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Adam Myerson

Adam Myerson

Boston, Massachusetts
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Adam Myerson is a professional cyclist on Astellas Professional Cycling Team from Boston, Massachusetts

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 360
  • 720
  • 1080
  • 1440
  • 1800
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 24.5mi
  • 1h 50m
  • 907ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Midnight ride CX - straight-away to the hills
  • PR on Allston Pike Bridge South
  • PR on Harvard St Sprint
  • PR on Stearns Road Climb


Distance 10,372.3mi
Time 593h 41m
Elevation Gain 461,699ft
Rides 306


Total Distance 32,890.9mi
Total Time 1910h 34m
Total Elev Gain 1,481,076ft
Total Rides 1014

Recent Photos

  • "Not bad for a 43 year old." #retiredlife #midnightridecx
  • My @astellascycling @litespeed_bike bikes go back to the team today. Thanks for the amazing ride! #lastlap
  • I just inflated all my @challengetires tires and organized them by tread. Gonna bask in this glory for a few minutes, if you'll forgive me.
  • Successful @massbikeorg ride from Pawtucket to Fenway. If you want better, safer riding, join MassBike!
  • "I'M READY, LET'S GO!"
  • The guys said I had to go in the break today. I'm ready.
  • Paint Louis.
  • Clay's right, I take this picture every year, but this year's the last one, so... #lastlap
  • Things I'm gonna miss most about bike racing: St. Louis. Everything about it. #lastlap
  • If you don't see them again, we had fun, at least.
  • This week's "pull off the highway to train" is gonna be good.
  • My side of the highway rides have been amazing lately.
  • TURKEY BABIES!????????????????
  • Summer base means 2 bottles, frame pump, saddle bag, MTB pedals, and file treads in the woods.
  • The Gray Ghost at the Swamp, guys! #legend
  • Thing I'm gonna miss most about bike racing: pulling off the highway to ride.
  • Yes, you.
  • 2 very close calls tonight, one of them involved Freddy Flintsone-ing on my top tube at 30 MPH
  • Bike racing is pretty alright. I'm gonna miss it, and all these dudes who've made this last season so great. #lastlap
  • If you live in Boston and know where this is, the transformation from over run shit hole to future oceanfront park is amazing to watch. #dorchester #portnorfolk
  • "When you cycled by,
here began all my dreams..." #northampton
  • Tuesday.
  • Tuesday, continued.
  • SWEET new sand section at #crosscamp!
  • COLORADO! ♥️♥️♥️
  • Just a man and a van. (And his phone.)
  • Vancouvery ride. #vancouver
  • I kept trying figure out how to say how useful this @crankbrothers tool is without engendering snickers and innuendo, but I couldn't do it. Still, it's the perfect little tool and I take it everywhere.
  • I like bike racing, but this is the real reason I came to Vancouver.
  • NYC style to Gastown.
  • A mid-chew @fasturdays.
  • Fuck yeah, Vancouver!
  • Pretty good #boisetwilight view from the hotel room.
  • I've been riding by this little secret spot in JP a few times each week, for years. I will rip this spot soon. #lastlap
  • Normal Dorchester 'hood rat shit.
  • Me. You. Youth. CREW!
  • Colrain.
  • Leyden.
  • Excellent "road" suggestion from JD today.
  • Reconnecting with old friends today.
  • Hilltown "roads." ♥️????♥️
  • Sort of.
  • !!!
  • The @litespeed_bike "gravel bike" was perfect in the Savoy State Forest doubletrack today.
  • Fitchburg.
  • A sea of riders at the @rideforroswell with @astellascycling! #rideforroswell
  • Oh, the irony.
  • Look at how pretty it is. Just look! #cherrydip #lastlap #omp ????????
  • #toad, day 6, finally cracked and went for the carrot cake.
  • Day 5 of 8, team TT leader's jersey defense face. #toad
  • Soy cortado at Alderaan Coffee.
  • In 1989, this river bed was a mud pit at 'cross nationals. Really.
  • Hard to tell, but this is a cliff straight down to the bottom of the ravine where we entered the section.
  • Baller. #clean
  • The Rick Martel and Tony Garea of criteriums. #critsquad
  • Quintessential Sea Street summer selfie.
  • "Summertime rolls."
  • 7 miles from home. Boston is terrible.
  • Thanks again to @roger_parmelee, @teamhealthwarrior, and @health_warrior for another round of what have become my favorite bars.
  • And then some days you're just out wandering on a recovery day, and you find yourself at your father's grave. I've only been here once in 25 years. #borntolose ♥️
  • My baba mama doing her best Morticia Addams. ????????????????
  • Yeah. ????
  • Good old days. #svatek ????????????????????????
  • Gang's all here, guys! #csne
  • The note is actually a complaint about litter in the wooded trails in Hopkinton.
  • Another top secret favorite road at home.
  • '72 914, $10,500. @mrlee00, come drive this home!
  • #home
  • "What's in the box?" "Pain." #peganlane #peganpain #philly
  • I take this photo a lot. More brown than I expected for May.
  • These scars are from crashing on my hands and knees here at Myles Standish in 1989, when I was 16. Now I'm 43, and we're all still here. Bill, Marsha, Moose, Mark, Frank, Steamboat, and Curley. #mbrc
  • Hi, @luvlostluvfound.#dpgp
  • Obligatory. #dpgp
  • Secret passages to homes away from home.
  • Ladies, it's Mr. David Fucking Lee, live in person!
  • Looks fun, guys. Computrainer TT at @athenstwilight. Up next.
  • Nächste Runde ist ich, @blea505, und alle Deutschen.
