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Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Alpine, CA
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Matt Smith is a cyclist from Alpine, CA. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 90
  • 180
  • 270
  • 360
  • 450
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 24.7mi
  • 2h 59m
  • 3,304ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Ishibashi Upper
  • PR on Ishibashi Descent
  • PR on BLT Rock N Rolling
  • PR on Los Gatos Sprint Finish


Distance 1,804.7mi
Time 172h 24m
Elevation Gain 173,107ft
Rides 98


Total Distance 12,323.6mi
Total Time 915h 48m
Total Elev Gain 919,780ft
Total Rides 558

Recent Photos

  • Nocturnal cross practice, because there is no reason to NOT shred poorly-lit softball fields. I can't wait to score my new #grimes.  #lovewins #bidonsnotbottles #crossiscoming @francobikes @bidonsnotbottles
  • First night ride since two thousand and ten, first flat since who knows when?
  • Almost swam out to the lineup with the sunset surfers. Almost.
  • Went out and bought trail runners. I'm not sure why. Maybe because it's like mountain biking?
  • 2/2 on seeing deer whilst ascending Engineers From Boulder Creek. 0/2 on seeing anything that hunts said deer.
  • PV marine layer with my lady. @itsabikeshop
  • Shelled. Smashed. Knackered. Whatever. Hot day, no shade, and lots of climbing made it a rough day for @nickym728 and I.
  • Went mountain bike riding with 3/8 of the Boggs Crew. The Vision Quest route is no joke. @mikeclodfelter @dfindley87
  • #bendyspokes #bhbikes @nickym728 and I training for Boggs 9. @bikemonkey #raisethepines
  • #hollywood and #cows in #japatulvalley. #moo.
  • Though a failed ride, it was amazing on #bouldercreek heading out on my #gravelgrinder. This was a beautiful shot not far before the climb up Engineers.
  • And this is where the ride ends. 50 miles. 7k feet of climbing, and a produce stand near Descanso.
  • Getting dark. #chasingthesunsethome
  • Made it here a little later than I would have like. #chasingthesunsethome
  • More trails that I'll never ride. #fwadaloop #andersontrucktrail #ATT #40footgaps #nothankyou
  • Viejas Grade #gravelgrinding with the coolest chick on the planet. A little bit of rain, 40mph descents and numb-noses made for another memorable spin in the hills of Alpine.
  • #charging sandy #ascents with @nickym728  #dirtroads all day.
  • #catalina lurks. #murdasaurus don't care. Get the intervals in. Then relax.
  • Is this the #end of the #dangerranger ? Here?  In an alley by deserted train tracks in south Redwood City? Such a nice, awesome mechanic. Instantly honest, but the diagnosis stings.
  • #cityriding
  • Take your bike. Ride it to a bar. Repeat. #sanfrancisco
  • City riding!!! Crit training in skinny jeans!  Boom!  #sanfrancisco
  • ¡Calle Nada! #nadaenchilada @girl_alex_21
  • Posted up. Listening to British dudes talk about Ireland in Calabasas. Cracking good time. Iced coffee, black.
  • The murdasaurus ate Piuma. The pilot, on the other hand, has decided to audition for the Walking Dead. "Beyond the Grey Sky." First one to name that band gets a hug!!!!!
  • Have a safe, happy, healthy ride, Matt!  Thanks Bob!!! #bobsredmill
  • #goats goats! GOATS!!! But from where did they arrive?? And for what reason are they present?  Top of the switchbacks by Marymount college.
  • Talk about having all the bases covered!! #paleo be damned, this stuff makes you go fast!
  • Forced myself out for 3k feet of afternoon climbing. Fun on the #caad10 with #bendyspokes
  • Goooood morning!! #newpierride #caad10 #bobsredmill #fueledbyoats #stopclubbinbabyseals
  • Good morning #newpierride
  • Kellen got a bit more than he bargained for after we missed our trail turn off lol @jeanettekirby
  • I spy #banananut.
  • It's laundry day. No #bigorangecycling kit to be found so its time to rep the alma mater. #theshowsdsu #sdsuaztecs #goaztecs
  • #bobsredmill #nofilter #caad10 #sickwhatlifestyle
  • The Valley of Blossom. Or something.
  • Warning: excessive beer, rye, cheese, bread and pork consumption in Chicago does not improve your fitness. But the coffee was good. #intelligentsiacoffee #spyoptics
  • The road goes and goes and goes. #threshold #caad10 #bigorange #sickwhatlifestyle
  • 53 miles before 9 am on a Tuesday? It must be spring break. Looking out to Palos Verdes from Redondo. #newpierride
  • #friendship
  • Apparently, this is a big ass type of fig tree. Ficus?  Who knew you'd run into a random tree expert after threshold intervals?
  • For America: a Native America drinkin' Pepsi de Mexico.
  • Late night recovery. Not my job, but a worthwhile pursuit, nonetheless. And I make no appy-polly-loggies to thee or thine for that. #sfh #leonesscellars #aclockworkorange
  • Cat.4 Crit Racing: because in order to turn right, you must first make an abrupt left. Two-person breakaway for two FULL laps. Unfortunately, I still need the horsepower to stay ip for the last two. #trainwithgrain #bobsredmill #critracing
  • Crit bangin!
  • Moooosies!
  • Lawson Valley Road
  • Pretty much amazing. Cool view on the rainy climb up to Anderson. #nofilter
  • #cockpit #pivotcycles #mach429
  • #bobsredmill #trainwithgrain #spookybikes #happynewyear
  • Mmmmmmmm
  • Going up!
  • Low thirties, 6000 feet above the ocean.  We're even looking down on the observatory
  • #pivotcycles #climbinglegs
  • It's a great day to be Hi-Viz!!
  • Cotton balls
  • Catalina is lurking. #caad10