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Johnny O'Mara_1888BAGHOUSE.COM

Johnny O'Mara_1888BAGHOUSE.COM

Laguna Niguel, Ca
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Team Baghouse, Specialized, Rock n Road Cyclery, ESI Grips, Rokform, Baja Fresh, Monster Energy, Ojio Sport, The Mainline Coffee Co., Scorpion Bike Stands, Rockshox, Swagman Bike Racks, Stance Socks, WTB Saddles, Oakley,, Red Ace Organics,

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 170
  • 340
  • 510
  • 680
  • 850
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 277.4mi
  • 26h 5m
  • 48,696ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Hell to the trash can
  • PR on East LV Singletrack
  • 2nd fastest time on Victory to Vanowen dirt DH
  • 2nd fastest time on LV Final Push


Distance 5,790.1mi
Time 531h 39m
Elevation Gain 916,519ft
Rides 255


Total Distance 32,731.8mi
Total Time 2922h 0m
Total Elev Gain 4,108,678ft
Total Rides 1390

Recent Photos

  • Well it was either watch Straight Rhythm practice in Pomona or ride my bike to the Top Of World! I'm happy with my decision! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rocknroad @rokform @musclemonster @monsterenergy @boldbajafresh @esigrips @rockshox @stancesocks @ojiosport @themainlinecoffeeco @scorpionbikestands @swagmanracks @barflybike @redaceorganics @jeremymartin6 #wtbsaddles #RS1 @oakleymotorsports
  • I needed a little of everything from Monster Energy to recover from today! It was hot out there in those hills! @musclemonster @monsterenergy
  • Views Views Views! Love where my mtb takes me! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rokform @esigrips @musclemonster @monsterenergy @boldbajafresh @oakleymotorsports @rocknroad @redaceorganics @themainlinecoffeeco @scorpionbikestands @ojiosport @jeremymartin6 @stancesocks @rockshox @swagmanracks #wtbsaddles #RS1
  • 28% climb and some soft conditions from the rain last night wasn't making this easy today! #bfi
  • These guys support me and my Team Baghouse teammates thru thick and thin! If your looking for bike deals this tent sale is big and worth it! @rocknroad @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rokform @esigrips
  • This sure beats that 15hr flight yesterday! #thisismyworld
  • Long hard racing season! #tiredlegs @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rocknroad @esigrips @monsterenergy @musclemonster @rokform @stancesocks @oakleymotorsports @redaceorganics @themainlinecoffeeco @scorpionbikestands @ojiosport @boldbajafresh @rockshox  @swagmanracks
  • Just out playing out on my favorite Specialized S Works Epic WC! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @musclemonster @monsterenergy @oakleymotorsports @esigrips @rokform @ojiosport @boldbajafresh @rocknroad @stancesocks @redaceorganics @rockshox @themainlinecoffeeco @scorpionbikestands @barflybike @360fly #wtbsaddles @swagmanracks
  • I think it might of been a couple degrees cooler today? Come ocean cool us off please!
