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Gary Robbins

Gary Robbins

North Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Sometimes I run over mountains and into sunrises

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 80
  • 160
  • 240
  • 320
  • 400
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 18.5mi
  • 4h 30m
  • 8,023ft



Distance 1,830.9mi
Time 367h 21m
Elevation Gain 493,153ft
Runs 170


Total Distance 7,731.7mi
Total Time 1485h 4m
Total Elev Gain 1,857,421ft
Total Runs 714

Recent Photos

  • A love letter to my wife @lindabear78
  • After being down for four days with a stomach bug acquired in Mexico, it felt fantastic to get back to doing what I love today. Snuck in a few miles before flying to Spain at noon for #CSP 118km on Sat. 
#TrailRunning #trailporn #ExpandYourPlayground #salomonrunning #suuntoadventure
  • Perfectly timed arrival atop Fromme this morning as the clouds burned off for a photo opp. 
#TrailRunning #trailporn #ExpandYourPlayground #salomonrunning #mountains #fromme #clouds
  • Salomon #solefie from 13,000ft in the San Juans. 
#IHeartCo #IHeartHardrock #trailrunning #trailporn #Salomon #Suunto #mountains #ExpandYourPlayground #salomonrunning #Hardrock100 #hardrock
  • Rope is in and water levels are a wee bit higher than last year. This is with less than 2.5m to go in the counter clockwise #Hardrock100
  • Well it looks like my trail mile splits are about to get even slower :) #easilydistracted 
  • It wasn't my day at PenyagolosaTrails CSP118 today. Here's a brief recap of how it went down & why I'm actually proud of my effort today. 
#trailrunning #Ultrarunning #racereport #CSP #spain
  • #TBT to Nov 22nd @salomonrunning Skyrun in SA. Thanking the man, Michael de-Haast Haast, for his friendship & support which helped push me to a 2nd place finish in one of the hardest races I've ever run. 
#SouthAfrica #skyrun #100k
  • Beautiful morning in Tacoma before heading to Portland for Gorge 100k tomorrow.
  • Cool pic on my friend Steve's wall,  Alberto Salazar signed 1992 Honolulu Marathon poster. 
#Legend #AlbertoSalazar
  • The first views on the way up to La Balme this morning
  • Apparently I belong in the mountains or something, cause I seem to be glowing these days :)
  • Good morning sunshine
  • A cloudy morning gave way to a prefect afternoon
  • Nice to run up Grouse Mountain via Mountain Highway today as the window for running this terrain grows smaller by the day #BringTheSnow #ItchingToSkiTheLocalPeaks
  • Ran to Kawaguchi Asama Shrine earlier tonight. The rain certainly brings out the colours
  • Ran to Kawaguchi Asama Shrine to spend some time with a few 1200yr old, seven meter wide cedars. Our last miles last year went right through this shrine, and this year it'll be in our first few miles.
  • How did this become my life? 
They could take this show on the road.
  • Interview screengrabs of @garyrobbins  #lushlight #nofilter #skyrun 
#Repost from @stevenfreitagza
  • Team Canada slowly coming together. Surfer & skater still en route. Team captains always delegate stuff like blowing up inflatable roof racks :)
  • #Repost from @gregrday with @repostapp —

