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Alan Garvick

Alan Garvick

Boone, NC
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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 150
  • 300
  • 450
  • 600
  • 750
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 52.4mi
  • 11h 13m
  • 4,977ft

Recent Achievements

  • 9th overall on Rocky Knob Full Loop via PBJ
  • PR on 2015 Rocky Knob Super D
  • PR on RKMBP Boat-Middle-Rocky DH


Distance 4,270.9mi
Time 335h 30m
Elevation Gain 335,417ft
Rides 195


Total Distance 10,532.1mi
Total Time 721h 38m
Total Elev Gain 683,527ft
Total Rides 387

Recent Photos

  • TWO WHEEL SURFIN BRAH. #leafsurfing #mtb #rkp #rockyknob #fall #basic
  • @sarahjanemac926 been working on dem wheelie skillz. #mtb #wheelie #rad
  • Absolutely blasted after a day of riding RKP in town with @sarahjanemac926 then heading out and dropping into the forest down the 'hole. Putting in work on Labor Day!
  • Rocky Knob, you look so good in the early morning light. Once again eating cobwebs but this time @jacob3richard was helping me ingest some of them. #earlytobedearlytoshred #mountainbike #mtb
  • The Blue Ridge: ????
  • Maiden voyage aboard the TCX Advanced #inthewoods. This thing slays single track unlike any drop bar bike I've ever ridden. #giant #ridelife #crossiscoming #mycrossbikecame
  • #tbt to the time this #baller bombed @sarahjanemac926's photo of #lombardstreet on a rad BMC with baggies, flats, and no shirt. #chiller status.
  • Porch vibes with the fam. Five minutes later came the torrential downpour so we were forced to sit under the awning and watch the rain. #chillestday #emmathebordercollie
  • #shittiestrideever? #santacruz
  • Apparently I run more than ride now?
  • 19deg at the start of this morning's ride but luckily my @origin8cycling is so ????I was able to stay nice and warm. ????
  • The mountain bike is calling and I must go.
  • Test day. Few things are scarier.
  • Coffee and the love of my life were certainly the best possible way to kick my Saturday off with. #emmathebordercollie aka #thepassionpup
  • Great day for a schralp.
  • "Make a funny face... Dangit Emma you look too serious." #emmathebordercollie #passionpup
  • Down by the riiiiivvverrrrr, I shot my @origin8cycling. When down east, gotta cruise the waterfront.
  • @sarahjanemac926 crushing the last little bit of broken pavé before topping out on the mythical Locustberg.
  • Rocky Knob why you gotta bite so hard? Thankful @sarahjanemac926 came to my rescue after blasting this with CO2, riding hoping it would seal up, stopping to put a tube in and realizing my CO2 had flown out of my pocket somewhere. ????????
  • Rode to NASA with @byronrice today. Okay, okay, it wasn't NASA but it was the ASU Dark Sky Observatory. Pretty cool.
  • Hot Tam! Can't leave California without at least a little sample of the singletrack! #tamarancho #mtb
  • No samplin' of singletrack would be complete without a follow-up samplin' of some locally brewed beverages. #beer #ironsprings
  • #techtuesdays... well at least for me. I've ridden this section many a time now so it's not really challenging anymore but it feels pretty steep in person!
  • And thus it began. 4am up Profile to McRae to catch the sunrise with @brfreyerisbanned!
  • Top of Profile in the dark. #grandfathermountain #828isgreat #boone
  • Made it to the top just in time. #grandfathermountain #828isgreat  #boone
  • We up here y'all. Who says Mondays suck? #828isgreat #boone #grandfathermountain
  • Ladders on ladders on ladders... on boulders. #828isgreat #grandfathermountain #boone
  • Should we be wearing helmets for this? #boone #828isgreat #grandfathermountain
  • Drug the fiancé on my 4.5hr Tour de Boone dirt ride today. She crushed it smiling, she gets to keep the ring.
  • Oreos, openers, and a view. Oh yeah, and @origin8cycling!
  • 23 and gold pins. This might be too bling for even me.
  • Bike practice with @borntorideinthegutter was passionate today.
  • So much passion.
  • Happy birthday to my brother @snakpakkinzer. We might as well be real brothers as I love this kid and his whole family like they are my own. Also, happy birthday (yesterday) to the old diesel (Tom Hewitt, dad) and @jstippins (Julian, the otha brotha, tomorrow). How the universe made y'all's birthdays back to back to back I will never understand.
  • Afternoon coffee. Important ritual, or, the most important ritual? Especially pre-ride.
  • #outsideispee
  • Long shadows and long roads on long(ish) rides.
  • No ride down east is complete without the famous #downtownbrown.
  • For how boring New Bern trails are on a MTB, they are every bit as rad on a CX bike. #cycling #cx #cyclocross #crux #specialized #easternc #chartreuse #bikes #GetOutdoors #OutSideIsFree
  • It all started out so bright and sunny.
  • As we cruised Flannery fork to Thunderhole we had little idea what was in store.