  • This climb never gets easier! 8 mins on rev limiter! #alisowoodscyn
  • It's been one of those days! Thanks @musclemonster for some quick recovery! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @monsterenergy @rokform @esigrips @boldbajafresh @redaceorganics @oakleymotorsports @rockshox @rocknroad @ojiosport @themainlinecoffeeco @scorpionbikestands @swagmanracks @pilocr @barflybike @stancesocks #wtbsaddles #RS1 #sworks
  • So cool to see my best friend RC suit up for the Legends race in Indiana! The dude still hits the throttle harder then anybody in the business! Simply amazing still to watch! #bestofalltime
  • Pretty but hot out today in Cali. @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rocknroad @musclemonster @rokform @esigrips @redaceorganics @themainlinecoffeeco @scorpionbikestands @boldbajafresh @oakleymotorsports @barflybike @swagmanracks @rockshox @stancesocks
  • Got our National Champions together at our main Baghouse Headquarters in Corona Ca yesterday! Thank you to all my very strong teammates for digging very deep this season and always a special thanks to @csmarte at Baghouse for making this all possible! #5nationalchampionships @iamspecialized @esigrips @musclemonster @monsterenergy @rocknroad @stancesocks @rockshox @boldbajafresh @themainlinecoffeeco @scorpionbikestands @ojiosport @oakleymotorsports @rokform @bryflybike @like_the_wheel @papayafactory #industrialsheetmetalcompany
  • Mint conditions on my training trails from the rain! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rocknroad
  • Pre riding the National Champs XC course in Mammoth Ca. Yesterday with my new @360fly camera! So cool and easy to use! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rocknroad @rokform @musclemonster @monsterenergy @oakleymotorsports @boldbajafresh @ojiosport @stancesocks @esigrips @rockshox
  • I think I've ridden by this lake 1000's times and have never stopped to really look at it! #lagunaniguellake @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rocknroadln @rokform @redaceorganics @esigrips @rockshox @oakleymotorsports @themainlinecoffeeco @scorpionbikestands @stancesocks @boldbajafresh @ojiosport @musclemonster @monsterenergy @360fly @jeremymartin6 #wtbsaddles @barflybike
  • Repost @rocknroad Me and my little guy did this today together! Also with my Beautiful daughter & wife.
  • It's always good to support local races and have fun with your friends, and the @quickndirtymtb races in San Diego are always a good time. Head out tomorrow and you can even score some cash! Sorry I won't be making it personally I have my daughters 5th grade graduation happening! And plus I'm till a little banged up from a crash a few weeks ago w/ my shoulder!
  • Get over to @themainlinecoffeeco to have a chance to win over $500 of epic product for your Dad for this Fathers Day.
  • @pilocr got my training bike back in running condition after hitting the ground pretty hard last week! I'm just missing my RS-1 Brain fork really bad! No comparison over and standard Sid fork! @rockshox #RS1 @rocknroad @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rokform @redaceorganics @musclemonster @monsterenergy @esigrips @boldbajafresh @stancesocks @themainlinecoffeeco @scorpionbikestands @ojiosport @oakleymotorsports @jeremymartin6 #wtbsaddles
  • A minor tuneup @pilocr @rnrbikes and by bike felt like a million dollars today! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @esigrips @rokform @musclemonster @monsterenergy @boldbajafresh @oakleymotorsports @redaceorganics @themainlinecoffeeco @scorpionbikestands @swagmanracks @stancesocks @jeremymartin6 @ojiosport #sworks #maxima
  • Here's one of my recovery secrets! #musclemonster @musclemonster #perfectproteinratio @monsterenergy
  • To keep up with all your favorite Oakley Motorsports athletes and product follow the new @oakleymotorsports Instagram
  • Love the new Oakley Jaw Breaker #oakleyprizm #LiveYours @oakley @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rokform @monsterenergy @esigrips @boldbajafresh @redaceorganics @rocknroad @ojiosport @stancesocks #wtbsaddles
  • It definitely was a muddy one over the weekend! Mid Ohio 1980 GP that I won was about the same conditions haha! Man I hate getting dirty too! Oh well on that one! It put those drive chains to the full test! @srammtb @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rokform @esigrips @monsterenergy @boldbajafresh @stancesocks @themainlinecoffeeco @scorpionbikestands @redaceorganics @oakley @ojiosport @rockshox
  • I missed the snow fest yesterday in our Community while I was at the mud fest at the Kenda Cup Vail Lake mtb race! It hadn't all melted away today as you can see! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized #new2015sworkswcepic
  • Just relaxing on my bike today!
  • Just taking in the nice green mtns in Aliso Woods Cyn! @rnrbikes @redaceorganics @ojiosport @monsterenergy @themainlinecoffeeco @scorpionbikestands @swagmanracks @rockshox @srammtb @iamspecialized @team_baghouse @rokform @oakleyracing @jaybirdsports @boldbajafresh @pilocr #wtbsaddles
  • Just cruising my backyard trails behind my house! Just wishing my partner @justinbarcia was with me!