  • I found the secret roadside stairs. Right when I needed them, too.
  • Georgia. ♥️
  • Supah pumped to finally find good coffee in Athens.
  • Came to see @mrbabcock at work in the Fred Building. Tried not to snicker.
  • Where all my #Athens people at?!
  • Going down?
  • Pretty sure this is the original, prototype @soulrungear "double wide" tool roll, still going strong. Mandatory #critsquad equipment.
  • I won my bike race, guys! #doughnutwatts #babywatts #lastlap
  • Whoopsie.
  • Hey guys, @luvlostluvfound and I made a baby!
  • Decidedly not #Tucson.
  • 2015 @astellascycling team camp has ended. Let us go in peace.
  • "I'm ready, let's go."
  • Shit, I lost my keys!
  • GATORS! ????????????????????????
  • First lap of the #lastlap.
  • #fbf #tbt From the days when last year's race wheels were this year's training wheels.
  • Can I retire now? It's cold here.
  • #tucson
  • Last day in Tucson as a pro. It's inevitable that I'm gonna cry my way through this season. #lastlap
  • Retirement party cookie, 25% reduced.
  • Melancholicky training day. #galaxie500 #tucson
  • Ignore the electrical tape holding my frame pump on. It's amazing to have a road bike that fits me again!
  • Bike camping with @revolta_art and @con_sume? ???????????? #babecamping
  • ????????????☀️☀☀️️???????????? #tucson #lastlap #galaxie500
  • I'm not one for American cars normally, but this Ford is amazing. Desert preserved.
  • Gonna miss this place. #tucson #lastlap
  • The least hot barista at @stellajava, @cleez. (Not you, @rrramonster.)
  • Mile 80ish.
  • Wow. I got an awesome care package from @teamhealthwarrior. I didn't know what @health_warrior was before. Thanks, guys!
  • Warmup.
  • Interval 1.
  • Interval 2.
  • Interval 3.
  • Interval 4!
  • Cool down, store stop.
  • Hour 4.
  • Hour 5.
  • And finally, hour 6.
  • ????????????
  • Outside office.
  • "Hey, I ain't got no money, but honey I'm rich, on personality."
  • Or something.
  • "Borracho" cake and a latte on my last day in Tucson. Until next week, anyway.
  • Canada Day in Tucson, eh?
  • We need a campfire.
  • #Tucson
  • Dear baby Jésus of Mexican pastry, thank you for your providence.
  • #beardupdate, 1 month in, has acquired sentience, exists independent of my face.
  • "Real food" and MexiCokes.
  • Boy band practice.
  • In case you were wondering what Tohono O'Odham metal sounds like, these kids fucking kill it.
  • Tucson food stops.
  • OMFG, this one. ????????????
  • #happinesswatts
  • Tucson protective gear. Also, #beardupdate.
  • All the RVA Julies.
  • Go home, #Tucson, you're drunk.
  • Successfully crossed, but missing @jeredgruber and @jacobfetty right now. CC: @tominimo
  • Things you don't see every day as a Tucson snowbird. Leading edge of water filling the wash.
  • Lemmon, Le Buzz. I need a hashtag for my farewell tour. #farewelltour?
  • #blizzardof2015
  • "You're so pretty when you're unfaithful to me." #austin #cxnats
  • I forget these boys are a mile from my house.
  • "This city is dope."
  • OMFG, homemade pop-tarts.
  • It's dangerous in here. Helmets on!
  • They promised us a warm weather nationals, man. #cxnats
  • Got dropped off 20 miles from the skatepark. @cjcongrove gets to play, too!
  • Intervals on the access road, snowboarding on the mountain. Last workout of the season!
  • One more sub-zero workout left before TN and TX. Warm hands made possible by @tokous.
  • #home
  • The New Jersey you don't see from the turnpike.
  • For @curbwzrd. #chillestrideever
  • My schema voor de kerstperiode now traditionally includes Donaldson Park. #hpcx #rutgerscycling
  • Oh, hello.
  • You make a lot of "friends" in cycling, and if you're lucky, some of them stick. ♥️
  • Last day of my Athens training camp is gonna be a good one.
  • It's been a good week of training.
  • So pumped for these @challengetires fatties on Athens dirt roads this week!
  • I feel you, Oscar.
  • Taken at 25 mph.
  • #athens
  • "Flemish for Doping"
  • #handsupdontshoot #dorchester
  • Comin' fe te carry me home...
  • This tree was so red, it made my face warm.
  • #home
  • Elm Bank is my only training partner.
  • Even if you stop skating, you never stop seeing the world through a skater's eyes.
  • Never marry a race promoter.
  • Things you only get on the South Shore. Cranberry bogs. #home
  • Don't fence me in.
  • I've married @luvlostluvfound in this spot 1000 times in my imagination.
  • And things were going so well today!
  • Me and this hill are gonna make the most of the day.
  • Happy Halloween!
  • To the victor, the spoils! #cantoncup
  • #awayoffice
  • #awayoffice
  • PT/bike fit follow up today with Greg Robidoux. No shim, no pain, moah powah!
  • It's been a while since we sparred, Eastern Ave. You're no Blue Hills access road, that's for sure.
  • #awayoffice
  • #awayoffice
  • Spelling not included.
  • Just your normal Maine county store.
  • Bikes, guys. Bikes!
  • I'm at clown college today with @velocb and @thomparsons.
  • Shooting some HOT WIDEO with @thomparsons today.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, your new, 40-meter long, UCI legal sandpit at @cyclesmartcx!
  • Away office.
  • Typical Boston. #turkeys
  • Fuck yeah, #Dorchester style!
  • #dorchester
  • So hot right now with @mercurycycling S5a and @challengetires Fangos on the @kindhuman_cc Küdü!
  • Just a normal Wednesday night in Massachusetts. #necx
  • Don't be jealous, be envious.