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Jayson Jacobs

Jayson Jacobs

Boulder, Colorado
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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 210
  • 420
  • 630
  • 840
  • 1050
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 41.5mi
  • 3h 43m
  • 5,157ft

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd fastest time on Melvina Hill Rd Climb
  • 3rd fastest time on Four Mile Canyon Pavement-Downs
  • 3rd fastest time on Fourmile U-turn Kicker
  • 3rd fastest time on Poorman to Gold Run intersection


Distance 6,647.9mi
Time 435h 6m
Elevation Gain 381,152ft
Rides 265


Total Distance 30,525.8mi
Total Time 1859h 33m
Total Elev Gain 1,503,957ft
Total Rides 1016

Recent Photos

  • Sunday dirt roads with @saidchelsea
  • CX skills this morning. #crossiscoming
  • Sunset last night.
  • I'm so bad at this.
  • I looked up after only being able to look at my wheel for about 40 mins and "holy shit."
  • Good morning Rocky Mountains.
  • Really looking forward to this. #flatirons
  • That kind of day. ????????????????
  • River road
  • Field testing some of the @castellicycling wet weather gear.
  • Post-race endurance ride. aka the after party.
  • Wet out there today.
  • Not the smartest thing I've ever done. But what's the point in having an adventure bike if you just stick to the road?
  • Speedy recovery to @photorhetoric & his bike.
  • Race time! @centuryroadclub
  • Champion of the universe! ..or maybe just Floyd Bennett Field. ???? @jamesnord
  • Needed this.
  • Team ride!
  • v nice ride today with @jamesnord
  • Turned out to be a decent day.
  • No one's been here in a while.
  • Tree explosion.
  • ????
  • One of the reasons I wake up to ride my bike before sunrise.
  • Hangin in the woods.
  • New York isn't big on transitional seasons. Feels like winter out there this morning.
  • Autumnal swoon.
  • Piermont, NY.
  • A hidden gem on today's ride.
  • Solid ride with the @rapharacing NYC crew today.
  • Gorgeous day to be on the bike.
  • Build-a-burger scenarios with @johnnyjhsu
  • And just like that, it's fall.
  • Son of Sam Temple, Untermyer Gardens, Greystone Estate
  • Off-road season!
  • Stuck.
  • Quicksand.
  • Good morning for some mount/dismount practice in the park. #cx
  • @angelocalilap goofing off.
  • Full rack.
  • Coffee & donuts around @khouse79's national champ jersey. @raphacycleclub
  • Solo ride today.
  • Pro race recovery.
  • The start of #GMSR Stage 3.
  • It's going to be a long day. Starting off strong.
  • Good morning, Central Park.
  • #newbikeday!
  • Morning view from the tent.
  • Hunting with @deuxnorth.
  • Good morning, New York.
  • Rainy out there.
  • One of the best things about early morning park races is that you're done before most people are awake. Empty streets.
  • Those new @yonderjournal bottles keeping me hydrated in this mornings race in Central Park. #goyonder
  • Anyone need some derailleur parts?
  • Black Rock Cove
  • On the shores of Lake Superior.
  • Michigan, I am in you!
  • Favorite.
  • #GoingUp!
  • Found some dirt.
  • Definitely needed this.
  • Looking up!
  • The newest member of the NYC bike world! @saidchelsea
  • Hanging with some local wildlife.
  • Sunrise.
  • Riverton Crit P/1/2 podium.
  • Favorite part of the ride.
  • Grabbed some miles in the fog this morning with @jamesnord & @evanacooper.
  • In the clouds this morning.
  • Good morning NYC
  • @chrispino's working on his tan.
  • Bodega bike
  • Lap around the lake.
  • This mornings commute.
  • New shoes on the whip. @envecomposites
  • Baby conchs!
  • From the beach this morning. #GoPro #underwater
  • Hello New York!
  • This coastline is so amazing!
  • Hello awesome green fish. You are very big.
  • Unfinished church.
  • Spelunking anyone?
  • Found this hidden cove today!
  • Making friends with the locals. @saidchelsea
  • Currently. These big blue fish are swimming right underneath me.
  • This island is covered in succulents.
  • More beach ruins.
  • At the top!
  • Definitely broken. Thanks for all of the notes and get well wished everyone!
