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Jason Hilimire

Jason Hilimire

Lafayette, Colorado
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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 130
  • 260
  • 390
  • 520
  • 650
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 128.7mi
  • 13h 29m
  • 17,418ft



Distance 3,278.9mi
Time 295h 38m
Elevation Gain 378,596ft
Rides 176


Total Distance 24,739.3mi
Total Time 1954h 50m
Total Elev Gain 2,234,551ft
Total Rides 1135

Recent Photos

  • 7 hours in. 9k of climbing and only 56 miles! It's been rough but the high country is on fire. Will see what I have left after a pit stop in #Ned
  • #steel*wool bestest night of the week. Ride done, now time to support NATO & watch some peeps ride bikes
  • #Endurolyfe with #Lakester - he's crushing the blues on a hardtail & we're having tons of fun. Maybe the best day on the bike ever. Think I found a new lift riding buddy
  • #Lakester ripping it
  • Not a bad place to spend the weekend. Thanks for the hospitality Jwilly #dirtrules
  • Bikes, Booze & the Butte with #sbc I think we need to come back more often
  • Got out for the perfect ride this afternoon. Climbed up then slayed it down in the mud & rain #dirtrules
  • Green Lake. Perfectly late afternoon ride with the #sbc Crew #dirtrules
  • #endurolyfe in cb. All fun & games till @sammorrison010 rolls down the hill
  • #tbt to hanging with my best bud Peyton last month when home in NY.  Support charities by giving money not ice buckets #spinabifida
  • #steelwool
  • PacNW or #nederland ? Perfect night to shred Ned w/ @wyattt__ #perfectdirt
  • From the top of Caribou. Perfect day for a bike ride & now a hike #Nederland
  • Another year another fastest lap (bit of a tie with Dan Timmerman...) #hc24  cc: @kaliprotectives
  • #lakester heading out for lap 2. The kids are crushing it #hc24
  • It's 10am and I'm finally done with all those laps (8) time to kick back with a hearty breakfast #hc24
  • #lakester getting some knucks from cousin Ollie after racing hard at #mtbnats
  • Day 2 of #bme. Hopefully this time I'll be doing a bit less 'course inspection'
  • Solid work by @kaliprotectives on that 2nd stage. Otherwise my face wouldn't be so pretty anymore. #thosetreesjumpout #bme
  • Another weekend of #endurolyfe keystone #bme. Time for a few practice runs
  • "Go West, young man, go West and grow up with the country."
  • #endurolyfe for days with @sammorrison010 @kaliprotectives @redaceorganics
  • Mostly what #endurolyfe really is about @deidreyork fixes a flat while @sammorrison010 @kanger_danger take a break on the 2nd run
  • Had another rad weekend riding lifts. So many runs with good friends. #endurolyfe
  • Getting ready to drop in for day 2 of #BME endurolyfe. Not a bad way to spend a birthday
  • @hey_ride I found my enduro socks from @theathletic #endurolyfe #bme
  • Not a bad way to spend the solstice. #dirtrules
  • There's no place I'd rather be than in the saddle following #lakester around #nederland
  • Swiss missed this trail for a while #dirtrules
  • Such a good day to get up in the high country to ride bicycles & visit the crew @9250
  • The (no one actually got coffee) coffee ride is the best
  • Aptly named Walker Ranch... Perfect day for a quick excursion above Boulder before the snow comes
  • Pretty soon #lakester will be giving me lessons. #shredder #dirtrules
  • Never miss a coffee ride.  Even @ #whiskey50
  • Not too bad of a way to kick of a Friday morning #dirtrules #coffeecruise
  • Today is officially cancelled.  Go ride your bike #ridelyfe #dirtrules
  • Perfect day to get out in the sun and show off @theathletic gear
  • Is there a trail more fun than Pumps, Berms & Rollers!? I haven't found one yet. Soo much fun everytime #trainingcamp #dirtrules
  • Day 2 of #imafascat #trainingcamp. Super fun on the kokopelli trails
  • Morning bliss at Betasso today. Was there an apocalypse I missed cause there wasn't a soul out there and that place is never empty #dirtrules #ridelyfe
  • BOOM! #Lakester cleaning the alchemist rocks after a few tries. I know a few pros who can't clean it. ???? #dirtrules
  • Hall ranch w/ #Lakester for some #springbreak. He smashed the frontside rock garden. Only walked away with one crash! #shredder
  • So much radness just showed up, my head is gonna explode. Thanks @krasniakjulie & @theathletic #cantstopwontstop
  • Fridays are perfect for a #coffeecruise
  • Lakester making lemonade out of lemons on the bike path & cleaning a section most people walk #dirtrules
  • Sun, shorts, sunshine canyons, spruce sweets. Perfect day for a fun spin in the hills
  • Morning spin in the warm sunshine w/ Lakester
  • Met @donnywarbritton & Jwilly for some snowbiking #beatsthetrainer
  • Perfect day for a warm evening spin #ilovefirehands #dirtrules I don't want to hear complaints from the texas crew that it was too warm!
