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Rohan Kallicharan

Rohan Kallicharan

12:27 AM on Sunday, October 7, 2018

Reflection in the Windy City

Sat in Chicago quietly reflecting on the journey that has taken me in a few short years to the eve of my 30th marathon tomorrow morning.

I am unrecognisable from the man who started running back in 2013, and that's nothing to do with being about 7 stone lighter.

In many ways I'm not totally looking forward to tomorrow; I've been injured for most of this year, am carrying an injury into the race and am a long way from my best. But that's where the magic of marathon running kicks in...

It's not about PBs every day and it's definitely not about beating anyone else. It's about being the very best you can be on a given day.

For me personally, it's about standing before God having used the talent He has given me, knowing that I used it for His glory showing the grace of being thrilled with that best, whatever the clock may be, it's about helping others out on that course to achieve their dreams.

So tomorrow I don't expect to report that I ran even within 30 minutes of my best, but I do expect to say that I had a whale of a time and I infected those around me with my smile.