Team Canada ends up in 4th place. Taking the win in the final team run. What an incredible experience... Totally spent! @camarobreath @amriemadden @andrewlogreco @garyrobbins @rockymountainbicycles
  • My #salomonrunning #solefie from the weekend. My favorite shoes in a hot new colour. #SensePro What's your solefie? @salomon
  • In exactly 24hrs Run Ridge Run runners will be streaming past this lookout. Can you spot the CMTS Buckin' Hell start/finish area in this pic? We live in a very special place here on the coast.
  • Taco run officially initiated. Think pub crawl but running for tacos
  • Just a dude, chilling, in a park
  • The beach won out over the mountains today. We figured the mud can wait another 48 hours and decided on a plunge in the Caribbean instead.
  • Sainte Anne, Guadeloupe
  • Olfactory overload
  • One of these guys has won Marathon des Sables 10 times and one grew up in Newfoundland. Three guess and the first two don't count.
  • Psychedelic Spiders
  • 24 hours till Survival of the Fittest starts, and look who came out to play #SunshineAndMountains
  • Survival of the Fittest is primed, flagged & ready for action! Now we get to enjoy refueling at the Quest cafeteria which is conveniently located right at our start/finish line. Gluten free options, great prices and delicious food. See you bright and early tomorrow!
  • Start/finish of #UTMF 
It's good to be back
  • I've been out-bearded. So close to making it through Italy before being shown up :) #LimoneSulGarda @salomonrunning
  • Italian post run recovery, a frigid dip, delicious gelato & a cold beer #LimoneSulGarda @salomonrunning
  • Run up the mountain, drink grappa, mulled wine and stuff your stomach full of delicious food. Then cross your fingers and hope for the best on the run back down. These Italians have this mountain running shit dialed! #LimoneSulGarda @salomonrunning
  • Philipp enjoying the views down over #LimoneSulGarda this morning @salomonrunning
  • We were all a bit wonky after starting our day with a 1400m ascent  #LimoneSulGarda @salomonrunning
  • Officially the fastest @sfrunco hat to ever see the trails #LimoneSulGarda @salomonrunning
  • My feet have officially been added to the @salomonrunning custom mold collection #LimoneSulGarda
  • Target acquired, eat and destroy #LimoneSulGarda @salomonrunning
  • A funny cartoon from Advanced Week via @salomonrunning #LimoneSulGarda
  • Welcome to Milan shake out run. Run from the airport to grab a nap in a park while awaiting the rest of the @salomonrunning North American crew to arrive
  • Glad everyone had fun out there on our #SQ50 orientation run today! The Cap Crusher course is almost fully flagged and this guy will sleep well tonight...for a few hours at least
#Repost from @gemmaslaughter with @repostapp
  • Oilers WIN in Van City! Canucks fan buys me a beer! Beard power! Thanks Ken Legg for treating me to my first Oilers victory in Van, I'm now 1 - 5 but envision this righting itself rather quickly over the coming seasons. Go Oilers!
  • Hurt today so that it doesn't HURT tomorrow. Bomber training day to finish off a 95m 32,000ft +&- week of running. 4 x BCMC to Skyline loop.
  • Best run date day of the year so far :)
  • Oh Hawaiian sun, sand and beaches where are you now? #FirstSnow #ShockToTheSystem
  • Tools of the trade helping guide me through ~100km of fancy footwork / course managing the Spartan races at Sun Peaks this weekend. 2,000 competitors and zero course issues = time for my first beer
  • Decent views atop Edge Peak this morning
  • Longest run in two months this morning while looping through Hanes Valley with Mike Murphy. Beautiful day to be in the mountains!
  • Wedgemont Lake with the end goal of hopefully summiting Wedge Mountain today #BachelorParty
  • Just shy of the top of Parkhurst. So far so good #BachelorParty
  • Top of Parkhurst Mountain. Only 2000 vertical feet left to go to the top of Wedge
  • How we plan to cool our drinks later :)
  • Day before race day festivities #Chamonix
  • I could get used to this
  • I may or may not have added one of over 30 varieties of mushroom to my drop bags :)
  • Swiss sausage party
  • Driving detour down into Martigny (left) for lunch, where we happened across a once a year market with over 100 vendors. Made for a fun afternoon.
  • Descending off the Col De Balme into the abyss below, which eventually presented itself as Trient.
  • Even on a cloudy day running on the Swiss side of the UTMB course did not disappoint
  • View from Catogne this morning. This sheep farmer is undoubtedly a hard man to etch out a living all by himself on a mountain pass like this
  • Team red tackling another mountain pass this morning
  • View down valley towards Chamonix from Delevret this morning
  • As anyone who's been here before can certainly attest to, the weather in these mountains changes in a heartbeat. A beautiful morning followed by thunder and lightning in the afternoon. Thankfully this was forecast and is supposed to pass by the end of the weekend. Long range is still calling for a nice race weekend. Fingers crossed.
  • It was evident on our climb up to Delevret this morning that we had some weather rolling in on us for the afternoon
  • Saw a guy jump into this on his tighty whiteys today. 50% impressed - 50% wish I could forget the show
  • Sneaking my furry mug into a beautiful mountain shot today
  • View from the hotel pool deck is pretty not bad :)
  • Speechless every time
  • Incredible summit views on Capilano Mountain today
  • Brunswick Lake emergency shelter like a beacon in the mist this morning
  • The blues in the lakes can be surreal, especially on cloud covered day like today
  • Start of my day. Porteau Cove to Lion's Bay via Howe Sound Crest Trail. 13m / 6200ft :)
  • Mount Hood smiling at us from the opposite direction
  • Mount Adams peering through the clouds at us this morning
  • Hood and Adams on a beautiful morning in Oregon
  • 1st place, CR & the coolest trophy! Sophia & Joel's matrimonial 5 miler. I laid the boots to the groom and out sprinted him at the line #TakeNoPrisoners #WinAtAllCosts :)