  • Love this hidden place in Aliso wood cyn! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rocknroad @monsterenergy @rokform @esigrips @rockshox @srammtb  @themainlinecoffeeco @boldbajafresh @scorpionbikestands @ojiosport @oakley @stancesocks @justinbarcia @jgrmx #wtb
  • Testing the new @stancesocks Fusion Run OTC Compression sock today! Working on the perfect height for the mtb @mikey_rangel
  • Some @stancesocks testing today on the mtb! I like the look ???? @mikey_rangel @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rocknroad @monsterenergy @rokform @esigrips @redaceorganics @ojiosport @oakleyracing @themainlinecoffeeco @scorpionbikestands @srammtb @rockshox
  • 1st rattlesnake of 2015
  • The end of my busy day!
  • Testing the Brain Version of the Rockshox RS-1 today! Pretty damn impressive! Great job @Rockshox @iamspecialized
  • I was out in Simi Valley today on my mtb and this is where my SX track was 20 plus years ago! Strange feeling and no evidence of a track at all! It sure looked Beautiful out there as I always remembered it! #greatmemories #alotofhardwork #tomanylapstocount
  • The wife and I out for a Christmas ride @ginao_11 in our old neck of the woods! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized
  • Definitely had some Beautiful views today! #loveridingbikes
  • Testing a new Rokform iPhone 6 case with a beautiful cover that has even a few credit card slots on the inside! Probably in a few different colors also! My screen didn't get all sweated on too! @rokform
  • My human powered rocketship from @iamspecialized @team_baghouse @monsterenergy @esigrips @redaceorganics @oakleyracing @rokform @themainlinecoffeeco @scorpionbikestands @srammtb #RS-1 #XX1
  • The calm before the storm that's brewing in Cali! It's starting to get  a little green again out here! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @monsterenergy @esigrips @rokform @boldbajafresh @oakleyracing @scorpionbikestands @themainlinecoffeeco @jaybirdsport @srammtb @rockshox @redaceorganics @swagmanracks @justinbarcia @jgrmx @rocknroad
  • Just watching my guy @justinbarcia grow stronger and faster! @jgrmx @sheetmetal220 @jbonejgr #hardwork
  • Rode with these two stud athletes today on our Thanksgiving Turkey Ride up in the Santa Monica's Mtns! @dzabriskie @jessedanthony #pedalsfork @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rokform @monsterenergy @esigrips @oakleyracing @themainlinecoffeeco @scorpionbikestands @boldbajafresh @srammtb @rockshox @redaceorganics @rocknroad
  • I couldn't resist on putting another bike and view shot today! So Beautiful the bike and the view! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rnrbikes @rokform @esigrips @monsterenergy @srammtb @rockshox @boldbajafresh @jaybirdsport
  • I am honored to be a part of Oakley's 40-Year Legacy #disruptivebydesign
  • Good morning Laguna! #elmoro
  • If you haven't tried it yet you really should! @redaceorganics
  • Where next? I'm in one of those moods today! Kinda cold, kinda tired, etc! I guess home bound!
  • Loving my new IPhone 6 w/ the new @rokform mountable case! @rokform_joel @rokformcraig
  • Went with the yellow and orange combo @esigrips this week! Love changing it up these days! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rokform @monsterenergy @boldbajafresh @scorpionbikestands @themainlinecoffeeco @oakleyracing @srammtb @rockshox @swagmanracks #RS-1
  • Thanks @iamspecialized for the UV Sleeves you sent me! Got to cover up some areas that have some long term damage! @like_the_wheel @team_baghouse @rnrbikes @rokform #skincancersucks
  • Specialized Trigger Pro 700x38c tubeless Cycle cross tires and a 38 tooth front sprocket should be pretty fast for my trip to Florida tmrw w/ @justinbarcia on his TT bike! @iamspecialized @like_the_wheel @team_baghouse @rocknroad @esigrips @rokform @themainlinecoffeeco @scorpionbikestands @redaceorganics @boldbajafresh @monsterenergy @swagmanracks
  • In the right corner there's a product that I've been testing out called Red Ace Organics! I've tried about everything over the years in my career and this one keeps my body wanting more! Organic Beets that increase Stamina, Oxygen Intake, Cardiovascular Health! Everything a athlete or someone just trying to be healthier is looking for right!
