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Laurens ten Dam

Laurens ten Dam

Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands
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Laurens ten Dam is a professional cyclist on LottoNL-Jumbo from Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 760
  • 1520
  • 2280
  • 3040
  • 3800
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 195.5km
  • 7h 34m
  • 2,053m



Distance 20,961.5km
Time 640h 6m
Elevation Gain 267,781m
Rides 216


Total Distance 89,054.4km
Total Time 2696h 15m
Total Elev Gain 1,179,146m
Total Rides 766

Recent Photos

  • I am not An as good fotographer as @rgupdate but I don't know if he can match this photo today.
  • #mountrose
  • TT restday. #aquila #donnerlake
  • Somewhere in france. #watzijnwelekkerweg IT had been a good #roadtrip
  • Hè took his bike before I could put on his Bell helmet. #somewhereinfrance #roadtrip
  • @ingambatours @lottonljumbo_road rockin together with @gozwift kom! @s
  • Got a water bottle from my little brother at the Glandon. He mentioned the only words you want to know at that time. '21 minutes' he said..
  • #chevy is gone. Jens is checking out if daddy fits in the new camping gear.
  • Alp d' huez recon 'Dominiek style' !
  • Halfway La tuissuire end of todays training. Dominiek allready preparing my lunch. #alps. #picquenicque
  • Men's heaven
  • Restday. Pizza day! @jesper_boom
  • Old friends meet for lunch. Nice one
  • After the disaster in #voltacatalunya I ruïned my orange pair. Question now? Black or white laces#empire @girosportdesign @taylorphinney
  • Tried to find good legs at this fella today. #stockeu. #cannibal
  • Don't know what is happening in Pais Basco today. But the parcours of Liege serves good food! @wilfrieddejong
  • Happy with the surprise of the @gozwift boys this grey morning. #lottojumbo
  • Lots of suffering yesterday. But we woke up with a great view! #lamolina
  • Road to juli. March..
  • Still snow at baraque!
  • Best coffee and cake in Spa!
  • At -3C this morning I was a bit jealous at @rgupdate training on Tenerife. But after a half An hour warmup I really started to like this!
  • Come get my jersey Teddy @tedking
  • Snowy in Margraten.
  • Marc!
  • 100%passie @breukeb. Bedankt voor de prachtige dag mannen!
  • 2nd climb.
  • Guess who I am training with?
  • Nice weather today!
  • Road to july! December..
  • Come take it. @gozwift
  • ...
  • Same cross in belgium. I wonder how #belgium handels their taxes.. Turend out to be 23 km home..
  • Big ride is big midride fuel!
  • Snowy on baraque. Hope to be home before dark. But I am prepared!
  • Training on road bike. Happy I am alone because training buddy would have killed me. I am in Germany though. @reinierhonig
  • Morning @bemelerberg
  • Prove it!
  • Midride fuel!
  • Building my mudguards. That time of the year again! #winter
  • She asked for good coffee. She got good coffee!
  • Top bemelerberg. Wc98 wc 2012. Amstel. History written on my training roads
  • Road bike. Rule#5. Harden the fuck up! @velominati
  • 4 hrs ATB and!
  • ...
  • Happy kid
  • Beach
  • Favourite
  • What do you drink after a hard beach race?
  • Back to basic @zwcdts!
  • Best job ever! #happy
  • #olympics
  • Training and..
  • Ingamba personilized rainbag gift. What better to use than as my travel coffee bag for this year!
  • That's why
  • Stopping Monchau
  • After interval paleo lunch
  • Almost 2 years old watching his first Formula1! Hell yeah!
  • Works on the parcours!
  • Me and my Bianchi had fun today in "l'enfer du nord".
  • Did the forrest. He made it up! Crazy! Happy the tour finishes 100 meters before..
  • My navigator for today. He did 25 Paris-Roubaix with wheels and bidons. Today no mistake at all!
  • WINNER! And now 'hutspot!' @Dailyfreshfood
  • Preparing my @strava heatmap for this summer...
  • They stopped me for a race
  • Bauke on top of Keutenberg. @baukemollema
  • Downhill of St. Nicolas. Is it fixed in 10 days?
  • #totallycalifornia ?!
  • Training. Lunch, Radler and strava! Bike on background is wifey her 70's Peugeot..
  • Hello Sacramento. Love those american hotels allready!
  • Roadtrip!
  • Roadtrip part 2. #totallycalifornia I love this race. More than yesterday...
  • Roadtrip part 3. Took the chillout room at the back today
  • #roadtrip #totallycalifornia
  • Great hotel. Great lecture and a present on the room. The bed is so big my roommate will dissapear. #totalycalifornia #ATOC
  • Donner pass 7 am
  • Mount rosé
  • Some mining thing? Wonder what it would be
  • Food packed. Bike charging. Route on map. Preparing for a big day tomorrow. Today fun! We'll bike some trails
  • We had fun today!
  • Partners on this ride!
  • Just in time at the hotel for the match. At home my boy is ready too.
  • Best lift ever. #nofilter
  • Got lost after the race. Cervo Rosso van took me home! Thanks!
  • 7 riders. 6 jerseys. Nice training!
  • Goodmorning? Cobbles in Vuelta? I am prepared..
  • Shit day on the bike for me. But the good old peanutbutter keeps me happy!
  • Preparing my 25 year old 'fixed ride' for this winter. Thought it would take a long time. Turned out it only needs air and oil. #fixed I love it
  • While preparing the fixed. This beast is waiting to rumble. Training with @KarstenKroon today.
  • Hope this is the only flat one.
  • Midride fuel
  • Halfway today's ride.
  • About to start the Hill TT. @pioneercyclo #bianchi
  • Holiday maastricht. ATB TOUR Hijgend Hert. Nice
  • #nofilter
  • Someone needed xtra fuel to reach home..
  • Morning ride. @jellemul