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Alder Martz

Alder Martz

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 540
  • 1080
  • 1620
  • 2160
  • 2700
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 517.7km
  • 17h 33m
  • 4,127m

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Adelaide Ave Sprint
  • PR on Smash the cars
  • 2nd fastest time on Gilbert Special
  • 2nd fastest time on Southside of Lake Speed Test


Distance 16,572.8km
Time 554h 46m
Elevation Gain 159,121m
Rides 239


Total Distance 63,374.4km
Total Time 2126h 34m
Total Elev Gain 607,727m
Total Rides 881

Recent Photos

  • It's a beautiful morning to race a bike! #ToKV15 #Blessed
  • We get a dude on a motorbike with us on rides so we don't get lost #bighitters #traininginiran
  • Lucy Lockett lost her pocket, Kitty Fisher found it. Nothing in it, nothing on it, but the binding round it. 
Rest in peace to our little dog Lucy, we love you forever.
  • On Mondays we drink coffee #makingmondaysgood
  • Look what I found on my ride today! It was a gift from America to Australia #america #eagles #greatgiftgiving
  • I was almost up to my eyeballs in #hotcrossbuns this morning. Like literally.
  • There is no wrong turn in this scenario #canberra #isthisthematrix
  • There's always time for a recovery ride and coffee after a weekend of racing #DropWattsNotBombs
  • This is what @standbymecafe calls French toast. I call it OHHH MYYYY LORRDDD!!!
  • I love the #frenchpress because for as long as I can remember, my dad has made one every single morning. The smell, the taste, the look, the clean up. It's a little bit of home everywhere I go.
  • Tried to capture the mountains in today's ride but the people I rode with were not in correct kit #anonymous #censorship
  • Good morning Canberra! Pronounced CAN-bra.
  • I saw a red bellied black snake on today's ride. In honor of Steve Irwin I touched it #loose #Steve #AmericanHero
  • #headstanding on top of Mt Macedon in Victoria, Australia.
  • Because one coffee is never enough and why stop with two? #recoveryrides

Photo cred: @kocojon
  • What it's like to ride a new bike when you are @fabiocalabria51.
  • Aero is everything #christmasbunch
  • #peacocking
  • No! #theyknowbetter #hitem
  • Went off the front of the #hincapiegranfondo. Took a #selfie. #winning
  • Rainy, dirty stage in China. Will be picking dirt out of my ears for weeks.
  • To Joes mom: he's filthy and needs a bath.
  • The view from the top of the Rocky Steps in Philly.
  • #mustachewatts are the only watts you need.
  • I live on the top floor #penthouse #furman
  • .@joelewis1989 posing for a 'snapchat' with his panties hanging in the tree behind him #thatsforthewakeupseries
  • While my laundry was drying, I took some time to finish my bracket. Florida, Nova, Louisville, Arizona are my #finalfour. Who you got?
  • When you ride a @feltbicycles, you always feel like a superman #flying
  • Does this count as chamois time? #smashed #stillinkit #dontevencare
  • I think the girl making the espresso has a crush on me #theycanthelpthemselves
  • #tbt to life at Lindsey Wilson College #loose #championshipbelt
  • .@joelewis1989 and @mricey1 pulled so slow today I stopped to take a picture #pedalonthedownhills
  • 'Straya should be renamed the Land Upside Down #downunder
  • A power test up Honeysuckle killed me today. I hope you're happy @trainright.
  • Huge love for my team the @panthers in the playoffs today, uh I mean tomorrow #yeswecam
  • #regram from @totalrush Day 1 of Baycrits.
  • Apparently Santa drinks @cytomax while delivering presents.
  • Santa baby.
  • Posted up waiting to ride.
  • Nothing says late November like a chocolate milkshake!
  • Rode to the top of Lake George today. Don't see a lake? It's because it mysteriously drained some years ago and all that's left is that huge plain below the mountains.
  • These new @lakecycling CX300s are my new favorite shoes. Thanks @brettlindstrom for hooking it up!
  • The leaves are already changing here in Boston #ilovefall
  • Watching the last few riders finish the TT is the perk of going early.
  • There's nothing as beautiful as new cycling shoes. Thanks Lake!
  • Warning! The descent off Pinnacle Mtn is gravel. More rock than gravel though #thedirtsearch
  • Ghetto, sketchy skate park in Greenville. Not sure why I stopped?
  • Yup. This just happened. Martyz's got a motor now!
  • Of course I had to do the math. Not counting holidays, that's an average of 638.4 eggs a day.
  • The best way to avoid a sun burn.
  • I love old dogs that just hang out with you #noidontwanttoplayfetch
  • Johnson City - you hit me over the head with train this weekend. Time for a little rest.
  • Found this gorgeous 60 ft waterfall about 5 min into the Skyuka descent near Troy, NC.
  • Classic Kortrik Canal Ride.
  • Loosely translated, 'Begehrt' means happiness.
  • Cobbles are bone and saddle jarring.
  • The square in Oudenarrde or however you spell it...
  • Capped off a killer weekend in Arkansas with team GC win! #boomtime
  • Someone forgot their thong at Caesars Head #toomuchfun
  • @joelewis1989 and I found an espresso bar in Greenville.
  • @srmtraining wearing all black to an all white party
  • Just hanging out with @joelewis1989 and @blairturner and Charlotte.
  • Lugging the espresso machine is dedication plain and simple. Thanks @10SpeedCoffee for keeping the hopper full.
  • Little photoshoot action for @hincapiesports this morning #selfie
  • New @oakley shades arrived yesterday afternoon. Thanks guys! The all black radar is baller.
  • Rather head turning tip jar.
  • Coffee shop and pastries ride @caseyjmagner
  • Look it's @tcbiker listening to Marvin Gaye.
  • Top of Panther Mtn.
  • T-Wrex is about to be enrolled in Normatecs Anonymous.
  • I think I need a haircut before camp. Idk what to do with it though.
  • Coffee shop ride with Andy. It's not nearly as warm as the picture looks...
  • Sky-puka.
  • Skyuka.
  • Today's office
  • Some mid ride coffee art. One day I'm gonna learn how to make my own.
  • Tryin to take pics on the last ride in the CLT.
  • Cheerwine in a glass bottle. Quite a classy mid ride drink.
  • Destination for today's ride. These climbs are gonna gets me fast. At least that's what I tell myself.
  • Who has two paws and wants to play fetch? #notme
  • New iPhone case. Sick so sick.
  • Such a rule breaker...
  • King of the Bahamas!
  • Lets dance!
  • Calling for ice tomorrow. Guess these bad boys didn't get that memo.