  • I think there's a full stomach Mtn Lion around! I'm out!!!
  • Repost from @ginao_11 I was back in my old stomping grounds today Santa Monica mtns! Some steep ass dry forever climbs! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rokform @esigrips @monsterenergy
  • I never get tired of these views I have on my mtb! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rocknroad @monsterenergy @esigrips @srammtb @rokform @scorpionbikestands @themainlinecoffeeco @boldbajafresh @oakleyracing @rockshox @jaybirdsport @swagmanracks @justinbarcia
  • Home sweet home trails for me! Love them! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @esigrips @rokform @srammtb @rockshox @scorpionbikestands @themainlinecoffeeco @boldbajafresh @monsterenergy @rocknroad @swagmanracks @justinbarcia @oakleyracing @jgrmx_shop #RS-1
  • Nice back drop today only my local trails! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @esigrips @monsterenergy @boldbajafresh @oakleyracing @rokform @rockshox @srammtb @themainlinecoffeeco @scorpionbikestands @rocknroad @justinbarcia 1888BAGHOUSE.COM
  • Black on black @esigrips is hard to beat! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rokform @rockshox @srammtb
  • London England to Aliso Woods Canyon in 24 hrs! That's a shock to the body! @iamspecialized @team_baghouse @rocknroad
  • Early ride already in! Now off to Legoland in Carlsbad with my munchkins!
  • My view
  • Pretty
  • Just getting back on my home soil today on my mtb! Always nice to be back at home!
  • Man I feel like I'm in Tallahassee FL today in Cali! ????????????#humid
  • Snuck up on this guy today! #bobcat
  • I had this guy eyeing me down today!
  • Aqua ESI Grips are available! I love the look from my view! @esigrips
  • #TGIF Rest week is over!
  • Just couldn't make it home today! #dnf
  • Somewhere in Laguna Niguel! #esigrips
  • Baggies? I'm really changing it up these days haha @cullymtb @stikmanglaspell @team_baghouse @iamspecialized
  • I was out supporting the Jimmie Johnson Foundation today! @jimmiejohnson #jimmiejohnsonfoundation
  • Nice Sunday stroll
  • Man it's hot out! It looks cool but it's not! @apaggio and I sitting in the shade contemplating our shortest route home for a ice cold coke!
  • This is going to be a great little  mtb series in the OC Parks! @rokform
  • Happy Easter everybody! Just riding my bike and loving every minute!
  • One pretty back drop in Aliso Woods Cyn
  • Got the win at Fontana US Cup this weekend! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rokform @esigrips @monsterenergy @oakleyracing @srammtb @rockshox @rocknroad @themainlinecoffeeco @scorpionbikestands @boldbajafresh
  • I had to take a picture of this hiding gem tunnel on my bike.
  • The trails were mint today on the S Works WC Epic! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized
  • Don't get sick watching my 1st video on my mtb! @rokform
  • Just chilling today! I don't do this enough! @rokform @iamspecialized @team_baghouse @esigrips @monsterenergy
  • Some lingering snow left from the last storm in Laguna Niguel haha
  • Found this nice bike stand today! Sorry @scorpionbikestands this is only while I'm making a rest stop on the trailhead
  • Recognize this view @chellstaff @gstaffon
  • Nice view wouldn't you say! About to drop in the Superman trail for the 3rd time!
  • Trails loved the rain last night
  • @apaggio watering our dry trails!
