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Ian Sharman

Ian Sharman

Bend, Oregon
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I'm an online ultrarunning coach (NASM and USATF certified), journalist (irunfar, Ultrarunning Magazine and others), Director of the US Skyrunner Series and runner for Altra Running who has represented England. I've been ultra running since 2005 and have run over 200 ultras and marathons in 30 countries globally in every type of weather and on all terrains. I love multi-day races, road marathons, trail ultras and have been lucky enough to run in several mountain ranges, including the Himalayas, Andes, Rockies and European Alps. I've also finished in the top 10 at Western States 100 for the past five consecutive years and have the fastest time for a trail 100-miler in North America - 12h44m at Rocky Raccoon.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 80
  • 160
  • 240
  • 320
  • 400
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 59.5mi
  • 7h 30m
  • 3,758ft

Recent Achievements

  • 5th overall on Blandford Drive
  • 8th overall on college way to mt washington
  • 9th overall on College way to smiley face
  • PR on Northwest 18th Street Climb

All-Time PRs

  • 1:15:19
  • 2:32:40
  • 3:10:54
  • 5:25:00
    50 MILES
  • 12:44:33
    100 MILES


Distance 2,536.4mi
Time 431h 19m
Elevation Gain 397,306ft
Runs 324


Total Distance 10,572.2mi
Total Time 1792h 28m
Total Elev Gain 1,517,277ft
Total Runs 1220