  • Perfect day to roll outside after lunch. Who'd have known it snowed an inch last night!
  • What a difference a lap makes on the dirty biz #dirtrules
  • Headed up to Gold Hill w/ @sammorrison010 for some blueberry muffins. Little bit colder up there
  • Reminds me of all those cold days in the hollow w/ @mhanggi5 & @hawk650
  • Up up & away today to avoid the winds
  • Just a bike path break-in but I think I'm in love. I want to run away with her to the summer isles & ride forever #ridelyfe #275
  • Some fun in the afternoon with the #Lakester on the bike path #isitwinterorsummer
  • R.AD day on the bike with the usual suspects
  • @donnywarbritton getting some encouragement & a little rocky song action to help tap out the intervals
  • Teaching Lake the important details about being a pro bike rider #gottamakethecoffeestop
  • Lakester with some mad cross over skills, but we gotta work on the jump shot
  • Time to makes the trainings #newyearnewseason
  • Winter is coming. Another great day to get some before the snows come back #dirtrules
  • Couldn't ask for a better day in late December #flagstaff
  • Winter #smokebreak
  • Perfect #solstice ride with @donnywarbritton #dirtrules
  • You ever dance with the devil under a pale moonlight?
#favoritethings #dirtrules
  • Just a lil bit jealous of Lake & the babysitter tonight. They are rolling to the #Avalanche game (courtesy of @keithomundson) #goavsgo
  • Perfect day for some super walker #ridelyfe
  • Lakester doing some skills work on the mini Moab @ Marshall Mesa
  • Solid day on the fat tires #dirtrules #thankful
  • Old man winter nestled into Boulder for the weekend. Good news is he looks to be on vacay for turkey week
  • Back to the grind. There were a few glimpses of enjoyment on a road ride #2014
  • A bit frosty out there for the pre-ride. Most excellent course, so many roots #collnats #cucycling
  • #keithing
  • Raddest day ever #endurolife #collegiate
  • Well since #lizzygirl can't ride bikes anymore... Only one thing to do. #mightbeabadidea #onlyrunfrombearsusually
  • Could be doing worse things than taking lifts up to ride down #dirtrules #snowmass
  • Dropping in #dirtrules #snowmass
  • It's on like donkey kong. Let's do this! #breckepic @gearmovement
  • Load up kids, school is in session #Ned
  • Caribou-abandoned mining site. High above #ned
  • Fueling up for the bushwacking fun #ned ride w/ @gearmovement gang
  • Lakester shredding it at OCP & loving the woods #hardcore24 #shredder #eastcoast
  • OCP vista. Camera doesn't do it justice. Time for #hardcore24 preride
  • 'It's all nice, all nice on ice' #Roots #eastcoast #slickassnot
  • OCP looking down on the backside of Bristol Mt (right) #nofilter #favoriteride
  • Long and lonely farm roads #home #green #eastcoast #thickair
  • Somebody is proud of their accomplishment (Rode to amphitheater turn) 3.4 miles of uphill!!
  • Givin' er' up Flagstaff mountain #shredder
  • Conquering mountains ain't easy #shattered
  • Pulled out the first aid kit to make room for this big boy #priorities #ned #steel*wool
  • #shattered #keithing all day w @keithomundson. Was a hard 10k of vert
  • Super fun birthday ride on the sourdough w/ @brittanybikes
  • In the words of Tupa "you should just move here" #hellsyeah #nofilter #dirtrules #30daysofdirt
  • Bikes, beers & buds. #steel*wool
  • That's #soBoulder
  • Lakester rolling in the shadow of the flatirons #shredder
  • Taking a rest & eating some waffles #shredder
  • We should work 2 days and have 5 off. #weekends #outsideisfree #dirtrules
  • Could do this forever #dirtrules
  • Dropping bombs on boulder #b52 buzzing me as I finished up super-duper Walker
  • Heading over to that next ridge on the Switzerland trail & then into Ned #dirtrules #mega #colorado
  • The lost of things that top ripping singletrack is very small #dirtrules
  • Lake's first ride @ Betasso #summerschool #dirtrules
  • Lake getting after it @ CU #shorttrack
  • First ride bliss @orbeabicycles @gearmovement
  • Skinny minny & us exploring the new trails that opened out east yesterday #momsday
  • #biketoschool #singeltrack
  • Having more fun on the Singletrack in AZ #whiskey50
  • Team Bonding #whiskey50 @gearmovement
  • Getting my dirt fix in the desert #pueblo
  • 53 miles of ribbon single track today #neverstraight
  • Just another day in the winter wonderland
  • Fun on the #fruita trails post race w/ Bridget & Lakester
  • Snow in April? Headed home for some air #sealevel #paincave
  • Flagstaff mountain on a great sunny Sunday #nofilter
  • #dirtyDeids done dirt cheap. Great morning shred w/@sammorris0n & @thedeids
  • Can we ride the singletrack? #hellyeah
  • Bikes Bikes Bikes
  • Happy Easter
  • it's time to get to work
  • Keeping it easy with @keithomundson & @sammorris0n. #GoodFriday
  • #joewillienamath thanks @krasniakjulie for the new kicks
  • Trainer Party w/ @carsonchristen @keithomundson @frank0522 @donnywarbritton  Sam & Deids