledontgothere, BTW...
  • Just awful out there today. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Just another run...
  • Fatty and Stout search for nourishment.
  • After a big day on the bike, this is the very best. 50 miles of Baldy for Mountain Bike Marathon Nationals.
  • Even road riding looks good with these #smithoptics sunglasses. Thanks, @smithoptics!! #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • #idahoisonfiredontgothere
  • Post ride, pre work shower time!
  • Hello sheep. Hello dogs. Goodbye all!!!!
  • Ketchum looks so quaint. Bagging Baldy ain't no thang.  #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Today was absolutely epic. Great ride with great company. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Great company on today's Fourth of July, Castle Divide, East Fork of the Salmon River shuttle ride. Couldn't have asked for better conditions. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • I want to be here every day. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • It's just absolutely awful here. Nothing worse. #idahoisonfiredontgothere
  • Getting some turns in before work on a powder day. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • The weather here is just awful. #idahoisterribledontgothere #cloudporn
  • Racing the rain while @wheresjames slurps on the rain. Yesterday on Fox Peak. #prooflabxtambikes #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • How the west was won. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Hell Roaring Lake #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • #idaho is just awful
  • Norton Lakes w/ @cljgibbs #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • #idahoisterribledontgothere @smithoptics provided this filter through the lens of a pair of Lowdown #smithoptics
  • #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • More nothingness--nondescript at best. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Tropical temperatures at Kane Lake. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Today was a day.
  • Looking up valley from where I read.
  • Getting my cx on. Inspired to change it up by @afvarner. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Sometimes we ride through the Boise River. What an incredible ride, thanks to my boss, Don Shepler of Galena Lodge. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Today was a good day: DAY ONE. Made some decisions to shoot for #CIM2014 as a new training goal. Time to get running. Much thanks to DVP for the clarity and the motivation. Oh, and #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Already distracted by Day Two: #roadbikesondirt Does anyone pave the roads in #idahoisterribledontgothere?
  • It's still green here and the water is still flowing. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Today was spectacular. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Today's run was great, but humbling. Sometimes you just need a reminder that everything happens for a reason. Setbacks are just further encouragement. My pal, @ben4stout sure knows about this. Day Five into my #CIM2014 training--I'll be back!
  • With five fresh stitches, maybe today was too early to be getting back out there, but I'm stupid and #cxiscoming and #idahoisterribledontgothere and #CIM2014 and #marathontraining and.
  • A rock in a hard place.
  • Wabbit tug o' war!
  • Soon enough, there will be snow.
  • Sparkles!
  • Meh. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Bend
  • Winning, Bend, OR.
  • Now what?, Bend, OR.
  • Somewhere along the way, Crater Lake, OR.
  • Making our way down from a very windy Eddy Peak, Weed, CA.
  • Such good times getting high with @chubbbss in Weed, CA. #climbweeddontsmokeit
  • Tomales Bay, Marin County, CA
  • Nice run through Muir Woods this morning with ten thousand of my closest friends. #californiaisthebestsostaythere
  • Though easy to climb Mt. Tam on a cyclocross bike, I never seem to have a successful descent. Mt. Tamalpais always seems to make me her bitch.
  • PITC gatherings are always good.
  • Taking a couple of laps across the American River with the ARC Beavers. Great times with my old coach, Rick Anderson.
  • Nice clean California air.
  • Chasing the VORTEX through Sac. #roadbikesondirt
  • Coastal
  • Hoo Koo E Koo, looking good.
  • Chirring rike virrans
  • It's too bad @wheresjames is married. What a stud. #sierrabuttesareterribledontgothere
  • Just awful. #Downievilleisterribledontgothere
  • Shredding with one of #wildernesstrailbikes finest on Mount Elwell, CA.
  • How I like my eggs.
  • Sky is going off in West Marin right now. #californiaisthebestsostaythere
  • Salt water, not good for bike.
  • Ominous skies over Arcata Marsh
  • Fire roads all day.
  • Coastal
  • The sister!
  • Good times.
  • Marin Headlands
  • Kent Lake
  • November, not so bad.
  • Hi
  • Today was a nice.
  • A few of my favorite things.
  • Why hello, winter. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • A fine day for a run in Idahome
  • Back in the neighborhood. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Crystallized
  • Yep. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • It's quiet.
  • I like it here #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • First skate ski of the season from Galena Lodge was nothing short of spectacular this morning. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Great running with local running legend @ben4stout out Quigley Canyon. Exceptional unfamiliar terrain. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Stormy weather.
  • Terrible backyard views, terrible company. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Just a light blanket of snow this morning. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Just a moment after I snapped this photo of the Salmon River from my run along the highway, a bald eagle flew right over my head. Upriver from Stanley is pretty NEAT!
  • Its that time of year! #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Had a nice time on skis today. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Idaho, definitely just a flyover state. #idahoisterribledontgothere So so many #chemtrails
  • Nothing to see here, folks. #idahoisterribledontgothere #flyoverstates #SeekSunValley
  • When the surroundings are sub par, it's best to enjoy goofing off with the company of others. #idahoisterribledontgothere Don't #SeekSunValley
  • Nordic skiing in the Sawtooths. Pretty superb. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • YURTLYFE, no filter needed.
  • Afternoon corduroy.
  • Bustling highway views.
  • Though the skiing is okay, Idaho is still terrible. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Two inch storm.
  • A pleasant fluffy and light layer of new under promisingly ominous skies.
  • First wun in a rong time.
  • Quigley, just terrible.
  • Pretty awful out there today. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Evening run Sawtooth scenery. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • What that is?
  • What intriguing curves you have, Owl Creek.
  • Some days it's best to ignore that I'm surrounded by ski trails and just ride my bike.
  • Not a typical run.
  • Nothing to see here folks. Just another terrible spot in Idaho. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • It's pretty quiet on the dark side of the moon. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • It's just terrible out there. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Baker the dog loves the snow balls that entertain him while ridge bagging. #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • If progress up the gut is slow, make for the ridge, get high up. #seeksunvalley #idahoisterribledontgothere
  • Today, my road bike and I decided to #seekSunValley and enjoy a bit of #roadbikesondirt. Snow is still melting, there is water all over, ice is ever present, but what a splendid day! So nice to be out. #idahoisterribledontgothere