Recent Photos

  • Running on roads again. Such a fun, fast contrast to the summer of trails (not that I'm avoiding trails right now in the beautiful Autumn weather). #zerolimits @altrarunning
  • Portland Marathon today was my first road run over 8 miles in the past few months. Good way to restart road training and a lot of fun. @lifebeam_tech @altrarunning
  • Finishing the PDX Marathon today. Thanks @amysharman for the support! @altrarunning #One2.5 @lifebeam_tech
  • Time for Cops and Robbers at #FootzoneBend. Obviously #Spiderman is on the side of the cops.
  • Why didn't I come here before? #BrokenTop #inBend @altrarunning
  • #ThreeSisters from #BrokenTop. Breath-taking!
  • #BrokenTop from below.
  • Glacial Lake at #BrokenTop. Spectacular run and I'll be back for more here very soon. @altrarunning
  • Green Lakes Trail. Volcanoes, lava flows, waterfalls and lakes, of course.
  • The Cascades are just stunning. Got to see lots of peek-a-boo views sweeping the Flagline 50k. @altrarunning
  • More from the Flagline 50k course - South, Middle and North Sisters plus Broken Top.
  • Last weekend a bunch of Bendites ran the Warrior Dash 5k. Max wore the mud best but Thomas and Ali Morgan held their own with 2nd man and 3rd woman. I'd definitely consider another of these although it's undoubtedly a XC runner's race and the obstacles aren't easy but don't take much strength.
  • #mosthardcoremontagephotoever Yes, I'm even willing to do a scary water slide.
  • Great shake-out run with @YassineDiboun after we've both recently run 100s. Portland has some awesome trail running in the middle of the town. #notevenForestPark
  • The Rut may have been visually stunning but #Yellowstone takes the award for the money shot.
  • Fun first run in 2 weeks this morning with the one and only Nikki Kimball in Bozeman. She's headed to Run Rabbit Run for another win, hopefully.
  • Real mining stuff around #Leadville. Nice backdrop for a taper jog. #LT100
  • Hiking up Mt Elbert slowly with @lizahoward1 for altitude training. Just breathing the air at 14,433ft. #LT100 @LTRaceSeries
  • Hello again, Colorado. Good to be back and ready to race. #LT100 @LTraceseries @altrarunning
  • Hazy morning out in the Cascade Mts. @altrarunning #zerolimits
  • Early morning summit of Bachelor. Very peaceful. @lifebeam_tech
  • Thomas Morgan zooming in leg 5 just under course record pace. #SoleBrothers #CLR2015
  • Jason Adams finishing leg 12 of #CLR2015 at sunset on CR pace. #SoleBrothers
  • Ryan Bak flying at sunset in #CLR2015. Awesome video. #SoleBrothers
  • Am checking out most of tomorrow's #CascadeLakesRelay 216 mile course, all in one view. 3 legs on the #SoleBrothers team should make for a good day (and night). @altrarunning #zerolimits
  • Bumped into @sfprunning on today's hike up South Sister. Beautiful day - 98F downtown in Bend and warm in the summit too.
  • Broken Top always looks so dramatic. Definitely on my post-Leadville 'to do' list.
  • Stormy weather up above Silverton, CO. Last run in this State til I'm back for Leadville. @altrarunning @julbo_usa @teamclifbar
  • One last view of Silverton from #KendallMt. @altrarunning @teamclifbar
  • View from Mt Massive at 14.4k ft. I'm the only one within miles. Very relaxing. But I felt the altitude today! #meetthemoment #zerolimits @altrarunning @teamclifbar
  • That's what I call a trail and a view! #MtMassive #zerolimits #meetthemoment @altrarunning
  • View of Mt Massive from about 2.5 miles into the #LT100 course. #Leadville
  • Mt Elbert for my first 14er of the year. The lingering snow makes it look much more epic. #meetthemoment #zerolimits @teamclifbar @altrarunning
  • Mt Massive from Mt Elbert. Second highest peak in Colorado from the highest.
  • This is the best way to psych myself up for  #LT100 @LTRaceSeries - seeing Leadville and Twin Lakes from one viewpoint. @altrarunning
  • #hr100 finish line is inspiring. Nick Coury skips in for a 30hr finish. @aravaiparunning
  • San Juans, anyone? Just hiked the #KendallMt2015 course and this is the summit view of Silverton. @aravaiparunning
  • This is who I get to pace later at #hr100 #Hardrock100 - Brendan Trimboli. He was having a lot of fun at the first aid station. @altrarunning @julbo_usa
  • View above Silverton on the #KendallMt2015 course. @usskyrunning #USSkyrunnerSeries
  • #WesternStatesTrail 3 miles before the start of the race. #bonustrail #zerolimits @altrarunning
  • En route to #WS100, I'm heading up beautiful Mt Shasta today. Should be amazing. #zero limits
  • Jogging on the Deschutes River Trail then taking a dip. #noheattrainingtoday #bighair #Zerolimits @altrarunning
  • Sunset weight vest hike about 1/4 mile above my house. #inBend
  • Hard work all week then relaxing up at Sparks Lake as a reward. #worthit
  • Heat training on hills on 90F day. 90 mins, not many miles. #seeyouinLakeTahoe
  • Heat training #inBend. 80F with a wooly hat.
  • Time for some #WS100 heat training. #seeyouinsquaw
  • Day 2 of #WS100 @wser100 group running with @runboulet @stefanamarie @mjlaye and hundreds more.
  • Will this be the same as @wser100 #ws100 race day? @runboulet and @stefanamarie stride for stride down Cal St.
  • Bonus hike over the last miles of #ws100. #cantgetenough #97milestosquaw
  • Snow-shoeing on Tumalo Mt and Mt Bachelor. Way more fun than expected but seriously tough!
  • Epic little adventure with snow-shoes up Tumalo Mt and Bachelor. This opens up the mountains pre-snow melt :)
  • Hiked up Hoodoo ski area on drive back from Eugene. Views of most of the Oregon Cascades. Nobody else up here :)
  • Looping the Deschutes River Trail today for a relaxing recovery run. #inBend
  • Sunset hike views - North Sister, OR.
  • First race in a while in freezing temps. Bring on the inaugural half @bend_marathon #Zerolimits @altrarunning
  • Beautiful frosty morning and very lucky to kick off living in Oregon with a win at the inaugural Half @bend_marathon #goodtobeback
  • #winteriscoming
  • Always feels good to be back home #inBend, Oregon. I missed the views of the Cascades.