  • Not a bad view above South OC this Christmas Eve on my mtb. @iamspecialized @team_baghouse @rokform @esigrips @swagmanracks @srammtb @monsterenergy @traxxas @scorpionbikestands @rocknroad
  • 2014 S-Works WC Epic ready to go get dirty! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rocknroad @rokform @esigrips @scorpionbikestands @boldbajafresh @srammtb @rockshox @monsterenergy @traxxas
  • Purrdee I would say!
  • Top of Superman trail in Murrietta w/ @thomasc64
  • Palos Verdes in the view today it was so clear out!
  • I'm blessed with these views in my backyard training grounds!
  • Had to dodge the rain today near the coast!
  • Aliso Woods Cyn had a nice look to it today!
  • One of those nice days to ride your bike!
  • Sitting across from the Slaughter Trail Climb! Just finished up 5 loops on that bad boy! @thomasc64
  • Got in a earlier then usually ride!
  • Deer encounter!
  • Pagg and I took our best friend Randy Martin @rwm1 out on his Bachelor party ride this morning! That's how we do it! @apaggio @team_baghouse
  • I'm really feeling the Halloween Spirit w/ my ESI Grips @esigrips
  • Saddleback mtn in the background! Fall in Cali is the best
  • I was chasing this shadow all day!
  • Playing in my old stomping grounds! Simi mtns
  • Skyline climb Corona
  • Nice sunset to end the day!
  • That's what 600hrs does to my Irish skin! Brutal season in the sun!
  • How's the new top tube look haha! @iamspecialized @team_baghouse
  • Guess where I'm riding today? Hint it's hot out here haha! It's hot everywhere!
  • It looks a little cooler towards the ocean!
  • Love this water stop
  • Nice views this morning w/ @rickycarmichael
  • As Pagg says bike art! @apaggio @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rokform @raceoc
  • Thought I would take a look at the creek for the 1st time in 15 years of riding in Aliso Woods Cyn haha! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rokform
  • Family cruise on the bikes to Salt Creek Beach today! Also Happy Birthday to my Beautiful wife Gina @ginao_11
  • I was practicing no handers today on my mtb! I don't Recommend it! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rokform
  • Just deer today on the trails! #alisowoods
  • My little dude jumping off the big rock today! The wife is a little Nervous haha!
  • Whiting ranch
  • Found this old chair in sports
  • Mtn lion pray!
  • Broke out the Baghouse white look-it's too hot the black!
  • Throwbackthursday
  • My beautiful wife Gina (Happy BDay Honey) with lovely Shelby and JJ
  • Eating @ Baja Fresh
  • Starting my day
  • Rock Shox Fork To Test
  • Another Day @ My Office
  • Iamspecialized Thx guys!
  • I know it's a little gross but please wear sunscreen! I learned the hard way! Surgery next week sucks! #wearsunscreen
  • Don't like this stuff
  • Some wildlife on the ride this am! #aliso
  • Broke out the Gold Medal Bike @Kalhavy today! It's a rocket #iamspecialized
  • #picstitch Tying the app out, pretty cool! My Team Baghouse look!
  • New Cool Oakley gloves and Deviation Glasses! Thx Pagg!
  • The Boys hanging out on the trails today
  • Couldn't forget about Randy  too!
  • RokForm iPhone 5 case in 2 Weeks or less peeps! #rokform #bikemount
  • TC64 did great on the 3000plus ft climb today! #thomascovington
  • Hello
  • View was awesome today on the mtn bike! #iamspecialized
  • Exploring hills above San Clemente today! There's some climbing over there!
  • Thx Muscle Milk & Cytomax for keeping me recovered and hydrated this long season! #iamspecialized #rocknroadcyclery
  • Another day on the mtn ride! @iamspecialized @rock n road cyclery
  • My little Shelby started the day off right @ school! Congrats!!!!
  • RJ and I @ the Wick! #tbt #greatbattles
  • Wife and her friends off to the wine country in Temecula for the day! Have a great time girls!
  • Here's my daily view! #rokformbikemount #iphone5
  • New addition to the O'Mara family last night!
