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Katie Macarelli

Katie Macarelli

Golden, Colorado
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I like to ride my bike--any bike.  I'll even ride my kids' bikes.  Marketing coordinator, Feedback Sports.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 130
  • 260
  • 390
  • 520
  • 650
Mar 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 19.9mi
  • 1h 48m
  • 1,759ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Rooney Colfax up Dino
  • 2nd fastest time on Eagle Ridge Bike Path - 6th Ave to Allen St
  • 2nd fastest time on Highway 470 Climb
  • 2nd overall on Hogsback Downhill in 2015


Distance 645.2mi
Time 57h 57m
Elevation Gain 52,635ft
Rides 84


Total Distance 13,809.9mi
Total Time 1026h 14m
Total Elev Gain 1,371,594ft
Total Rides 831

Recent Photos

  • Wouldn't trade that ride for the world.
  • Guess what I want.
  • Poetry in motion at The Bicycle Shack.
  • "I honestly don't know how you got this to go this far." -John Dyer, The Bicycle Shack. "Me either John. Me either." :)
  • These guys. In my haste to swap out wheel sets this am before the snow hit, I didn't properly adjust my rear brakes for the wider rims. At five miles in, while I stopped to take a picture, I noticed it. A HUGE thanks to owner John Dyer and his trusty mechanic, Paul. They offered me coffee and even let me test ride a sweet cherry red cruiser. The Bicycle Shack in Arvada made my day!!!
  • My Lake MX 145's kept my feet dry and warm on a 2 hr ride in CO today. Color me happy.
  • Pretty day for a ride...into the VC Andrews novel, "Flowers in the Attic".
  • Let's do this, Colorado!
  • Ginormous cat to scale pic of the day: (GCTSPOD) Yes. That is a Yankee candle next to her.
  • These were the notes I left for our girls to get done today while home. They did them allllll. It was an impossibly long list of chores and the like. I honestly can't believe it. #proudmama
  • I've got my relegated pieces of Friday flair. #caseoftheFridays #feedbacksports #colRADo #biketowork
  • Which btw, Gabby still seems this old to me.
  • Bus stop photo via Gabby this am.