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Ⓥ :) I have Exercise-Induced Asthma; however, I do not let my Asthma be an excuse! I continuously push myself beyond my own perceived limitations. And...if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! My Husband had been suggesting for a long time that I get a bike. Got my first road bike on March 7, 2015. We went for my ride the next day.  So, that's where my journey began. March 8th will always be special to me! 💕 Of course, my goal was to spend more time with my Hubby on weekends. Every chance he got, HE WAS ON THAT BIKE!  I just couldn't understand it.  Well, until I started riding that is!  YEP, I'M HOOKED TOO! Seriously, what's not to love??? The best part of it all is that my Hubby and I are spending lots of great time together and we're having a blast!  Life is a Wonderful Gift!!! _______________________ 2017, June 14th: A New Adventure and Challenge: I crashed by MTB while descending on an 11% grade, asphalt road at 39.6 mph! I knocked myself out for over 7 minutes suffering a concussion and I fractured 5 bones (3 in my pelvis, 1 in my right hip and 1 in my L5 vertebrae). Spent 5 days in the hospital. 2017, September 1st: A front tire blowout! UGH! Not another crash! Yup! This time I had been on the bike for 10 days, after Doc said all bones were healed. Unfortunately, the MTB I thought was repaired by my mechanic was not fully repaired. The front tire had bead damage from my first crash and damage was not evident to the naked eye. To make matters a worse, my new mechanic informed me that the previous shop I bought the tires from were running my tubeless bike on tires that were not rated for tubeless. Say what?!?!?!?!? The blowout smacked me down onto my previously fractured right side. The ribs took most of the impact and they were bruised. One of my previous pelvic fractures showed up as now not healed too. Ugh! I also got quite a lot more beautiful road rash. :) Doc said another 6 weeks off the bike. NOOOOOOOOO!!! :( 2017, September 24th Update: Three weeks after the blowout and I'm happy to report that I'm back on the bike! Yay! I'm so grateful! Thank you to all of you for the wonderful support! You've helped keep me in good spirits and focused on the ultimate goal to ride again! I am healing faster because of all of your Awesome Support! I appreciate YOU! Thanks again! - M

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Monthly Activity Distance

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  • 90
  • 180
  • 270
  • 360
  • 450
Jun 2017
Jan 2018

Current Month

  • 16.6mi
  • 1h 31m
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Distance 1,254.0mi
Time 117h 25m
Elevation Gain 87,356ft
Rides 86


Total Distance 5,455.5mi
Total Time 496h 29m
Total Elev Gain 321,778ft
Total Rides 325