  • Mount Seymour is amazing
  • How do I feel this morning? #DeerInHeadLights #Selfie
  • Saint Marks Summit is definitely one of my favorite local vantage points
  • More fun with clouds today
  • An above average start to the day :)
  • Squamish 50 course signage day. Couldn't have asked for a better day in the mountains
  • Eagle Bluffs - Black Mountain - Knee Knacker course
  • Glissading is fun!
  • A fun day in Whistler so far
  • Course flagging has never been so fun. A worthwhile detour into the Test Of Metal mountain bike race feed (drinking) zone :)
  • It was an unexpected winter wonderland out there this morning with a surprisingly low snow line
  • Just around the corner from the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge this morning
  • I even tried out for a job at #Famoso but I thought we were making donuts and I subsequently failed the grand finale #HoleyPizza
  • Breaking trail up Mountain Highway tonight with Linda and the dogs was interesting. Wee bit o snow has fallen
  • Merry Christmas to me!! #BestRunEver
  • That was fun!
  • Not a bad week considering so much of it was on snowshoes & microspikes. Just a few weeks of HURT 100 training left to go!
  • Merry Christmas from beautiful North Vancouver, BC. I hope Santa is good to you tonight!
  • Had fun showing Linda some new roots today, though I think she meant new routes
  • Getting up above the city on our penultimate day on the Hawaiian trails
  • On trail till 5:40pm without headlamps makes for happy runners
  • Even the trees were smiling at us out there today
  • Playing in the fog/clouds on BCMC today
  • This always kills me. What is it with people and The Grouse Grind? Massive red "Danger/Closed For Winter" sign and people just stream past it all day long like it doesn't apply to them. 
Search and Rescue love getting calls from people like this when something goes wrong.
Meanwhile on the BCMC it's rainbows and butterflies and dolphins and gluten free cake... and the trail is actually open during the winter!
(not that I  want more people on BCMC but c'mon, you're not above local trail closures)
  • Not much for views on Dam Mountain today so we had to resort to the selfie.
  • Consumed by our run today
  • Well done Hammer, well done. No dairy, no soy, no gluten, me likey
  • Where's Fido?
  • A windy but beautiful run along The Spirit Trail and West Van seawall today
  • Spent some time in the green room working on my fitness today
  • Green room too
  • Playing in the snow covered trees today on Dam Mountain
  • Sometimes if you wanna get high, ya gotta play around with the white stuff.
27min descent from Dam Mountain to Grouse parking lot today, whoop whoop
  • Sometimes in a slightly different light, you end up seeing things in a completely different way
  • With near 100mm of rain over the last few days, I got to test out the drainage & venting capacity of my Salomon Sense Mantras on the trails today
  • The agony of defeat. After a late night of drinking with the girls Linda fails to solve the complexities of "The Hoody"
  • Got a little too excited by the sunshine today. Whaddaya mean there's still snow on the high trails! My knees are scratched up from stubborn persistence at wanting to climb higher and post holing continuously. Snowshoes woulda been smrt
  • A decent day to be out on the #Chuckanut trails #ThatDidNotSuck
  • Frosty The Snowman's long lost Vancouver based cousin Lumpy The Rockman #ConstrustionSiteHumour
  • Not a bad day for a run across some bridges
  • A beautiful day to run in the rain
  • Welcome to Hell (for your lungs & legs) The Buckin' Hell trail race awaits. 05-18. Mt Seymour. North Vancouver, BC
  • Happy Saint Paddy's Day! Who knows where we are & who's joining us here for a badass 50k next month?
  • Course flagging completed at sundown. We've got a special treat in store for those hardy runners lining up for The Cap Crusher tomorrow. We'll see you bright and early!
  • Just got unexpectedly congratulated for our engagement, moving in together, and winning HURT in one lump sum of awesomeness! The endorphins after our run together this morning must have been pumping pretty hard to throw down for a delicious spread like this :)
  • Views from atop Dam Mountain always for an incredible start to the day. @campbelladam79
  • Always nice to have to have someone to share the suffering, and eventual vantage point with
  • An inverted look at Vancouver's Coal Harbour reflecting off the water yesterday morning
  • My favorite spot, for introspective thought
  • A nice run detour at Lake Padden en route to Everett today.
  • 1st run in Japan! A bit of a wet & wild day but thankfully forecast is for dramatically improving weather up till race day. If today's weather held till race day it'd be like UTMB 2012 suffer style out there this weekend.
  • Julien & @campbelladam79 are immortalized at the @Salomon_running store in Tokyo
  • Violin in the park during our run yesterday
  • I want these as my next skis!
  • Meiji Shrine. Dedicated to divine souls of Emperor Meiji & his consort Empress Shoken
  • Shibuya scramble crossing.
  • I was very happy to get a chance to check out the @Salomon_running store in Tokyo & meet manager Kosuke Onozuka
  • Yes, I paid to do this #CatCafe with @lindabear78
  • Meiji Shrine
  • Fun little spin out the legs run on the trails around Yokosuka
  • Shrine at a trailhead in Yokosuka on today's run
  • Last trail run in Yokosuka before heading to Kawaguchi-ko tomorrow morning. I'm excited to meet most of my Salomon teammates for the first time, and of course to line up for 100 miles on Friday at 3pm!
  • Wee bit-o-snow left to melt off the top of Old Buck / Cabin Trail on Seymour
  • Spotted on Buckin' Hell course scout today, beautiful scenery #Baker #MtBaker
  • Mt. Baker from Buckin' Hell course today
  • Linda's backpack was chafing her yet again today. Time to switch brands and get something lighter me thinks
  • Stairway to heaven