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Spencer Powlison

Spencer Powlison

Boulder, CO
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Spencer Powlison is a cyclist from Boulder, CO. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 150
  • 300
  • 450
  • 600
  • 750
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 81.8mi
  • 5h 56m
  • 4,462ft

Recent Achievements

  • KOM on Cowboy UP!
  • 6th overall on Amy D CX Lap 10/3/15
  • PR on Primalpalooza 2013 - 1 lap
  • 2nd fastest time on Primalpalooza 2013 - 1 lap


Distance 5,167.2mi
Time 366h 36m
Elevation Gain 427,861ft
Rides 186


Total Distance 18,334.6mi
Total Time 1345h 58m
Total Elev Gain 1,432,034ft
Total Rides 804

Recent Photos

  • This Commando Run shred is dedicated to you, @hashtagcrinny. Thanks to @outliervail for a fun day trip.
  • Care for a mid-ride mimosa?
  • #CrossIsGettingBlueBalls #MCBPinJH #DixonBros
  • Teton Pass passes muster. #MCBPinJH ????: @brettthejet
  • Dope socks, dope marble. #rpnewengland
  • Creemee success!!
  • Back on Vermont roads. It's been awhile.
  • Allons-y.
  • I'm only smiling because I know the ride is going to end at @yellowbellychicken
  • Un renard! Spotted in the mountains. If @mike_better doesn't have a spirit animal, this should be it.
  • You know, sometimes dirt roads kind of suck.
  • Seen on today's ride.
  • Bro Adventure Team is waterproof.
  • The good people at Ridley are taking care of me.
  • The sure sign of a good time. Bud Light not pictured. #JeepWeek
  • 102.2 miles in the rear view. Thanks to @mosaiccycles for the bike and invite, @chrisdiminno for the food, @souphorse for cat herding, @theradavist for the pix, and everyone else for being rad. #rrbc2015
  • Boulder reunion tour in SF!
  • The golden hour.
  • No lifeguard on duty today.
  • Sunday stroll.
  • Steep and deep on Kortum.
  • Rigorous field testing. #nofilter
  • This place is real. And the riding is really good.
  • Half of the Quatros Amigos is descending, dontcha know?!
  • I've got something shiny and new.
  • Colors popping in the winter light.
  • Hello, future bike.
  • The edge. You must find it. Always. @hazelandluxford
  • Riding #krawse with these turkeys.
  • Sometimes people ask me what to eat the night before a race ... #Krawse
  • You have chosen wisely.
  • Just your ordinary after-school activity here in Boulder. #hyperlapse
  • How much it cost to rent one a dem lock-ness monstas?! @krughoff @rossilucien @amichaelcody
  • The clear cut still seems weird, but it makes for cool #hyperlapse
  • Make them hike, TRAILMASTER!
  • Not a bad day to go bicycling.
  • @mattercycles Upgrade Day! @srammtb Pike DJ up front. Keep my sh*t on BLAST! ????????
  • Shenanigans. All week long. I wonder if we can clone the little guy.
  • La Squadra Vecchios on the col de Suisse. 107 miles of enjoyment.
  • Inaugural Powlison family inter-generational ride!
  • Snow, man.
  • Climbing high.
  • @joshcwhitney's last Betasso! Sniff, sniff. ????????
  • Another great #WestPearlWhip that I see often.
  • Mountain bike racing is fun. I am good at mountain bike racing. (Ed.: insert question marks) #selfie
  • CTD watching il Giro. I always thought he was more of a Vuelta fan...
  • Keith crushing Super Walker. Watch out! 
@evolfoods @iamspecialized @upslope @goodbelly
  • #JeepWeek is a state of mind.
  • Running hills in the fall reminds me of the good ol days with @selectionaturel. #sticktotheplan
  • Start em young.
  • Crashing with an unzipped jersey. Only advisable when your abs are harder than the sandstone. #JeepWeek
  • Backcountry Joe is looking forward to getting back to Boston.
  • Could there be a cuter/more delicious midride snack?!
  • If this were an Aerosmith song, it would be...
  • Orange. Bro-tested, bro approved.
  • @matthewcbeaudin contemplating where we went so wrong with our wayfinding.
  • Before and after. Magic Erasers aren't just for cleaning the house.
  • Disrupting some pow this morning with my @Oakley #disruptivebydesign Eyeshades.
  • What does that sign say?
  • One of each size!
  • Nothing replenishes my life force like this. Sorry, 'cross you're always second fiddle.
  • Churro decided to get a head start on carving the pumpkin. How festive!
  • Can't beat a nice fall day in the desert. @evolfoods kit looks good with red rocks.
  • Finally found something that matches these Crossmax Enduros. #nofilter
  • How is this possible??
  • Rock on, Black Rock.
  • Getting rad.
  • Getting weird.
  • @amichaelcody @coreymoxon bros do u even eat doughnuts??
  • Odd. But cool.
  • Hello, future beer. #nofilter
  • A year ago @muddylegs was doing this. But not here. And not with me.
  • Climbing.
  • Gotta get down on Friday.
  • ...For sandy wave of soil...
  • My old nemesis, Dan Vallaincourt.
  • Ladies and gentleman, the leader of the free world.
  • Is this Colorado?
  • Riding to every race so far this season = HAWT. @muddylegs
  • Soak it up.
  • It's tiring being a 'merican dog.
  • @brendanbenson rollin on narrow flat bars like a real OG.
  • Knitta PLEASE!
  • Fresh hop DBA with a capital F.
  • #Rapha #Epic #Lunchride #Flagstaff #HeroPavement #Suffer #Tradition #Grateful
  • @loganvb Is looking sheepish.
  • It's not hazardous duty.
  • Hey ladies! @muddylegs @emiliz
  • Living the ENDURO LIFESTYLE. #blessed #rad #grateful #goggles #bonushashtag
  • My lady @muddylegs came out on top at the Kopp!
  • For a few days a year, Colorado is cloudy and green. #nofilter
  • Holey.
  • Cows.
  • DAI DAI!!