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Amy Clark

San Mateo, California
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I am a velogirl! Why I ride: I love seeing the world on a bike. It's home for me. I can always go to it. I feel happiest when I'm on a bike. I also love helping people to feel the same way. Proudest moment on a bike: When I finished the Triple Crown in 2005. The Triple Crown is 3 double centuries in one season. Who's your favorite cyclist/cycling idol: Anyone who has dared to use clip-less pedals Favorite place to ride: Up Mt Tam on a clear day Favorite cycling event: Tierra Bella (my very first century) Favorite off-bike activity: Going to the movies. Reading. Playing with my dog. Hiking. Proudest Moment off the Bike: Doing things I never thought possible, which occurs quite often. A bit about me: I work hard (and smart!) and I would do anything for those I know are my true friends. Words to live by: "Never, Never, Never Give Up" & "Conquer We Must, Conquer We Shall" -- Winston Churchill

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Jan 21

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