  • Not long after dropping in to a very wet, very slippery, very terrifying Thunderhole we lost a man to the rocks. @csrtaeiwgart was a brave soul, maybe a little too brave. Shoutout to @fetushoward for coming to he rescue to take Craig to the hospital.
  • After some sketchiness and hike-a-bike sections on Thunderhole we got to China Creek and took in some more manageable single track and sweet creek crossings.
  • China took us to Globe rd, some other gravel roads, then finally to Woodruff Ridge where a fork in the trail required a quick check of the map.
  • Woodruff was steep and wet but parts made it totally worth the dying legs.
  • After Woodruff there was gravel road to Schoolhouse Ridge which was awesome and fun but at parts unrideable (for @thrifty_gene  and I at least). #gnar
  • Schoolhouse ridge, you kind of scared me at parts. #hikeabike
  • Schoolhouse spit us out near Mortimer where we enjoyed a much needed store stop.
  • From Mortimer it was just back up up up the mountain on gravel.
  • We stopped in Gragg to take in this awesome sign and realize how many miles we had left.
  • Pilot Ridge was steep. Thanks @milesc_hubbard. You did warn us though.
  • Pilot spit us out on 221 which we took back to Flannery and Winkler's Creek back to town. Never have I ever been so happy to see this stretch of road. Almost home.
  • Post-ride chilleur buddy.
  • After a nice and hard 5 hours with the @highcountrydevo boys all I wanted was to sit on the porch and sip on a Coke. Unfortunately, by the time I sat down the Coke was gone. #coke #cocacola #recoverybro #mybikehurtmetoday #
  • Whenever I go for a little brappp in my ol' Atomic Cycle's bibs it puts a smile on my face. Miss the shop and my bike family!
  • A little post-work relaxing on campus. #mondaysarerecoverydays
  • The inner nerd in me was geeking out that I got to race my bike around the NC Research Campus tonight. #racecation #crossroads
  • Pedal pedal pedal.
  • Such a big smile on my face from my #newbikeday with my new @origin8cycling frame. Sick!
  • Got some new training tires per the recommendation of @ryanfjackson. Naturally had to put them to the test in a #roadbikesoffroad situation.
  • Always fun to come home and get out on a Sunday cruise with the ol' diesel. This is the guy I have to thank quite a bit for sparking my interest in road cycling.
  • @sarahjanemac926 keeps her "pinkies out" even when riding.
  • Never a bad day to finish a ride at the beach and work on fading the tan a little.
  • Damnit Peabody's, all I wanted to do was have a nice easy ride home from work but your magnetism was too great to overcome. #drinkgoodbeer #peabodysboone
  • Sometimes being a personal trainer and having appreciative clients has its perks.
  • Positive Reinforcement.
  • In a constant gravel daze.
  • Butterfly tryna shred.
  • Not a bad view at the end of some intervals!
  • Had a nice ride with some good climbing today with @way2finish and @thrifty_gene.
  • Visiting the top secret @highcountrydevo headquarters on today's ride.
  • Choice recovery drink whilst uploading. ????
  • Had these babies 9 years today.
  • In Cholula I trust.
  • Yo @joshbike4605 you missed out on some crucial cobble crushing yesterday.
  • Lines 'n stuff.
  • On a short ride to Blowing Rock two days ago. Descending back to Boone and under those clouds brought cold rain and frozen digits.
  • My bike says to come ride but this cup of coffee says to stay cozy and warm with it.
  • Post-ride puppy love.
  • Not a food photo guy usually but family fish taco night was pretty on point.
  • Cinnamon cubano time.
  • Who throws an iPad out the window?
  • Fuhhh.
  • Lots of this today. Yaaawn.
  • Damn, I'm sexy. @highcountrydevo Poster boy #selfie. #tired #grumpy #getoffmylawnyadamnkids
  • Ride bikes, drink Coke, admire mountains.
  • Edgemont Strikes Back. I managed to have a stupid front tire slippin' uphill (slow) topple and Sean got three flats. On the upside @milesc_hubbard was crushing for haven ridden 100+ miles with lots of vert yesterday. #gravel #isuckedtoday #earlybonk #idontbonkoften #what #beertime
  • Smallest bottle of Pellegrino I ever did see. Shown next to semi for reference.
  • Best use for the keurig in our room: heating water for the French Press #freshpot #keurig
  • I like bridges, I like Boston. I like Bridges in Boston.
  • Farewell Boston Park Plaza. You were kind of cool. #boston
  • Riding a bike path that goes all the way from Brewster to Manhattan with @brfreyerisbanned. What!
  • Blue steel ice coffee #selfie
  • @brfreyerisbanned ready to race!
  • Actias Luna straight chilling. #lunamoth
  • I'm fairly convinced I rode through a magical forest today. #bikes #cycling
  • Post-work, pre-ride shots. I don't know if I could even make it home without this right now. #tired #igetbywithalittlehelpfrommyfriends