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Tarmo Vannas Ⓥ เจ 纯素食者

Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Thailand
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ultra endurance athlete and coach. get in touch if you're ready to take it up a notch. all levels welcome. working mainly with cyclists, also triathletes and runners. packages of various levels. minimum commitment of 3 months. can work with anybody who has got goals they want to achieve. completely customised/personalised approach based on the athlete's unique physiology for optimal training methods. WKO4 analysis tools and lactate/lab testing for deeper insights into athlete's metabolic capacities. development of energy systems, strength, stamina, skills, technique and experience. reaching athlete's maximum optimal potential over long term planning and motivation. nutrition coaching and blood test analysis. custom training camps in chiang mai and surrounding provinces, including accommodation arrangements and full road-side support with minivan, mechanic, massage, nutrition on request. daily bike guide service in chiang mai and elsewhere in thailand. www.tarmovannas.com www.instagram.com/tarmovannas www.facebook.com/tarmovannas road cycling 09 Feb 2018 King's Cup Thailand Time Trial Series, 4th (Elite) 26 Jan 2018 King's Cup Thailand Time Trial Series, 1st (30s) 05 Nov 2017 Chiang Mai Time Trial Series, 1st 24 Oct 2017 Masters Tour of Chiang Mai, 9th GC (Open A) 01 Oct 2017 Chiang Mai Time Trial Series, 1st 07 Sep 2017 Asian Bike Tour 2017, 8th 22 Mar 2017 Innova Cup 48h Endurance Race of Taiwan, 9th 19 Feb 2017 Doi Inthanon Challenge, 5th 19 Jun 2016 WTJ Kanchanaburi, 6th (Open) 17 Jan 2016 Tour de Chiang Mai, 4th (30s) 26 Oct 2015 Masters Tour of Chiang Mai, 6th GC (30s) 04 Jan 2015 Doi Suthep Challenge, 4th (30s) mountain ultra trail running 28 Feb 2015 Ultra Trail Koh Chang 66K, 6th 07 Feb 2015 Run The Rann 100M India, 3rd 18 Oct 2014 Thailand Ultramarathon 100K, 5th 06 Jul 2014 Columbia Trail Masters 50K Thailand, 3rd 08 Feb 2014 The North Face 100 Thailand, 5th 14 Sep 2013 Borneo TMBT 100K Ultra Trail Marathon, 4th 18 Aug 2013 Bangkok Ultra Trail 50K, 6th 16 Jun 2013 Columbia Trail Masters 50K Thailand, 5th 25 May 2013 Relentless Endurance 24-hour Run in Chiang Mai, 4th

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 730
  • 1460
  • 2190
  • 2920
  • 3650
Feb 2017
Jan 2018

Current Month

  • 633.9km
  • 17h 34m
  • 1,747m

Recent Achievements

  • KOM on King's Cup TT 1st KM from start, Pong Nam Ron, Chanthaburi
  • PR on Flex In Your Spandex
  • PR on สะพานลอยหน้าเกษตร - North Park
  • PR on Kaset-North park


Distance 2,716.7km
Time 79h 4m
Elevation Gain 9,026m
Rides 48


Total Distance 97,961.3km
Total Time 3460h 3m
Total Elev Gain 602,197m
Total Rides 1965

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