  • Another gorgeous day in @Greenville_SC. Rolling out on the #SwampRabbit for a couple mi. @greenville
  • I'm just gonna roll along the continental divide for a few mins.
  • View from Caesar's Head! Dope!
  • Hunting out those hidden places. @deuxnorth
  • @the_ds tearing up the mic on his birthday last night.
  • Dude's got some style. @jamesnord
  • Rolling through the woods
  • Found a bike in the trash this morning.
  • Today's view. Winter is held off for one more day..
  • Morning commute.
  • Hop on.
  • Hmm.. What to ride..
  • Half way
  • Nice to get out of the city. @jamesnord  @dylannord
  • Old school ride.
  • Central Park sunrise
  • Morning ride.
  • Shorts in January!?
  • Brooklyn in Paris
  • Getting some miles in.
  • Just watch, it gets bigger. #thatswhatshesaid
  • Morning ride. So cold.
  • Ok Wednesday. Let's go.
  • A little bit of snow on the road this morning.
  • Take a bite.
  • It's pretty wet out here.
  • @eriklavoie braving the snow.
  • @jrbk sporting proper eyewear today.
  • @eriklavoie out in front.
  • Under construction. #WTC
  • Lower Manhattan.
  • Huge new eyewear options from @oakley
  • Get your miles in.
  • Blackberries!
  • Filthy bike.
  • @jamesnord's helmet hair.
  • Theres no way I can wear these on the street. Bike only.
  • Some new things in the cockpit this morning.
  • #SRAMred
  • Bike pile.
  • The new race win pose. #superman
  • @jamesnord vetting new race positions ahead of next weekend #aero
  • Ah, yes, thanks for letting me know what this is.
  • These things freak me out.
  • Friday commute.
  • New carbon.
  • Race registration.
  • Blurry racers.
  • Wet race
  • Got those miles in this morning. #showmeyourbike
  • @jrbk @eriklavoie @sneakerchimp basking in the sunrise this morning.
  • Sunrise in NJ.
  • Manhattan from afar. #nofilter
  • Love this jersey.
  • Much needed bacon & eggs this morning.
  • Manhattan from Bear Mtn
  • Shadows
  • @eriklavoie & @sneakerchimp getting some climbing in.
  • Grant's Tomb Crit
  • Pre dawn meet up.
  • Dirty legs.
  • Flat!
  • Pre-sunrise. Already in Jersey.
  • @eriklavoie & @jamesnord headed to the starting line.
  • Amazing fog this morning.
  • @kadisco on his @CinelliUSA this morning preparing for the @RedHookCrit
  • Spring in Brooklyn
  • New @nycvelo kit is pretty nice.
  • @jamesnord takes himself way too seriously.
  • I almost didn't realize how good I was looking on the bike this morning.
  • This is trouble. These things are all over the office.
  • Shadows. #nofilter
  • Life is a balancing act.
  • Just rolling along.
  • Grill status.
  • Hi viz
  • Salvation.
  • Morning ride with @eriklavoie @jamesnord @krluna @hanstrimble @todd_royal & @sneakerchimp
  • Well that didn't take long.
  • Race time
  • Morning ride.
  • Happy Mother's Day @helpme_ronda!
  • Little bro lookin #pro @onepunchkilla
  • Road grime.
  • @jamesnord isn't the only one with good hair.
  • Race time. Spot the @jamesnord
  • Posting up, post-race.
  • Last park race of the season! @waffleracing
  • Snowy ascent up Bear Mountain this morning with @rollingmike
  • View from the top!
  • New cockpit! Special thanks to @saidchelsea & @0nepunchkilla
  • Ran into @roger_parmelee and the guys from @teamsixcycle on the road today.
  • The beard. Evolution's face mask.
  • Winter tire game.
  • Cold miles with the @rapharacing NYC crew. @rollingmike @jamesnord @the_ds @richbravo @bikespassoni @mattseaton
  • Foggy, cold ride today with @andrew_mahon & @abbey__normal
  • Took an easy spin through the fog today with Hott Sam.
  • 27 degrees this morning. So cold there was ice in my beard.
  • Nice day in Central Park.
  • Frozen lake!
  • Fresh off the plane from Paris. @jamesnord knows I've got a bit of a sweet tooth.
  • Not the best conditions for riding a bike.
  • Best Valentine's ever! Thank you @saidchelsea!
  • Packed showing, but the beer to people ratio was still good. @novh @liamgaws
  • A little wind in the sails today. Unfortunately, not blowing the right direction.
  • Climbing Bear Mtn with @dylannord.