  • Going on a test ride 2013 Epic 1x11 XX
  • Test ride complete Skyline to Sierra Peak! Interesting!!! #iamspecialized #rocknroadcyclery #baghouse
  • Great day on the bike with Chris Layton and Matt Armstrong! #iamspecialized #musclemilk #baghouse #rocknroadcyclery #rokform #esigrips #oakley
  • I kinda cut the ginger bread man's head off last night at the Xmas tree lighting St Regis! My 2 happy campers!
  • I was there w/RC Pontiac SX! He said I was watching my #1 plate disappear there!  No he came back to 2nd and almost won! #thatsheart
  • Just looks so good right now! @like_the_wheel #iamspecialized #baghouse #rocknroadcyclery
  • I've got the new Specialized Muscle Milk kit on today on my training ride! #baghouse #rocknroadcyclery #iamspecialized
  • New 2013 Auto Sag Shock to test! #plush #iamspecialized #baghouse
  • Xmas ride w my buddy
  • Xmas ride with Scott Platt
  • Fun training day in the 805 area! Some HP in this group!!!! @team_baghouse  @iamspecialized  @rnrbikes @rokform #oakley #esigrips #musclemilk #jaybirdsports #bajafresh #traxxas
  • Thank you for everything in 2012! #musclemilk #cytomax #cytosport #iamspecialized #baghouse
  • A couple new sponsor's on board for Team Baghouse 2013
  • My family and I at the Seven launch in Laguna Beach! #redcarpet
  • Wow these Bluetooth headphones are a piece of art! Thanks Jaybird! @jaybirdsport
  • How's this flashback Friday helmet! Man things have changed hahaha! I still love the 80's, I guess that means I'm old!
  • Saddleback Park MX National
  • My new Team Baghouse kits flew in today from Italy!
  • One of new sponsors this year Traxxas RC Cars! @traxxas @thomasc64
  • Best training partner a athlete could have! I think I'm about to reach 2000 packets consumed in the year using them! #energy drops
  • Our puppy Beau isn't so little anymore! He's at the top of our yard and that isn't a small bank he's on top of! BTW he can't get down either haha!
  • A picture says a thousand words! #imhuman
  • Swiftwick compression recovery socks are a must! @swiftwick
  • How's that to come home too! Thanks guys!
  • Off to another mtn bike race! Harding Truck Trail TT! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rnrbikes
  • 2013 S Works Epic Frame set ready to build up for race season! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @srammtb
  • My Bank put a smile on my face! But I did have to give them some $ haha!
  • I had some great battles with this bad dude The Dogger Ron Lechien! #tbt
  • Can't wait for a cup of this java tmrw morning! @iamspecialized #specializededition #vervesantacruz
  • Just got my new Swagman Semi 2.0 bike rack! It is sweet! Btw it doesn't come w/that Specialized S Works Epic haha!
  • Superbikers Carlsbad mid 80's! This was gnarly at those speeds back then! #tbt
  • 5mins into my ride and there's a rattlesnake!
  • It was like I raced in the safari desert yesterday! Hot one in Riverside Calif!
  • My little Shelby O' ran the Kids Run OC this morning! Great job!
  • How's that view at Lake Hodges Quick n Dirty race starts tmrw night! So fun! @slasher200
  • Rattle snake
  • Me and my snakes! This is a good snake-King snakes eat Rattlers!!!!!
  • Thomas Covington running the new Oakley Airbrake for the 1st time today at Comp Edge! He loved them!
  • Nice way to see a movie!
  • No snakes today guys just a nice looking Buck!
  • US Cup Sagebrush yesterday! Team Baghouse pit area. Race didn't go good, while leading race a race marshal sent me wrong direction, probably adding a extra 30 minutes! Ouch!!!!
  • Frozen Yogurt with my little guy today! He's pumped!
  • Round 1 Quick n Dirty race a couple weeks ago! Thanks for invite me and @blakebaggett4 out! Very cool race to do! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rokform @srammtb @rnrbikes